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Arsenal fumbles a 2-point lead to a draw against Watford

by Staff Writer
17 Sep 2019 at 13:29hrs | Views
It can be frustrating for any football team to let a sizable lead shrink down in the second half of the game to eventually draw against their opponents. Such a situation occurred in the Premier League match between Arsenal and Watford.

While it might only seem like a run of bad luck, it is indeed telling as it was the first time that Arsenal had allowed such a lead to fizzle in a draw in a Premier League match in years - a fact brought to you by The last time was against West Ham, where it ended up with a draw of 3-3.

According to the Arsenal captain
Granit Xhaka, the Arsenal captain, stated after the game that the gunners were too scared to make a move after the second half. For some reason, no-one had wanted the ball, and Watford was able to take advantage of the situation and attempt to turn things around. He said that they did not show their game in the second half as they suddenly became "Too scared".

The result of the fumble is thirty-one combined attempts by Watford at the goal, with twenty-three of those goals being attempted in the second half of the game. Watford's goal attempts were the most that Arsenal had faced in the Premier League since data collection began back in 2003-2004.

The Arsenal captain added that every premier team league was strong enough to score, but you had to "Keep calm, to show good character, to be mentally strong. We weren't today."

From a great start to a challenging outlook
The reason why the 2-2 fumble of Arsenal is something of note is due to their great start in the Premier League. After all, Arsenal was able to win their first two games against Burnley and Newcastle. That said, it did not last as they suffered a defeat against Liverpool, a draw with Tottenham - and now a draw against Watford. While it does not mean that things cannot get better for Arsenal, the past three matches count as a cautionary tale.

The head coach of Arsenal, Unai Emery, admits that Arsenal is not necessarily in the best condition. He states that the team currently has many young players, but that they would learn in the coming matches. That said, he is also optimistic about the future of Arsenal. He states that they will continue with their present course of working and tactics building. Arsenal will improve and take note of what had happened in the last match. Considering the state of Arsenal after the draw against Watford, they can either continue to hesitate during matches or utilize what had happened as a stepping stone to push the team further than ever before.

While things might look a little dicey for Arsenal, it does not mean that they are out of the fight. With Arsenal's head coach understanding the direction with which to take - and Arsenal's captain resolute in righting the wrongs of the last match - the future is not necessarily bleak.

Source - Byo24News