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Record turnout at Prophet Magaya service

by Staff reporter
07 Nov 2016 at 11:59hrs | Views

Prohetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries founder and leader Walter Magaya said they made a mistake of  holding the fifth edition of Night of Turn Around event at his Waterfalls base as the place became too small for the crowd that turned up on Friday night.

Hundreds of thousands of people from different countries, including South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana and Portugal among others turned up for the annual event and the crowd was historic.

"We have noticed that we actually made a mistake. Next time, we are going to change the venue and we will go to our farm.

"People have tested the power; they know what God can do. To my understanding, there are more than 900 pastors, 50 prophets and 80 bishops in attendance; it's an acknowledgement of what God is doing," Magaya said.

"I'm overwhelmed this was tricky but to see this support, I feel like God wants to raise me higher, considering the number of people coming from outside the country.

"However, some of my foreign visitors were denied visas for unknown reasons but still I am happy with the turnout.

Magaya described 2016 as a horrible year for him punctuated with many trials and tribulations.

"It was a tricky year but we managed to build a prayer mountain, hotel and it was the same year that funny stories came up in the media but still we are going strong," he said.

"The vision to build a $90 million church this year has been replaced by bigger plans, we bought a bigger place which we are intending to build a primary and secondary school among other facilities, and we are going to build a big and more expensive church. The new land is better than that in Chishawasha.

Responding to allegations of indulging in fraudulent means to acquire land, Magaya said he was clean.

"I did not take anyone's land, whatever I did was above board; I bought land through correct channels. I am a person who represents people and I should lead by example.

"I did not connive with anyone but I bought land, if you have got money you are allowed to buy land, but all the same, I will never touch land which has any controversy behind . . . if you go and ask them right now, I returned whatever was supposed to be returned if it had some controversy behind," Magaya said.

"The issue was resolved in a good way, whatever was supposed to be discussed was discussed and whatever was supposed to be returned was returned . . . if we had taken someone's land, it's simple, it is said give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, it's simple. We did not take anyone's land and I will never do that. I will acquire it lawfully and after all I am a Zimbabwean."

The Night of Turn Around 5 was attended by Cabinet ministers, including Information minister Christopher Mushohwe among others.

The event was also graced by a number of both local and international artistes such as Mathias Mhere, Freeman, Benjamin Dube, Winnie Mashaba and Keke Phoofolo among several others who all took turns to entertain the massive crowd.

Source - dailynews