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V11 on self redollarisation in Zimbabwe evident in Makamba Hospital case - Mashakada

by Stephen Jakes
26 Mar 2020 at 07:58hrs | Views
MDC top official Tapiwa Mashakada has said the evidence has been clearly been exposed that Zimbabwe is redollarising in a case of the late journalist Zororo Makamba's hospitalisation at Wilkins Hospital where a private player charged him US$120 000 for a service he intended to get from it.

Makamba succumbed to Coronavirus amid revelations the Wilkins Hospital was helpless to him to a point he even tried to outsource services to try and save his life until he passed on.

"I start by giving my sincere condolences to the Makamba family over the death of Zororo Makamba allegedly due to the Covid-19 virus at Wilkins Hospital on the 23rd March 2020. In the aftermath of Zororo's death we have since learnt that the Makambas tried to use the services of a private trauma centre but we're charged US$120 000," said Mashakada.

"This is what I have always argued. The economy has self dollarized. Every product or service in Zimbabwe is charged either overtly or covertly in United States dollars. Either one is asked to produce the physical greenback or asked to pay a Zim dollar price indexed to the parallel market exchange rate."

He said he hope the authorities will address the causes of the depreciation of the mono currency which nobody wants to use as a store of value or medium of exchange.

"Instead of burying heads in the sand, the authorities must admit that public and the market has adopted the use of the US$ which is now almost the medium of exchange outside supermarkets and the kombis," he said.

Source - Byo24News