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The collapsing empire

by Moses Mzila-Ndlovu
25 Aug 2017 at 08:57hrs | Views
The Alliance for National Salvation (ANSA) would like to express its profound disappointment and its deep sense of shock at the apparent miscarriage of justice in the case involving Mrs Grace Mugabe and a South African citizen Gabriella Engels. Mrs Grace Mugabe's departure through the diplomatic lounge at OR Tambo placed her beyond the long arm of the laws of a sovereign country. So did Al Bashir of Sudan whose hands are red with cheap black blood. In the view of ANSA however, the permitted departure remains a brazen violation of International Law and should firmly place Mrs Mugabe in the category of fugitives from justice.

Our message to the South Africans, however is, "Welcome to the party , please get to know the Mugabes". Grace belongs to an authoritarian family and is a top leader in a violent party called Zanupf, that is conceitedly accustomed to a culture of impunity starting with the gang-raping of defenceless babies and young girls, old women, the destruction of homes and livestock, the mass murders of more than Thirty Thousand unarmed innocent civilians in Matebeland and The Midlands in the eighties by the Gukurahundi Brigade whose Commander in Chief was Robert Mugabe the husband to Grace while the rest of the world either urged him on or looked the other way. Yes the death of one person at the hands of state agents is one too many but Gukurahundi makes combined nightmares of Sharpeville and Marikana child's play. This is the family responsible for the destruction of the Zimbabwe economy through corruption and theft, lies and deceit, nepotism, tribalism and racism. This is the family, through economic mismanagement is responsible for off-loading and disenfranchising about half of the country's working class and intellectuals onto the South African job market while they lie to you about having helped to free South Africa. This is the family responsible for the destruction of health and education institutions, property values, currency and etc in Zimbabwe while they and their satelitters/bootlickers take advantage of South African economic stability and social institutions that cannot be accessed by ordinary South Africans, buying obscenely expensive properties beyond the reach of the creators of wealth in South Africa.

South Africa's exceptionalism to African problems is being put to the test. ANSA believes that the democratic dispensation in South Africa coming as a result of a long and protracted struggle against apartheid has the capacity to refuse to be sucked into a toxic and infectious governance practice such as that prevailing in Zimbabwe. Such bad governance has characterised African Independence since 1957, earning the continent the ugly and brutal face we carry to this day and South Africa urgently needs to inoculate  itself against the Zimbabwe scourge.

ANSA also believes that those who have physically harmed women within their political partys and hurt women's causes and women's dignity whether in South Africa or Zimbabwe including the leadership of the MDC-T and MDC Alliance should just shut their mouths instead of nauseatingly trying to gain higher moral ground over the Angels versus Grace matter that is identical to their own treatment of women in their own organisations. Shameless hypocrites.The frequency of difficult-to-ignore events within Zanupf and the Mugabe family could signify the imminent collapse of an illegal empire built on our misery. Only a new  regional approach to Zimbabwe politics will prevent the reoccurrence of such a wicked system.

Moses Mzila-Ndlovu

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Source - Moses Mzila-Ndlovu