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Zimbabwe Airways scandal a continuation of the ZANU-PF looting machine

by Jacob Mafume - PDP Spokesperson, MDC Alliance Information Committee
12 Apr 2018 at 14:55hrs | Views
The unfolding theatrics involving Zimbabwe Airways, Air Zimbabwe and central government exposes the rhetoric around combating corruption being parroted by the Mnangagwa government.

It confirms our point that there is no reform without reformers and that ZANUPF is still the same.

Genuine questions have been asked by Zimbabweans with no answers include the following.

Are the planes being acquired by the state or not? If not why is the government interested in the whole deal?

The partial answer from Chinamasa and Gumbo's statement adds into the murkier waters.

The statements highlights an arrangement in which the state claims to be leasing the planes to Zimbabwe Airways which in itself seems to be a collusion between the Mugabes and the Mnangagwas because it is now time to eat for the new Sherriff in town.

The second question pertains to the claim that Air Zimbabwe has no plan to run the planes when the company had been in existence for decades yet a new entity is said to have a viable plan.

This sounds like a joke considering the fact that the people who ran Air Zimbabwe were at the centre of establishing Zimbabwe Airways.

Thirdly why would the state authorize the acquiring of planes when Air Zimbabwe had not presented a viable plan of how they were going to run the planes?

More importantly we question the wisdom of purchasing decommissioned planes whose safety record has been very low.

And finally the involvement of Treasury entails use of public funds particularly the link with the consolidated revenue fund which must be approved by parliament which did not happen in this case.

With these questions keep flying around with no answer provided, we in the People's Democratic Party and the MDC Alliance demand the following. That a judicial inquiry be set up to investigate the scandal.

That the terms, conditions and details of the acquisition of the planes be brought before Parliament primarily to ensure the role of Parliament to oversee expenditure by the state is met.

Finally a full disclosure of the risk which led to the decommissioning of the jets, as of now there is a possibility of endangering passengers.

Together Another Zimbabwe is Possible

Jacob Mafume PDP Spokesperson, MDC Alliance Information Committee

Source - Jacob Mafume