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WATCH: Shona News with Brett Muvet - KuChinja Maitiro edu pakurwisa Junta

by Brett Muvet
23 Sep 2016 at 14:06hrs | Views
E24- STRATEGY NEEDS TO CHANGE We have had some brave citizens take on this Junta. As we speak there are over 60 activists still in jail in Zimbabwe for demonstrating peacefully, a right contained in our constitution. Some opposition leaders have fought many years against these killers, Civic Society have been harassed for speaking out and lastly individuals who have taken a stand against the Junta have been persecuted in one way or another.

Short of an armed uprising by the citizens, what can we do to fight back? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is called madness. Judging from the current situation on the ground, it is very clear we don't have a viable opposition with Viable ideas to remove the Junta. The current situation is wait for the Junta leader to die off and maybe a better devil will come to rule us. The constitution is very clear, if the current president dies, the presidents party elects a new president to serve out the remaining term. Approved by the opposition by the way.

Daily we are hearing of pleas and fund raising for BAIL. Bail for arrested activists. Activists arrested for peacefully protesting, writing poems and songs asking the junta to step down, actively participating on social media. All these things are allowed in our constitution. SO WHY DO THE COURTS ARREST US? Its clear they are Junta appointed judges who are under pressure to keep these activists in jail.

Now we are not experts nor are we in the thick of the action, so please take our suggestions with a pinch of salt, or a bucket, whichever you think applies.

At a time when we needed to keep the pressure on, the opposition sheepishly obeyed the Junta ban on all protests within Harare 24hrs before a massive demo was to be held. The opposition leaders should have gone ahead and in fact led the demonstration. Even if they were arrested, that is exactly what is needed for this revolution to go ahead. Imagine the international and regional outcry if 5 of the main opposition leaders were tear gassed, beaten and jailed? That's what we need, we need exposure, sympathy, and we need the world to see how evil this junta is. Being a leader, wanting to be a future president or minister, demands such sacrifices, not just sitting in an office and sending your youthies to die for you.

These judges, they live with us as citizens. Why have we not used the same intimidation and threats that the Junta use on us to help them see the error of their ways? How easy is it to intimidate them, we know where they live, where they eat, where they work. Others have drinking habits, others have extra marital affairs, other have financial issues. Lets use our people power to intimidate them so much that they FEAR US AS CITIZENS more than they fear the Junta. They will desist from making such unconstitutional rulings.

For each activist jailed, we need to call for a complete BOYCOTT of Junta owned businesses. We pay bail, money going to the Junta, so we need to stop supporting their businesses. Imagine if just in Harare, we stopped buying from certain shoppies- I mean shops- or if we refuse to buy certain diary products. If you need anything at all, make it a point to refuse to get it from a Junta owned business until our activists are freed. 1 week boycott to start.

Your family and friends who support the Junta, comrades lets be honest, only a mad person will support such nonsense. We actually need to make it clear that a vote for the Junta must be declared a NATIONAL CRIME, and we must withdraw all support and contact from such people. If your cousin, sekuru, brother or friend support the Junta then don't help them, don't visit them, don't send them grocery or any help at all. We need to put the pressure on them to change. If you associate with any Junta person, in any capacity,you are not part of the solution. You are part of the problem. Lastly we need to identify what the junta uses to oppress us and to declare such places/equipment to be a NATIONAL THREAT TO HUMAN RIGHTS and we need to destroy them so that they cannot be used to oppress us. If we are peaceful and yet beaten, then we must destroy those baton sticks. If we are peaceful and yet thrown in jail we must destroy those jails. If we are peaceful and yet shot at with chemical water, then we must destroy those vehicles.

This is not a call to violence, NO. This is a call to self defence. We do not hurt people and we are not like the Junta who easily murder us. We are not like them and we will never be like them. We may be meek and peaceful, but we are not stupid. Anything you use to oppress us, we call on all citizens to TAKE THE NECESSARY ACTION AGAINST IT.