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Basketball (NBA): Baskets on fire soon!

by Staff writer
19 Jul 2020 at 18:35hrs | Views
Initially planned to be held as closed-door matches or even delocalized, Adam Silver, the Commissioner of the North American basketball league and his team, decided finally to suspend the season on March 12 based on the ravages of Covid 19.

Suspension which intervened one month before the play-offs, while hoping for a resumption on April 12. A situation which should cost more than 515 million Euros in losses, or 1/18 of the nine million annually in the case of permanent interruption. Indeed every franchise earns nearly two million Euros per match going from the ticket sales passing to the merchandising and parking costs.

That would be a sad situation which should not happen. However, news are good for the numerous stars and lovers of the NBA. Indeed, Adam Silver, the boss of the NBA and the members of his organization have agreed to a resumption of the regular season. Date saved to Orlando for the 31st of July. A match that will be exclusively available on the Best US Sportsbook on USB.

Before, a series of friendly matches will be disputed. There are a total of 33 franchises that will compete from July 22 to 28. NBA officials have ensured that two franchises of the same conference (East and West) do not meet during these friendly matches, while the resumption concerns 22 franchises who will battle  in the premises of Disney World Resort in Orlando.

However, this resumption comes in a context overwhelmed by the Covid 19 which is rapidly spreading in the United States.  What will the legal online betting in the US offer for this resumption, several measures and directives have been taken for the same.  

Indeed, the 22 franchises will have to enter their bubble for 3 days (from July 7 to 10). In addition, if a player misses the 48 hours of test before the departure of his team, he will have to arrange on his own to join Orlando at his own costs. If he leaves by plane or drive, he must be tested negative twice over two days. In case, he travels through a commercial flight, he must be tested negative at least 3 times. This week, they will not be traveling with their teams; they will be quarantined and then tested negative in a two days timeframe before traveling.

As we can see, this resumption, further to the third interruption in the history of the NBA (after 1998-1999 and 2011-2012), seems at the gate this time. But subdued to huge restrictions because of the Covid 19, causing deaths all around the world.

Source - Byo24News