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Kombi fare increase to $10 in Harare

by Mandla Ndlovu
11 Jan 2019 at 09:07hrs | Views
Commuter Omnibus fares are reportedly going to go up to at most $10 per round trip starting from Monday.

Commuter Omnibus owners are saying fuel that is readily available is sold at US$ price so for them to make profit they need to hike the prices.

However MDC Deputy Treasurer General Charlton Hwende revealed that some kombi operators had started hiking prices from Thursday.

"Transport prices as from yesterday: Harare (to and fro) Chitungwiza $10, Norton $10, Sunningdale $3 ( to up to $4, Glennorah $3 ( to go up to $4)." Hwende said.  "At this point some Civil Servants from Chitown and Norton are now subsidizing their salaries in order to go to work."

Commenting on the development ZANU PF activist Emmanuel Mutangadura said, "The Government's deafening silence concerning the spiraling price increases of kombie fares and basic goods in Zimbabwe is really worrying.

"Kombie fares have trebled in 24 hrs but there is no word from government. Prices are being raised with impunity and no one in Leadership seems to have an answer. The fuel situation is becoming worse by the day. If the Government is allowing the market forces to resolve the current declining economy then they are making a huge mistake."

Mutangadura warned that by the time the government starts to offer a solution it might be too late.

"By the time the government decides to take a stand and decisively deal with the economy it may be too late. Paying $3 or $4 dollars for a single trip to and from work is no joke.

"The continual price increases across the board is bleeding the ordinary hard working Zimbabweans. Government cannot ignore and bury its head in the sand like the proverbial ostrich because what is happening now is pushing people into a corner and sooner or later something will give.

"Where is the country's Leadership to give comfort and direction in these trying times? Unless resolved urgently, the current galloping price increases without restraint, the government will only have themselves to blame."

Source - Byo24News