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3 tips for making a good impression during video meetings

by Staff writer
23 Jul 2020 at 21:41hrs | Views
These days it seems like everything is being done over video chat. Whether it's job interviews, online dating, department meetings, or Zoom classes, our interactions with other people are becoming more and more two-dimensional.

There are advantages and disadvantages to this. Of course it's always preferable to meet people in person, but if you have a job interview online, for instance, you can worry less about the shoes you're wearing and focus more on the content you'll be discussing.

This change in how we communicate may be jarring, but once you accept it, there are some simple solutions that can make you shine onscreen no matter who you're talking to. So whether you've got a big interview lined up, have a video presentation to make to co-workers, or are trying to woo that online dating match during your first video date, here are some suggestions to help you present your best self.

Consider Clear Braces

Maybe you've been meaning to get those gaps in your teeth straightened for a while, but never could find the time, or feared your co-workers would notice the evidence of dental-work-in-progress. With Covid-19 more or less limiting close interactions, now may be the perfect time to consider clear braces, which are discreet and can be delivered straight to your door. Sites like demonstrate the wide variety of clear braces that can help with any gaps or crooked smiles without a single person knowing. They'll remain invisible to any viewers in your video meetings, and by the time you re-enter the workplace, you may be done with them and ready to show off your improved smile.

Invest in Good Lighting

It may sound trivial or exterannous, but if you're spending lots of time communicating with people through a screen, a few good lamps can do more for your appearance than a designer wardrobe. The truth is, even a $400 haircut is worthless if it's obstructed by shadows or drowned by fluorescents. Think about how many people you've chatted with who are sitting in front of a pocked white wall or poorly-lit background. Clean, even, well-proportioned lighting can enhance all of your best features and in general give your whole atmosphere a more professional and intentional look, which is ideal whether you're trying to impress a boss or a potential partner. Strange as it sounds, backlighting may just be the key to looking professional in the video-communications era.

Accessorize Your Face

If you're meeting someone through Zoom, you can forget about the need for nice shoes or fancy perfume or cologne. The truth is, your audience will only be seeing your face and part of your upper body, so put your focus (and your money) there for the time being. If you wear eyeglasses, think about upgrading to a fashionable, smart-looking, or memorable pair of glasses that complement your facial features and make you stand out. Other ways to accessorize for the camera include nice earrings or neckties, and of course a spiffy haircut. You can also do practice runs on your computer to see what angles the camera is capturing you from, and then accessorize accordingly.

Video Meetings are Here to Stay

Covid-19 may have forced us all into remote working and gathering, but the truth is that remote technology is a part of our future, pandemic or not. Tools like Zoom, Facetime, and Google Hangouts were popular before global lockdowns, and now that companies and even individuals have seen how efficiently things can be done over remote video, they'll become increasingly more popular even once we're allowed back into our workplaces. So it's a good idea to start thinking about the "camera" you, and how to make a good impression from your own thoughtfully designed, well-lit personal office.
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