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Rife prostitution forces hotel closures

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) has ordered the immediate closure of two Gwanda hotels, Tusanang Geust House and the Phumulani Hotel following complaints by the residents that the two facili...Read more

Rife prostitution forces hotel closures

05 July 2015 | 3833 Views
The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) has ordered the immediate closure of two Gwanda hotels, Tusanang Geust House and the Phumulani Hotel following complaints by the residents that the two facili...

by Stephen Jakes

Broke teacher steals sanitary pads

05 July 2015 | 2573 Views
A  female teacher at Madlambuzi Primary School in Bulilima District stole  an assortment of food items including sanitary pads valued at $9 at a supermarket in Plumtree.Madrine Ncube...

by Thobekile Zhou

Acute water shortage hits Nyele village

03 July 2015 | 3086 Views
MORE than 300 families in Nyele Ward 4, Bulilima district, in Matabeleland South are facing serious water shortages, a situation which prompts them to fetch dirty water for domestic use from a local d...

by Linketsang Moyo

Tsholotsho calls for toll gates

01 July 2015 | 4788 Views
Villagers in Tsholotsho are calling for communal tolling to help surface rural feeder roads, ZBC News reported.The state of rural feeder roads remains a major impediment to development due to ...

by Staff Reporter

'Zimbabwe leaders too selfish,' claims Joshua Nkomo's son

01 July 2015 | 6136 Views
The son of the late Vice President Joshua Nkomo, who died 16 years ago, says most Zimbabwean leaders are too self-centered, a situation that has led to the current social, economic and political probl...

by Taurai Shava

'Restoration of Mthwakazi is coming,' says MLF

01 July 2015 | 4514 Views
The Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) senior member Chrispen Nyoni has revealed that his party stands for economic, cultural and political independence of the Republic of Mthwakazi and the restorations...

by Stephen Jakes

Sex scandal: Pupils drop out as makeshift boarding closes

01 July 2015 | 6692 Views
AN Agritex house that had been turned into a makeshift boarding facility for Ndlovu Secondary School female pupils in Hwange District has been dosed, weeks after it emerged that some of the girls were...

by Leonard Ncube

Don't blame fire fighters for not controlling Power Sales inferno- Gwanda mayor

01 July 2015 | 4210 Views
Underfire Zanu PF Gwanda mayor Knowledge Ndlovu has apologised to residents for the fire that razed down the iconic Power Sales shop.Ndlovu said it was an ‘unfortunate incident' that cou...

by Thobekile Zhou

Murdered boy's family demands 10 beasts

30 June 2015 | 7061 Views
A NYAMANDLOVU family whose four-year-old son was allegedly murdered last Monday by three neighbours aged seven and eight years, is demanding 10 head of cattle and $340 from the boys' families as compe...

by Whinsley Masara

Picture of Gwanda Mayor infuriates residents

30 June 2015 | 9509 Views
Picture of Gwanda Town Mayor Councillor Knowledge Ndlovu recording a video of a shop burning has infuriated residents on social media.People find it very irresponsible that the mayor was rec...

by Thobekile Zhou

Prostitute stabbed in fight over client

30 June 2015 | 6728 Views
A TWENTY-YEAR-OLD Gweru prostitute has been sentenced to an effective seven months in prison for stabbing her colleague over a client. Nomatter Hombore pleaded guilty to assault charges when she appea...

by Faith Mabuto

Msipa sucked in mine dispute

30 June 2015 | 4599 Views
A technical team from the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development would be at Arizona 33 and 45 mine tomorrow seeking to resolve the wrangle over the control of a suspected gold rich section of the m...

by Staff reporter

Gwanda residents irked by prostitution escalations

30 June 2015 | 4253 Views
Residents in the mining town of Gwanda in Matabeleland South have expressed concerns over the sprouting activities of prostitution accusing some local lodges and hotels for fueling the destruction...

by Stephen Jakes

Villagers not accessing Constitution in Insiza

30 June 2015 | 3081 Views
Revelations have emerged that out of the 44 people in Insiza who attended the Local Level Advocacy Programme Training facilitated by Habakkuk Trust  recently only two had come across the nati...

by Stephen Jakes

Zanu-PF youths clash with female cop

29 June 2015 | 5767 Views
THERE was pandemonium near Gweru Central Police Station yesterday when some Zanu-PF youths from Matabeleland region were involved in a scuffle with a female police officer.They accused her of...

