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7 Life - Changing motivational lessons I learnt from Mamelodi Sundowns

23 Jun 2016 at 19:29hrs | Views
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(Warning: The following message may change your life)

Number One: Bench Teko Modise!

When the coach put Teko on the bench I thought that there was something wrong with him. I thought maybe he didn't like this player. Teko had excelled and shone at different teams. He had taken amazing free kicks which had left even the great goal-keeper Khune stunned. Teko had played for the national teams. He had supplied strikers with precise passes, giving them an opportunity to score. So why was he denied a chance to play? The problem is that he 'had' done all these things. We make the team selection based on the fact that 'he had done this and that'. We should make the team selection based on 'he is doing this or that.' Many companies, relationships and ministries struggle because of people who 'were doing this or that'. We need those who 'are' doing not who 'were'. If the great player or leader is not on form, no longer performing at his very best, give others who have the hunger, passion and zeal to take us to the next level a chance. 'A living dog is better than a dead lion' 9 Eccesiastes 9v4. Inject new blood. We can't live on old outdated testimonies. Some out of form famous ineffective mighty giants should make way for some unknown young hungry little speedy rabbits for things to move. Bench the renowned crowd favorite Teko Modise.

Number 2: Let Hlompo Kekana Do The Dirty Work!

Hlompo Kekana is not one of the world's most skilful players, and is okay like that. His job is to crush the opposition's midfield and make sure his team is in control of the match. He is there to do the 'dirty work'. He is there to sweat and toil in midfield and give his team an advantage. Blessed are those who have Hlopho Kekana in their team; the Hlompos who are happy to do all the hard work in midfield even though it's not them but the scoring strikers who get the credit and glory most of the time. The Hlompos, those who do the arranging of chairs in their churches, those who clean the premises in your company, those who do all the despised but crucial stuff which keeps the team organized and effective. Don't be ashamed to be a Hlompo, do the donkey work for your team, let others take the glory in the spotlight, continue toiling behind the scenes….the most important thing is for us to bring the trophy home!

Number 3: Let Hlompo Unleash A Ferocious Long Range Shot!

Although Hlompo Kekana plays in the middle of the soccer field, he has a tendency of unleashing a very cheeky ferocious long range shot which often gives his team a win at a time when the team needs a win desperately. He doesn't sit back and relax saying he is not a striker, he helps the striking department when the going gets tough. Many times we fail to be effective because we don't want to extend our helping hand to help a struggling department when they are in desperate need of assistance. We just say 'that's not my responsibility'. Team-spirit will help us win many trophies. Unleash a ferocious cheeky long-range pass and help those strikers who are under pressure (people at another department) and let's take this trophy home!

Number 4. Have Faith In The Local Coach.

Sundowns was led to glory by a local coach, and that's very good. The players believe in him. Many times we put so much confidence in foreign coaches, it's not bad, however we should also recognize our own. The foreign is not always superior to the local, it's just that our mindset needs to be renewed. Buy books form us (local authors), recognize your local pastor not just guest speakers, buy music from your own musicians and artist, not just that from overseas. Local is equally good, local has quality as well. Let's go local before we support international.

Number 5. Bench Culbert Malatjila!

The putting of Culbert Malajila on the bench didn't go down well with me. How on earth could he take out a deadly striker like Culbert from the first team. My friend then told me to relax because Culbert had been replaced by the CBD!   "What is this CBD nonsense?", I asked my friend, as I didn't see any sense why Culbert wasn't in the first team line-up. He explained to me that CBD is a collection of the first letters of the names of three deadly strikers, that is; Castro, Billiat and Dolly. When I followed this 'CBD' combination, I realized that these 3 formed a deadly strike-force which was feared by all teams.

The putting of Culbert on the bench wasn't because he was playing badly, it's all about having the best combination of players on the field of play, players who know each other so well and can link-up with each other so effectively. It's important to examine the 'combination'. Some people may be very great individuals who unfortunately will not perform at their very best when they are in the wrong combination with a wrong guy. 

The fact that Lady A is a great lady and Gentlemen B is a great man doesn't necessarily mean that they will do very well together as a couple. There can be two great unique individuals with very different tastes or views about life, which can make them to fail to make a great partnernship. Bench Culbert, seek for the effective deadly CBD combination to excel in your relationship, business, company or calling.

Number 6. Have A Khama Billiat!
What a skilful deadly player. He rises to the occasion when needed most. He scores crucial goals or supplies his partnering strikers with balls to make a finish. He is there when duty calls. When the team is not playing as well as we want, we put our eyes on him to deliver us from the jaws of defeat. What a man! We all need a Khama Billiat, reliable people who can raise their hands in tough times and come up with solutions to our dilemma. We all need Khama Billiats, the little deadly Davids who will raise their hands and say bring that troublesome Goliath there! Yes, please, the Billats who rise to the occasion when the going gets tough and provide us with a goal or two. Actually, we all must be little Billiats, our coaches or leaders should count on us when the goals are not forth-coming.

Number 7. Win After The Crown

Mamelodi Sundowns won their remaining match although it seems as though the win was unnecessary. Sundowns had been declared champions even before the final match of the season. This means that even if they had lost their last match of the season, they would have still have won the championship because their points were much higher than their competitors. Well, their performance on the last day of the season did not show that they were already champions whether they win or lose the match. They played as if their lives depended on that match. Many times we relax after being guaranteed the championship crown.

We work so hard on our first days at our new jobs to impress our bosses and collegues, we work so hard in our new relationships to impress our partners, we toil so hard in our new departments on those first few weeks. Somewhere along the line we relax when we know that 'he is now mine' or 'she is now mine'. You stop doing the sweet little things you used to do on the first date because you have already 'won the crown' or the trophy.

We stop coming early at work and start knocking off before time is up because we are too used to our workplace. We start coming late to church and stop writing notes because we are now ''mature''.  What happened to the passion of the first days? Why don't we do like Malelodi Sundowns; same commitment right-through; same dedication right to the end of the league, same spectacular displays even after you are have been guaranteed the crown, same zeal in the relationship even after you have been together for years. Rekindle the fire, set the flames ablaze again, return to your first love. True champions maintain the momentum.

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