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Peter Dube's suspension divides Highlanders

by Staff reporter
30 Jan 2017 at 05:18hrs | Views

AN attempt by Highlanders FC members to force the reinstatement of suspended chairman Peter Dube divided the Bosso house at the annual general meeting held at the Clubhouse yesterday.

Highlanders members were strongly of the opinion that Zifa's move to suspend Dube from all football activities is a deliberate ploy to weaken the Bulawayo giants.

Responding to board chairman Mgcini Nkolomi's report, Highlanders' life member Ellington Nsingo demanded to know why Dube was suspended.

"Please explain to us why the club chairman Peter Dube is not with us. As members we believe that Dube's suspension is equal to a death sentence. It's sad that the executive and the board are just sitting, doing nothing about Dube's suspension. We want our chairman back," Nsingo said.

Another member, who only identified himself as Sibanda said: "By suspending Dube, Zifa is trying to cripple Highlanders. We also want to know what the PSL is doing with regards to helping Dube clear his name and how long shall we wait for Zifa to respond to this matter?"

Nkolomi tried to cool tempers by encouraging members to be rational in their arguments.

"I know this is a topical and emotional issue. As a club we're also asking Zifa questions. As a club, we've taken steps in support of our chairman. His suspension from all football activities affects us because if our leader is suspended, administratively we're crippled. We just had to comply with Zifa when they suspended him and we've written two letters to Zifa and we're yet to get a response. Justice has to be served and our worry is that we feel it is taking long for this case to be concluded," Nkolomi said.

Victoria Falls-based Morgan Dube, who had forwarded an item on any other business for the AGM demanding the reinstatement of Dube, said Zifa erred in stopping Dube from discharging his duties at Bosso.

"What worries us is that those who suspended our chairman were quick to appoint a person whom he beat at last year's elections as the acting PSL chairman (Kenny Mubaiwa). We're not saying Zifa doesn't have power or authority to handle the case, why are they taking long to finalise this case. We feel our rights to decide who should lead Bosso or leave Bosso leadership has been unconstitutionally taken away from us," Morgan Dube said.

"I still believe it was and still is wrong for Zifa to remove our chairman from our club. If ever he committed a crime in whatever capacity, that had nothing to do with Bosso and his role at Bosso mustn't be affected. Only Highlanders members can remove elected leaders from office. Zifa can only remove them from the structures where they committed those 'offences'. He wasn't in any way representing Highlanders when he 'committed' whatever crime," he said.

A member, who identified himself as Thwala said: "It's either our board is divided or there are some people within the leadership structures of the club who don't want Dube. Why is it that it's only Highlanders who had their people suspended and my question is how long shall Bosso continue accepting this nonsense from Zifa?"

Former Bosso secretary-general Andrew Tapela tried to knock some sense into members, telling them that there is nothing the Highlanders' leadership can do to have Dube's suspension lifted.

"I speak as a victim of a suspension by the same Zifa, which resulted in me serving four years on the sidelines. There is nothing that the Highlanders board and executive would have done on Dube's suspension. The people who hold the key of suspensions are the people who suspended him. We must just let due process take place. My humble advice is to approach the councillors from this region so that they lobby your case at the Zifa assembly. Let us not allow emotions to cloud our thinking," said Tapela.

Innocent Batsani Ncube agreed with Tapela.

"Dube wasn't axed at Highlanders and we're fully behind our chairman. The major challenge is that as our chairman he can't execute his duties because of this suspension. We must let due process take its course," Ncube said.

The club's secretary-general Emmet Ndlovu told members that Highlanders' legal representatives were looking at Dube's matter.

Joseph Ndebele said if the board is afraid of being suspended, members can petition Zifa.

"We're prepared to write a petition to Zifa about the suspension of our chairman. As members, we've got nothing to lose and the board can just stay there, pursuing the official route of getting the chairman cleared, while we do the petition, kayihlome," Ndebele said.

After debating the matter for almost an hour, it was finally resolved to have Zifa deal with the matter.

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