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Instagram hacks and features that every user should know

by Staff writer
14 Jun 2020 at 09:39hrs | Views
Before you start using and trying to implement the best ways to increase the followers, you have to make sure that you are using the latest version of this application.
This will help you get all the features that have been updated in it. You can build a better profile with more options for interaction. Many people stay unaware of so many features when they install the older version. But the irony is that the people who use the latest version are so ignorant that they do not get to know about new features in it.

Here we will learn about some hacks and features of Instagram which will work wonders for your profile. Just like when you get the ways to buy followers on Instagram, these options will also boost your account.

Post Notification
Well, this is probably the most ignored feature of Instagram right now. As we all follow so many people on Instagram, and while scrolling through the feed or checking the stories, we sometimes miss out on the ones we like the most. We may also miss out on some important videos or posts because there are so many things coming into your account. So, in that case, you may just turn on the post notifications of accounts individually. In this way, you will get notification of everything they will post. In short, it will come at the top as a priority. You must start using this feature and crack the hack of truly following the one you need.

Special Fonts
This one feature of Instagram is as cool as the ways to buy followers on Instagram. You can use it to make your bio section very creative. Yes, you can do it. Just get out of the monotony of the usual bio descriptions that you see in every other account. You may start using it and we are sure that it will turn out extremely good on your account. You can use some online websites for this purpose. They offer conversion of your normal font style into many creative versions from which you can choose the one that looks best to you.

Manage Multiple Accounts
One more feature of Instagram is that you can use a single device and manage my account through it. This hack is least known to so many people. So, what you have to do is to tap on the gear icon which will give you options at the right upper corner. You may scroll down, get to the ‘add account' option, and add a new account. You will be all set and happy.

Well, to be very honest, these features are so common and easy to use, but still the percentage of people having a sense of their correct use is very low. Either they do not know about them, or even if they know, they never bother to dig in and see what wonders they can do for them. As much effort that you make to find out best ways to improve followers count, you must pay heed to this section too. We are sure that it will also help you a lot.

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