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Criminal gang hijacks Kudzanayi rank

by Staff reporter
11 Jan 2019 at 09:18hrs | Views
Six alleged criminals yesterday set up an illegal cash office at Kudzanayi rank in Gweru, chased away council police and cashiers before collecting toll fees from commuter omnibus and bus operators.

Gweru Mayor Councillor Josiah Makombe confirmed the incident saying the municipality had beefed up armed security guards at the rank and council revenue halls to protect its revenue. He said from 5am to about 10am, council lost a substantial amount of money since the criminals were collecting the fees while some operators shunned using the terminus and used undesignated pick up and drop off points.
The criminals, Clr Makombe said, allegedly charged $3 for mini buses, $2 for commuter omnibuses and $5 for buses, which was half the fares being charged by council.

"The entire city of Gweru was shocked this morning (yesterday) to learn that some criminals, rogue elements invaded our Kudzanayi rank. They were six in total and illegally attempted to force bus operators and commuter omnibus operators to pay them toll fees to enter Kudzanayi rank. We are very disturbed with this unwarranted behaviour," said Clr Makombe.

He said the criminals could not have been coming from any political party saying: "No political party will allow its supporters to act in the manner these criminals have done. They are criminals and should be brought to book."

Clr Makombe said the local authority was mandated to collect levies adding that anyone who acts without authority is a criminal. Clr Makombe said the money from the rank and revenue halls was very important to the city as it was used in improving service delivery.

"We have beefed up our security at all our institutions and hereby warn the criminals that we will take the necessary steps within our powers to repel any form of aggression or attempt to rob our revenue or attack our properties," he said.

The mayor said residents and vendors should be on the lookout for such elements who might want to collect vending fees from them.

"The criminals should be brought to justice. Our motorists are urged not to pay anything to such rogue elements. The public should be alert and refuse to pay any toll fees demanded by such criminals. The public should not condone such unruly behaviour," said Clr Makombe.

Source - the herald