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Chamisa, G40 ties exposed

by Staff reporter
16 Jun 2020 at 09:09hrs | Views
A TOP MDC-Alliance official has lifted the lid on the opposition party's unholy alliance with the putschist G40 cabal, opaque financial dealings, as well as the deliberate sidelining of the party founding figures by newcomers, especially student activists.

This comes as former MDC-A officials are increasingly distancing themselves from the Mr Nelson Chamisa-led party after a Supreme Court ruling in March this year ruled that his violent ascendancy to the party presidency following the demise of Morgan Tsvangirai was unconstitutional.

Following the Supreme Court ruling, which installed Dr Thokozani Khupe as interim president pending an extraordinary congress, former party heavyweights such as Mr Chamisa's own adviser Senator Morgan Komichi, and the party's deputy international relations chairperson Douglas Mwonzora broke ranks with the MDC-A.

Mr Mwonzora and Mr Komichi reverted to their positions as MDC secretary-general and national chairperson, respectively.

They  were joined by scores of legislators who are increasingly getting disillusioned with Mr Chamisa's handling of the party. And now, Mr Tapiwa Mashakada, who is the MDC former treasurer, has broken his silence to reveal stunning details of how the opposition party regularly receives donations from foreign nations as well as potential abuse of taxpayers' funds by some select individuals close to Mr Chamisa.

"One of the most disturbing things is the lack of financial systems to ensure the proper and accountable use of resources, especially the Government grant.

"I am not concerned about the donor funds or private moneys we get from time to time because we have to protect our sources.

"But the Government grant is the taxpayers' money and its use must be transparent. Allegations that ZW$2 million went missing are serious allegations which have not been discussed by leadership or refuted in a meeting.

"The truth of the matter is that there is no audit trail of where that money went. These are things which make some of us lose confidence.

"We must set a good example and not replicate the corruption we are fighting. The money from our diaspora structures is going into the pocket of individual leaders, and not the coffers of the party.

"Anyone who expects me to shut up should have his head examined," said Mr Mashakada.

With the opposition party latching from one crisis to another due to power struggles, Mr Mashakada also revealed that the opposition risks losing more supporters as its hitherto underhand dealings with some unsavoury characters are now surfacing.

"The G40 element was not part of the Alliance. "However, they played a big role in the funding of the elections.

"They bankrolled the elections for which we are very grateful. Most MDC members were not happy with the elevation of G40 members into top positions at provincial and national levels. Moreover, the membership wanted an open and transparent relationship which is not nicodemous or sub-terranian.

"I personally think the G40 people should negotiate as an institution and not allow their individuals to capture the MDC Alliance leadership and secretly bankroll MDC Alliance operations without the knowledge of party organs.

"The G40 issue has become very divisive because of financial transparency deficits," said Mr Mashakada. Mr Mashakada also bemoaned the fact that student activists have now taken over the party, making it an all together different entity to what it was originally meant to be.

Source - The Herald