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Will IPL 2020 be canceled?

by Staff writer
24 Jun 2020 at 11:54hrs | Views
The coronavirus pandemic has brought to a standstill many sporting events globally. The India premier league (IPL) has not been spared. Cricket fans in India can only hope that the league will take place at some point before the year ends. With all the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic, no one is sure of when it will take place. India, just like any other nation, has put up various restrictions to minimize the spread of the virus, which makes it difficult for sporting events to take place.

What Would Be The Effects Of Cancellation Of The Indian Premier League?

Cancellation of the IPL would bring massive financial losses. Aran Dhumal, the treasurer of the board of control for cricket in India (BCCI), estimates the total loss to go up to 40billion INR. However, He has stated that they can only come up with the exact figures after counting the total number of games that will be canceled.

The BCCI has hinted that the players might have to suffer pay cuts if the IPL is postponed. Its president, Sourav Ganguly, has further stated that they will assess their financial conditions and take necessary measures since they don't want to enact pay cuts on the players. They are awaiting directives from the government on 12th March.

The board postponed the marc between Chennai super kings and Mumbai Indians from 29th March 2020 to 15th April 2020. On 14th April, the country was put under lockdown, which saw the March postponed further, indefinitely. The cricketers Sri Lanka tour, which was scheduled for the beginning of June, did not take place.

On top of the financial losses tied directly to the games, the Indian Betting market and more specifically cricket betting in India is going to suffer massive losses. Even though the legality is being discussed, many operate offshore legally in India and the betting market is estimated at US$60 billion per year.

Finally, Some Good News

On 17th May, the lockdown restrictions in India were relaxed. On 24th May, the prime minister said that the decision of whether the IPL would take place or not would heavily rely on the government directives, after assessing the situation of the pandemic.

Earlier, Anil Kumble, head coach of Kings XI Punjab, stated that he was hopeful that the tournament would take place in empty fields without spectators.

In June, the BCCI stated that they aimed to hold the tournament around September to October in India. Sourav wrote to state associations informing them that the league would take place behind closed doors. The statement gave reassurance to cricket fans. It also comes as good news to sports enthusiasts who hope to place bets on their favorite teams on, a reputable betting site.

While talking to Mid day, the BCCI president stated that playing games in empty stadiums is not as exciting as playing them in stadiums full of fans. He also said that members of the board who had submitted their accounts had already gotten their grants. The board is putting a lot of effort into releasing the funds to all its members and paying vendors, amidst the uncertainties revolving around.

Where Will The Tournament Take Place If Nothing Changes?

Chennai and Bengaluru are the possible locations where the tournament will take place. Mumbai was also on the list, but with the increase in the number of covid 19 cases, the chances of the tournament taking place there are very minimal. The board is hopeful that the IPL will not get canceled .if the tournament takes place, the BCCI will follow strict guidelines for the safety of the players.
Dhiraj Malhotra, Delhi Capitals CEO, has said that there has to be proper planning of the IPL since conducting it will send a notion to the society that things have started gaining normalcy.

The BCCI has not yet given the timeline when national training should start. Some of the players have already started training on their own, as they wait for guidelines from the board. Also, No information has been given concerning the resumption of training.

Domestic Cricket

Sourav Ganguly also highlighted that there would be changes in domestic cricket in his report. BCCI aims at holding some tournaments so that the domestic teams retain their competitiveness. He further stated that more information about the tournaments would be provided later, with the possibility of various changes.

The Resumption of Various Sporting Events Worldwide Has Brought Hope That IPL Will Not Be Canceled

With the return of various leagues around the globe, there is a big possibility that the IPL will soon follow suit. Although many may criticize the idea of playing the tournament in empty stadiums, sporting events are more than just for attracting large crowds. They also attract sponsorships and broadcasts. Cancellation would see broadcasts and sponsors withdraw their funds, which would lead to financial problems of the leagues.

Many players from India and several other countries have shown their interest in participating in the tournament. They can only cross their fingers and hope that all goes well.

There has not been any official communication that the IPL will be cancelled. Actually, there is a high possibility of the tournament taking place, from September to November 2020.
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