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News with Brett MuVet - Tajamuka, Sesjikile, Hatichada/Asisafuni

by Brett MuVet
21 Jun 2016 at 20:23hrs | Views
The past 2 weeks have seen a spike in abductions of ordinary activists and people who are speaking out against the Junta.

From having a Junta minister Threaten the This Flag founder, We have had the Occupy Africa Unity Square -OAUS- start to gain momentum again as it was re-ignited by some brave activists. They were embarking on a 24hrs 16 day occupation of the square. Under the new constitution, the most important document in the country, people are allowed to congregate peacefully. What is more peaceful than a dozen or so activists sitting on a bench in a park? No inciting of violence, not attacking people, not throwing stones. Among them even a disabled woman and a mother and child. Yet the Riot police came and arrested them all, beating some as they were carried away.

Once arrested and arraigned before the Junta led courts, they were given bail of $1000 each. Now considering that bail is always set according to ones income, those occupying the square are students and activists who don’t have a lot of money some with no income at all. So how was $1000 arrived at? To put that in context, on the same day, in the same court, with the same judge, a serial conartist/ fraudster was given $100 bail for stealing $6000!!!! So sitting in a park now carries a heavier sentence than stealing!!!

While that was happening,one of the activists who was occupying the square by the name of Roy, was found dead on the pavement outside a well known hotel in Harare. Apparently he was said to have committed suicide after jumping out of the 7th floor window. That’s the Juntas story, this is Zimbabwe, a country that has the highest incident of single cars smashing into trees on our highways. Closely followed by single drivers whose cars get stuck on railway tracks just as a locomotive is passing that exact spot.

Progressive teachers union of Zimbabwe PTUZ had their Masvingo chairman taken in broad daylight while actually teaching his class!! The guys who came to take him only identified themselves as “officers from the presidents office” He was constantly poked, shoved, pushed and slapped while he was sitting on a concrete floor without shoes. Asked about his wife, his kids, where they go to school, where he lives, his political affiliation. After beating him some more they then took pictures and in the end the officer in charge said ‘you are lucky because vandituma had told me to do worse things on you”

Imagine that? In broad daylight, taken, beaten and told to keep quiet? #tajamuka / Sesjikile is another group of activists going about occupying public spaces giving speeches to those who are around that area and then dispersing as the Junta henchmen arrive. Again this should be allowed in a democracy but to date over 30 have been arrested and at one point $25000 was set as bail in total!!! Again, ridiculous amounts set to try squash these activists. All these efforts are showing the citizens that ordinary people can stand up and speak out.

Comrades and fellow servants, my uncle told me a simple saying when I came here to South Africa, that I haven’t forgotten. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is called madness. This can apply in business, relationships, politics and activism. Heading towards 2018, it seems our political parties are using the same tactics they used since 2000 and yet expecting to win. We haven’t won using those tactics in the last 5 elections. The above examples happening in 2016 show us very clearly that the Junta will use violence and intimidation to control us. Even if we do win in 2018, the results will simply be held back, cooked up a bit, and then released with the result favoring the Junta or in the very least a run off with the Junta and 1 other party. We all know this is what will happen.

The question is, what are we going to do DIFFERENTLY this time round? And this is the question we need to address as activists and put pressure on opposition parties to unite in a coalition. A coalition is the first step to being able to fight back in an organized and more efficient way. Unity of activists and opposition parties will bring about a co-ordinated response to what is going to happen in 2018. Make no mistake comrades, the Junta will again steal the elections in 2018. There is no way to hide from the truth and from the kidnapping and torture of activists lately, we can see that the Junta is going to rely on its tried and tested methods to use violence on the electorate towards the build up. We need each other now more than ever.

Wherever you are in the world, Occupy a space, wear your Zim Flag or any Zim colors and speak out against this Junta, make your voice heard and do your bit for the fight for democracy in our homeland.