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Doctors on strike, 'hopeful ED has solutions' - vote rigging ED is now our No: 1 problem

05 Dec 2018 at 07:34hrs | Views
"Zimbabwean doctors at public hospitals went on strike on Monday for the second time this year to demand better pay and conditions, a union official said, as President Emmerson Mnangagwa's government struggles with a deteriorating economy," reported Spotlight Zimbabwe.

"We are understaffed and underpaid and there are no medications in the hospitals," said Mathabisi Bebhe, secretary general of the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA).

"We are really hopeful that the government will intervene as early as possible. The duration of the industrial action depends on when the government gives a proper practical solution."

Zimbabwe doctors earn $385 a month in a country in which prices of food, fuel and medicine has soared 300% plus if one is lucky to get them in the first place!

What is surprising here is that there are still people like Bebhe who are so naïve as to believe any good can ever come out of Zimbabwe's failed political system. They still do not understand that by rigging the recent elections, Zanu PF killed off all hope of any meaningful economic recovery.

Most people now acknowledge that Zimbabwe needs an injection of direct foreign investment (DFI) to revive the country's comatose economy. Mnangagwa led from the front on this with his "Zimbabwe is open for business!" call. There has been very little DFI in the last year and there is no reason to believe there will be any in the future; not as long as Zimbabwe is viewed as pariah state.

By rigging the recent elections President Mnangagwa confirmed that Zimbabwe was still a pariah state ruled by corrupt and vote rigging thugs. President Mnangagwa had promised to hold free, fair and credible elections as proof that Zimbabwe had changed from the Mugabe reign of terror. He failed to keep his promise and investors are a shrewd lot who were not going to be easily fooled.

So, whilst the country remains a pariah state, we can forget any hope of any meaningful economy recovery. Indeed the economic meltdown will get worse. So instead of going on strike demanding better wages and conditions of service people should be demanding an end to rigged elections and the pariah state, the substantive root cause of Zimbabwe's political and economic mess.

One had hoped that Zimbabweans, at least the professionals like doctors, now appreciated the importance of the clarion call for free, fair and credible elections. People now understood the linkage between good governance and economic prosperity and that the country would never have economic recovery whilst it remained a pariah state. Sadly, the penny has not yet dropped, at least as far as ZHDA members are concerned!

"We are really hopeful that the government will give a proper practical solution!" This vote rigging and therefore illegitimate Zanu PF regime is now the problem, the illness infecting the nation. Zanu PF must be forced to step down. As doctors ZHDA members should know there is "proper and practical solution" a disease can ever prescribe to cure itself!

If the professionals like doctors are still failing to see the linkage between good governance, free and fair elections and economic prosperity, even after 38 years of failed one-party dictatorship; what hope is there of those in the rural backwaters doing so!

In the long run, people get the government they deserve. We, in Zimbabwe, certainly deserve this corrupt, incompetent and tyrannical Zanu PF dictatorship complete with its ever growing entourage of corrupt and incompetent opposition parties.

"We are really hopeful that the government will give a proper practical solution!" After 38 years of corrupt, vote rigging and tyrannical rule; you are still hopeful the Zanu PF dictatorship will finally deliver long promised economic prosperity. How insane is that!

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