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'Ex-wife wants me dead'

by Staff reporter
09 Nov 2018 at 15:46hrs | Views
A HATCLIFFE man hauled his former wife to court for assaulting, insulting and threatening to kill him.

Nyasha Tanyanyiwa applied for a protection order at the Harare Civil Court against his ex-wife Faith Joseph who physically and verbally abuses him and threatens to kill him.

"We terminated the relationship three years ago because she was having affairs.

"She is a prostitute and she was once published in H-Metro.

"We stay in the same house because the case concerning properties is still pending at the courts.

"She assaults me and brings different boyfriends everyday, which is not good for our children.

"Faith once told me that the children are not mine," he said.

Tanyanyiwa told the court that Faith threatened to kill herself and the children.

"She once threatened to kill herself and the children because of that I am now in full custody of the children.

"Two weeks ago, I was undressed and assaulted by our neighbours who were hired by her," said Tanyanyiwa.

He also told the court that he had reported her several times but end up withdrew the cases.

"I thought she was going to change and be a better person, this time I am not withdrawing her cases because I almost died.

"She abuses my wife and my children.

"I want her to stop assaulting me and my wife as well as inviting our neighbours to assault me.

"I also want her barred from bringing her boyfriends at home and to stop saying bad things in front of our children," added Tanyanyiwa.

In response, Faith told the court that it was all lies saying Nyasha was the one who came back home to disturb her peace and children.

"He came back last week to disturb my peace.

"My children refused to stay with their father because his wife is same age with our first born.

"He is the one who is in custody of children.

"I wasn't the one who assaulted him but it was our neighbours.

"About the issue of being published in H-Metro, he is paying $10 000 defamation to the person he said I was having affair with," said Faith.

The court asked her if she had problems with the protection order being granted.

"I don't have a problem with it because I don't do those things. I don't even have a boyfriend," she added.

Presiding magistrate Noah Gwatidzo granted the application in Nyasha's favour, ordering Faith not to physically or verbally abuse him or threaten to kill him.

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Source - hmetro
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