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Some of the best overwatch maps

by Staff Writer
03 Oct 2019 at 13:53hrs | Views
Since Overwatch came out, 15 maps were introduced to the game (event maps and map variants not included). These are split into five groups that players can choose from: Control, Arena, Escort, Assault, and Hybrid. This adds diversity to the game and packs a lot of entertainment.

Different types allow players to have different tactical approaches and get creative with each of the above. This is associated with the essential character choice. Does he need to fly for that type of map? Teleport maybe? What are the character's traits that can be fully utilized? This is where the difference between casual and professional players is made.

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Without further ado, let's take a look at some of the best Overwatch maps.

King's Row
This map is considered to be the best there is. It is an ideal Overwatch map, with an excellent design and high stakes, making the matches extremely dramatic. The sense of progression is present throughout the whole game, and puts players on their feet.
Unlike other maps, such as Paris and Horizon Lunar Colony, the King's Row does not have a lot of open spaces. On the contrary, the space is really tight, which makes it more difficult for both the attacking and the defending team to push through with their objectives.

When it comes to choosing heroes â€" the map is very viable. Every character will have the advantage based on its positioning.
Deep pits don't make it easier either. Lucio and Orisa can easily make you plummet to death.
Without a doubt, the King's Row is one of a kind.

Is there anything specific about this map? Yes, there is. In the spawn area, there are bells that produce the "Futurama" theme when you shoot at them. Pretty awesome, right?

Apart from that, what distinguishes Dorado from the other maps? The playstyle that it offers is aggressive, for the payload needs to be pushed through the narrow streets. This means that Reinhardt should be inevitably picked as one of the characters in the team.
When we talk about team comps, they are usually the same â€" Lucio gets picked as a healer, while Genji or McCree can sneak through the corridors.

Dorado has a lot of potential, but its design does not live up to the expectations that players get from the other maps, such as Hanamura.

Control - Lijiang Tower
Lijiang Tower offers multiple entrances which players can use to access the control point, gain early advantage, and earn important points for their teams. The entrances are provided through large doors, windows, long drops, and other. In theory (and sometimes even in practice), one well planned move can eliminate every player who is trying to control the point.

In order to win control matches, players from both teams must hold the points for a certain amount of time. The opposing team can always contest the point, which will cause the controlling team to refrain from winning, until in the end, all of their members are killed. THIS is what makes the map so stressful. No other map requires you to stay alive as long as possible, as the Lijiang Tower does.

In summary, this control map makes the intensity grow exponentially through the game, and keeps players on their toes. Its main features are various accesses to the control points, and non-stop face to face combat. Pure fun.

Maps in Overwatch do not lack diversity, that's for sure. No matter what kind of a player you are â€" the one who rushes firing at everything in his sight, the one who always plays support and does not care about the K/D ratio, or the one who loves stealth and sneaky kills â€" you will find enjoyment in one of the five mentioned map types. Fun is guaranteed.

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