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Snoop Dogg Lauchies Smoking Book!

by Admin
08 Aug 2015 at 23:00hrs | Views
The 40-year-old singer is promoting his new line of Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers with a unique limited edition book titled, Rolling Words.

Each page of the booklet, which are perforated for easy use, are made of king-size slim rolling papers with lyrics of his most famous tunes including Nuthin' but a G Thang and Gin and Juice.

The book is bound with hemp and twine and features a match-striking surface on its spine.

Snoop tells fans the book contains some of his "classic lyrics from back in the day" and is made from "hip" materials including twine.

He added: "This thing can also be smoked with some of your finest, est, where you at or however you at. I made this book so people can always remember, you can roll with an expert, you can roll with Snoop, get it together."