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WATCH: Shona News with Brett Muvet - No Reforms No Elections

by Brett Muvet
06 Mar 2017 at 09:06hrs | Views
The opposition entered the 2009 GNU for one main reason; To set the grounds for a free and fair election in 2013 by pushing and implementing electoral reforms.

This as we all know was a dramatic failure and we can debate the reasons why at another time.

A mistake is only a mistake if we did not learn anything from it. What we also need to remember is….. doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is called madness!!! To this day, no reforms have been done.

Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA) is a law that the Junta enacted in 2002 to control all media outlets. Basically it has banned all foreign news agencies and with its rules, and fees makes it impossible for any opposition to enter the airwaves.

The Public Order and Security Act (POSA) is another piece of legislation introduced by the Junta that basically makes public demonstrations and protests effectively illegal. The law gave untold powers to the police, whereby citizens can be stopped, arrested, and their property seized at will.

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission which oversees the voting process, is staffed with Junta members and former Military personnel. The voters roll is something that has not been seen in Zimbabwe much, and we must be the only country on the planet whose opposition don't have a copy before elections. All government ministries and Parastatals use government assets to campaign for the Junta thereby giving it an open check to campaign.

Foreign Aid is diverted from its intended use in education and health and turned to useless Junta programs like Green bombers where youth are forced into educational camps and indoctrinated to abuse the opposition. Rural no go areas where opposition members are hunted like animals and their homes burnt are common place, as well as voters who are apparently Illiterate and are assisted to vote!!

The list is endless. Even under the broad banner of a coalition, those conditions do not change and the junta remains firmly in charge of the whole process. We can embark on door to door campaigns for decades and recruit 12 million Zimbabweans, under the current electoral rules, we will still lose.

What we are saying is that participating in a flawed election gives the Junta much needed credibility and we Legitimize their victory. By opposition parties accepting SOME seats in parliament but at the same time claiming the election was rigged, makes a farce of such claims.

We cannot make the same mistake again. We MUST NOT participate in the forth coming elections no matter how tempting it may look. In fact as opposition and as ordinary citizens, we must put in place mechanisms to stop any party or individual that wants to participate, even if we must use the same tactics that the Junta uses on us to accomplish this.

Elections are a waste of time under the current conditions. And even if the Junta allow these reforms, and they should lose, they will simply refuse to leave office, perhaps declare a state of emergency, and then what? Lets us avoid wasting any more time on useless strategies and start to discuss the real solutions to bringing democracy to Zimbabwe. No where in this world has a Dictator been removed by an election.

Make this subject a topic of discussion and force your leaders to address these concerns. Otherwise we risk another loss in 2018 and our opposition leaders living in luxury while the ordinary citizens has another 5 years of hell in Zimbabwe.