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'Malema sent by foreign handlers to disrupt revolutionary parties'

by Staff reporter
26 Jan 2017 at 05:25hrs | Views

The Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) has slammed Mr Julius Malema and his Economic Freedom Fighters for the unwarranted attack he made on President Mugabe and Zanu-PF, describing him as a Western agent sent to disrupt revolutionary parties. The PAC, along with the ANC, is the oldest political party in South Africa which spawned luminaries like Robert Sobukwe.

In a statement yesterday, the PAC party described Mr Malema and his EFF as colonial lapdogs sent by foreign handlers to disrupt revolutionary parties in Africa.

"We welcome the statement by Dr Christopher Mushohwe (Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services) and say, once again, we are sorry for the unfortunate and reckless comments by these lapdogs," said PAC spokesperson Kenneth Mokgatlhe in the statement.

"The attack is very cheap, unnecessary, desperate, unwarranted, baseless and immaturely."

Addressing journalists in South Africa on Monday, Mr Malema - who has since thrown his lot with the rightwing Democratic Alliance after his expulsion from the ANC - claimed that President Mugabe's stay in power was not good for Zimbabwe, Sadc and what he called the African revolution project.

He further insulted Zanu-PF members, labelling them cowards for endorsing President Mugabe as the party's presidential candidate for next year's harmonised elections. Dr Mushohwe issued a statement telling Mr Malema that his remarks were irritating and uncalled for, describing him as an ignorant youth and a talkative joker.

"The Government of Zimbabwe finds quite irritating and uncalled for insulting statements by the so-called Economic Freedom Fighters leader, Julius Malema, directed at Zimbabwe, and at the person of President Mugabe," said Dr Mushohwe on Monday.

"What made Malema's statements irritatingly despicable was an informing presumption that in spite of his threadbare, prodigal political career, he visualised himself as important enough to comment and pass judgment on the leadership credentials and political career of so iconic a figure as President Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

"His preposterous claim that his treacherous, pro-white, neo-colonial politics find inspiration in the figure and politics of President Mugabe is a hard-to-suffer insult. There is just no meeting point between the two politics, let alone between this puny, struggling person and President Mugabe."

Mokgatlhe said Mr Malema was one of the traitors sent to destabilise the independence of African countries, as witnessed by his attack on African icons.

He said Mr Malema's public relations team had tried in vain to discredit South African President Mr Jacob Zuma in order to popularise himself and climb the continental ladder at the expense of icons like President Mugabe.

"Since the early 1960s, during the decolonisation of African States until to date, we have been infiltrated by London stooges who are brought and introduced to disrupt progress," said Mr Mokgatlhe.

"They do that consciously or unconsciously. We have seen genuine African heroes being murdered or dethroned. Today the modus operandi is a bit different. "Morgan Tsvangirai was introduced to deliver for his handler in Zimbabwe, this is taking shape in many countries. EFF was introduced to halt progress both in occupied Azania and the entire continent and they are doing a very good job."

"We are convinced that the public relations team surrounding Malema is misleading him to suggest that to get a continental glory he should insult and attack African martyrs of the liberation movement, a man who continues to undermine white supremacy and white monopoly capital from the core unlike impostor."

Mokgatlhe said the PAC was of the strong view that EFF undermined the regional community (Sadc) and it further undermined the legitimacy of President Mugabe and that of Zimbabwe as a sovereignty State.

"Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) owes Zanu-PF and Zimbabwe an apology for being insulted by one political party of South Africa which is handled in London," he said. "We are so sorry and hope that the unfortunate assertion by the 'handled' will not tarnish our natural relationship which we have developed over the years."

Source - the herald