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PDP applauds coalition members in forming the Rainbow Coalition

by Stephen Jakes
20 Oct 2017 at 19:24hrs | Views
People's Democratic Party Vice President Sikhumbuzo Ndiweni has applauded coalition members for comming together to for the Rainbow Coalition.

He said PDP formally committed itself to joining the People's Rainbow Coalition in Harare where its President, Lucia Matibenga signed on its behalf.

"To the PDP this was a very important event in more ways than one: The Party stamped its authority as the authentic People's Democratic Party which should not be confused with the "Biti Gang", empty and denud3d as they are. The signing ceremony sent a very strong message against sellout attempts to auction PDP to the merchants of divisions bent on destabilising other political formations. The Party should continue to build its structures and gear them to go into the trenches for membership drive, recruitment and voter registration as it sets the pace for the electoral tempo and readying ourselves for victory in the polls," he said.

"The People's Rainbow Coalition is no doubt the only credible vehicle through which the nation is going to be unified and national elections won by the opposition. The People's Rainbow Coalition was mandated to be the winning Team destined to take power in Zimbabwe and implement a plethora of new and progressive policies for a new Zimbabwe including the frozen Devolution of Power. Our Candidate, Joice Mujuru and her team of Leaders alerted the nation to the host of challenges lying ahead and impressed upon all parties and Zimbabweans across the broad spectrum to give support and campaign extensively for the overthrow of Zanu PF dictatorship. Our Presidential Candidate will soon be taking her team to the grassroots to canvas for a landslide victory for the People's Rainbow Coalition."

"We acknowledge that resources mobilisation is a key ingredient in our long walk to total emancipation. As such candidates will need to be credible and visible on the ground so that they explain the Coalition's vision for the future through a well articulated People's Rainbow Coalition Manifesto."

He said the People's Rainbow Coalition lists for candidates will be transparently handled by the relevant body and committee mandated to do that duty.

"The People's Rainbow Coalition colours, logo, slogans, flags will soon be unveiled so that people get used to them on time. This will enable the leadership to unpack the People's Rainbow Coalition policies, design the road map and point out clear directions for the people to follow towards a victorious end. We invite all those who love to see victory for democracy in Zimbabwe to attend the grand launch ceremony of the PRC in Bulawayo at the White City Stadium on the 3rd of November, 2017," he said.

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