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Documentary: The legendary treasure of King Lobengula

by Moyo Roy
05 Oct 2015 at 13:45hrs | Views
The treasures Zimbabwe's King Lobengula protected from the white man are still hidden somewhere in Zimbabwe, and the search for the gold still continues today.

The proud era of African warriors came to an end when the last king of the Matabele, Lobengula, when fleeing hit the troops of Cecil Rhodes. The African ruler disappeared without a trace and with him all his possessions, gold, diamonds and ivory.The treasures that Lobengula was hiding from whites, is still in Zimbabwe waiting to be foud, somewhere between rivers the Limpopo, the Shangani and the Zambesi.

Some believe that Lobengula died in Chipata in the Eastern Province of Zambia and that his substantial treasure of gold, diamonds and coins lies in a cave somewhere in that part of the country.