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Interview with football sensation Cecil Nyoni!

by Byo24
05 Jan 2011 at 06:17hrs | Views
After the sensational discovery of one of Zimbabwe's young talent, Bulawayo 24 NEWS made a follow up and secured an interview with Cecil Nyoni who plays for Sheffield Wednesday.

Cecil "Cess" Nyoni is an impressive young Zimbabwean football star causing waves in UK. He was born in Bulawayo in 1992 and grew up in Gwanda before he moved to the UK. Nyoni initially played for local teams Brinsworth & Middlewood Rover before being snatched up by Sheffield Wednesday. He has indicated a desire to play at a national level if asked.

Where were you born?

What is your Nickname?
Cess short for Cecil.

Do you consider Bulawayo your Hometown?
Not really I was just born in Bulawayo but lived in Gwanda

When did you move to the UK?
About 8yrs ago I think.

Who - football or non-football - did you most look up to when you were a kid and why?
Football wise I think every kid growing up in Zimbabwe looked up to Peter Ndlovu, he was an icon.

Is there any particular individual who you can credit for helping you to be where you are today?
A lot of people have played a part in me doing well so far but I thank my brother Basil who's supported me from day one.

Did you play football when you were in Zimbabwe?
I only played with friends didn't take football serious till I came to the UK.

Do you follow Zimbabwean football?
Its hard to follow it over here but I get told a thing or two.

What are your plans on playing for your home country.
I ant got any plans but I'll have to make some if I get called upon.

If given a call by any Zimbabwe national team will you consider ?
Yeah I'd be honoured to, family would be proud.

What are your memories of Zimbabwe?
There's so many it will be hard to choose one, even though its been long memories stick with you forever.

Have you always played for Sheffield Wednesday, (when did you start and which club did you play for)?
I only started playing for Sheffield Wednesday youth team just before my 16th birthday but played for local teams Brinsworth and Middlewood Rovers is where Sheffield Wednesday signed me from

Why Sheffield Wednesday?
I had a choice between Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday but preferred Wednesday and knew the players that were already there

Who's the toughest midfielder you've ever come up against?
I've come up against a few tough players its hard to name one.

What do you do when you are not playing football?
I watch a lot of movies either dvd or at the cinemas or listening to music

Are you a Left or right footer?
I can use both but my right's better

If Zimbabwe played England 10 times, what would be the outcome?
Am not sure to be honest.

What's the best goal you've ever scored?
My first ever goal for Wednesday against Barsnely to level the score is the best and memorable one.

What motivates you as a player, Money, Success or Glory?
I crave success I think its a must in my life.

If you were to leave Sheffield Wednesday to join any other team in the world, which team would you choose?
Can't be thinking about that am enjoying it here

Describe yourself in less than five words.
Determined self driven individual.

Which game holds special memories for you?
Sheffield Wednesday reserves vs Sheffield United reserves earlier in the season was the best game I've played and I was one of the youngest playing. That's when a lot of people noticed me.

What habit do you wish you could change?
Sleeping late is something I need to change

On your Facebook profile you wrote: "Too many people sayin 2011 is their year but ant doing nothing about to make that happen". So what are your plans for 2011?
Always say actions speak louder than words and work harder to carry on doing well in my football & see how far it can take me.

On your Facebook profile you wrote: "No chick can give me stress, gimme god gimme money I'm blessed." are you a religious person, what is your religion?
Yeah am a Christian that believes in God.

Which national team would you prefer to play for Zimbabwe or England?
Playing for either would be good, both would be a different experience. All my family are Zimbabwean it would be the right thing to play for Zimbabwe. Just have to see what happens in the future.

Source - Byo24News