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Zimbabwe's mobile ecosystem must continue to grow to the betterment of all

by Staff Writer
29 Oct 2020 at 10:17hrs | Views
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Smartphones are revolutionizing the world, democratizing industries, and opening the vast opportunities offered by internet access to people who previously couldn't afford to connect. Zimbabwe is one of the leaders of Sub-Saharan Africa in mobile penetration, with the rate reaching 94 percent as recently as Q1 of 2020.

The rate of adoption has been incredibly high and looks set to remain high for the years to come. As such, the embrace of certified mobile technologies should be encouraged by the government to make the most of its potential. Here are some of the key areas that look set to only grow in popularity as the mobile ecosystem of Zimbabwe strengthens.

Mobile money needed to democratize finances

Mobile money is one of the primary benefits that developing nations experience when they see a surge in mobile adoption. As people only need a smartphone and a free mobile banking or mobile wallet app, getting, holding, and spending money becomes much more accessible. However, presuming that the technology is an attempt to weaken the Zimbabwe dollar, the government sought to ban the use of mobile money platforms, including the popular Ecocash.

The ban went forward, and eventually, Ecocash bent to the government's will. Yet, the move might end up yielding the opposite results to what the government intends. While the ban looks like a win for the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, many see the move as weakening emerging business activities and even hastening the re-dollarisation of Zimbabwe. With the Zimbabwe dollar continuing to weaken, and mobile money ruled out, for now, people will look for the US dollar more and more, as well as other alternates, such as cryptocurrency.

Delivering vetted entertainment to the masses

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The internet has been filled with entertainment options for decades, but it wasn't until the advent of the smartphone and cost-effective data rates that the whole world gained access to the offering. That said, with the internet being so vast, it's essential that people know what to avoid to ensure that they don't lose money on false entertainment platforms.

Brand recognition is one of the first steps in this regard, with major international companies like Netflix earning their mobile audience in Zimbabwe, having proven themselves in other jurisdictions. In online casino gaming, however, as there are so many platforms, it can be challenging to identify which sites are legitimate. This is where Bet On Aces comes in with their certified casino rankings, allowing anyone who wants to play mobile table games or slots to find a verified and safe site easily.

Facilitating business and eradicating doubt

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Mobile apps are already proving to be tremendously useful in Zimbabwe, and not just on the money front. When it comes to land and property, people have often found themselves restricted by what's in the local area. Now, however, with the Umojalands app, anyone with a smartphone can get all of the vital information that they need, such as the cost and presence of a legitimate deed, via their mobile device.

Mobile technology is transforming the world. Now that it's well-established in Zimbabwe, more and more localized, helpful apps will be developed to create easy solutions for people in need. The efforts can be sped-up a great deal if the government gets behind them, particularly in the realm of mobile money.

Source - Byo24News