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MDC-T launch campaign to take limelight away from #ThisFlag pastor

by Thobekile Zhou
25 Jul 2016 at 13:15hrs | Views

MDC Youth Assembly National Executive on  today resolved to launch #MYZIMBABWE Campaign seen as a  rival to popular #ThisFlag movement.

The Pastor Evan Mawarire fronted #ThisFlag movement has taken the world by storm.

However, MDC-T youths say their campaign is meant to "complement all other campaigns taking place".

"Conscious of the role those genuine war veterans, we are conscious of our responsibility as young people and we will not fail the people of Zimbabwe.

" In this regard  and to complement all other campaigns taking place , executive resolved to launch our "#MYZIMBABWE Campaign", a campaign that speaks to our love and patriotism to this country," it said in a statement after a special Executive meeting.

"We have been left with no choice but to start a campaign whose mission is to liberate Our Zimbabwe from a clueless and greedy clique that only thinks about itself and nothing else.

"We urge all citizens to embrace the month of heroes, the month of August as a month of action to liberate ourselves from Robert Mugabe" .

Zimbabwe is being suddenly riven by anti-government demonstrations and clashes with security forces that erupted into a major political force almost spontaneously earlier this month, fed by social media with the hashtag #ThisFlag.

Mawarire, the 39-year-old pastor of the His Generation Church in the capital city Harare, used social media to organize a nationwide "stay-away," a shutdown of schools, businesses and shops around the country.

Since any sort of government protest can be punished violently by the government of the 92-year-old president Robert Mugabe, Mawarire chose the national flag as the symbol of protest, along with the hashtag #ThisFlag. According to

Mawarire, the Zimbabwe flag used to be a symbol of national pride, but today it is a symbol of endemic corruption, injustice, starvation, and poverty in the country.

Source - Byo24News