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Misappropriations of national funds

10 Aug 2020 at 18:20hrs | Views
Although considered as one of the mineral hubs of southern Africa, the country finds itself in the deep end financially grappling to stay afloat. Zimbabwe's mineral resources include amongst other chrome ore, platinum, diamond, gold, copper and coal.

Mining has been a strong backbone to our economy, as we have yearly amassed over a billion dollars from mineral exports.

In normal situations, the strength of a country's mining industry directly correlates to its financial power, which has been the case for Zimbabwe as we still struggle to remain self-sufficient as a country relies on bailouts from our closest allies in times of crisis.

The government stills find itself struggling to pay civil servants, leaving them in a state of destitution scrounging to put a decent meal on their tables. On average a civil servant is said to earn as little as $40 to $75 a month, with skyrocketing inflation of 785%.

June 17th the health care workers woke up to the grim news that's their meagre salaries had been further cut, in the midst of a pandemic as they were on the frontline risking their lives fighting the coronavirus.

This raises eyebrows on how the country's finances are being handled, how the money being generated in our mining sector is being put to use if it's not being used to reward such bravery from our healthcare workers or selflessness character from our civil servants.

As the financial woes press on the country's finances, the government stills face a herculean task of fighting the coronavirus, in recent days we have heard of the surge in the number of cases.

Our hospitals ill-equipped to saves lives, the has resorted to begging for aid from its allies for finances and medical equipment bettering our chances of emerging from dark period victorious.

Zimbabwe has the capabilities for self-sustenance if all of our income from the various sector are used accordingly and are accounted for until then we will always find ourselves asking for handouts in times of crisis.

Meanwhile, a lot of money is being generated as revenue for the country. Looting and corruption have been part of our government's DNA and a lot of self-benefitting leadership has been at play for the past 37 years, only has it worsened under the Mnangagwa's regime.

Zanu-PF Members of Parliament are rewarded with an affluent lifestyle for neglecting the plights of the citizens. Ministers drive expensive car on the taxpayers dime while our hospitals have been turned to dead beds due to the lack of proper medical equipment.

Source - Sandra Bvungidzire
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