by Staff reporter

Villagers attack tribalists who harass Shona speaking villagers

28 June 2015 | 6266 Views
TWO notorious villagers from Bulilima who were recently embarrassed by community members for harassing Shona-speaking villagers have been each sentenced to 15 months imprisonment.Obvious Ncube...

by Sukulwenkosi Dube

Mphoko officially opens new Choppies outlet in Gwanda Town

28 June 2015 | 3838 Views
VICE-PRESIDENT Phelekezela Mphoko yesterday officially opened a new Choppies outlet in Gwanda Town.VP Mphoko, who is also Choppies Zimbabwe chairman, officially opened the shop at Phakama Busi...

by Marvelous Moyo

Man steals aunt's chicken to win back lover

28 June 2015 | 4271 Views
A 23-YEAR-OLD Bulilima man stole a chicken from his aunt in a bid to reconcile with his lover.Polite Tshuma of Tokwana area was convicted of stock theft by Plumtree magistrate Livard Philemon...

by Staff Reporter

Policemen arrested for giving suspect freedom

27 June 2015 | 4655 Views
TWO Gwanda-based police officers have landed in trouble for allegedly benefiting a suspect by altering an assault charge to a lesser one and unlawfully releasing him from detention.Elvis Munya...

by Marvelous Moyo

Dead body dumped at 'attacker's' homestead

27 June 2015 | 5178 Views
A FUNERAL turned into theatre art on Thursday when the family of a man who was fatally assaulted dumped his body at 'his attacker's' homestead in Chidobe, Hwange district demanding compensation before...

by Leonard Ncube

Flying snake causes terror in Hwange

26 June 2015 | 13367 Views
A snake in Mashala area in Hwange said to have flying powers is reportedly killing livestock in the community.So feared is the creature that villages from Mashala and Kasibo, a village 17km a...

by Staff Reporter

Headman caught by wife engaging in sex with injiva's wife

26 June 2015 | 12227 Views
An adulterous headman from Tinde village under Chief Pashu in Binga bolted from her lover hut undressed after he was caught red handed by his wife being intimate.Headman Shamiso Muzamba was ...

by Staff Reporter

Pregnant 13-year-old pleads with court to marry lover (38)

26 June 2015 | 7104 Views
A heavily pregnant 13-year-old from Nkayi shocked a court when she made a passionate plea to marry her 38 year old lover who is responsible for the pregnancy.She also pleaded not to have her '...

by Staff Reporter

Man assaults stepmom in cow-bell dispute

26 June 2015 | 4256 Views
A GWANDA traditional healer assaulted his stepmother with a log before biting her following a misunderstanding over cow bells.Collen Moyo, 36, of Majiya village in Guyu under Chief Marupi was...

by Marvelous Moyo

More sex scandals exposed at Kariyangwe High School

25 June 2015 | 7495 Views
At the time when Kariyangwe High School girls in Binga are accused of immoral behaviour, it has emerged that one of the girls in madly in love with an elder man who is a friend to a local maize dealer...

by Stephen Jakes

Man turns granddaughter into a sex slave

25 June 2015 | 7122 Views
A 56-YEAR-OLD man from Nkayi who turned his 15-year-old orphaned granddaughter into a sex slave - violating her countless times for a month - was yesterday sentenced to 15 years in prison.The ...

by Emily Mbewe

800 Zimbabweans deported from SA

25 June 2015 | 6081 Views
A SECOND batch of 800 Zimbabweans is expected to arrive in the country from South Africa tomorrow morning by train, an official has said.The first group of 796, all male, arrived in the countr...

by Thupeyo Muleya

Ntabazinduna to generate solar energy

24 June 2015 | 5300 Views
Ntabazinduna is set to have a solar power generation station after the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) granted a private firm a licence.Yellow Africa (Private) Limited was issued ...

by Thobekile Zhou

Miner threatens mine worker with machete

24 June 2015 | 3989 Views
SMALL Scale miner in the Ntabazinduna allegedly went to Leads North Mine registered in the name of another miner Never Ntini where he ordered the mine worker to stop mining before he later produc...

by Stephen Jakes

'Mutasa was not involved in the Gukurahundi massacres'

24 June 2015 | 6025 Views
FORMER-PF Zapu secretary-general Cephas Msipa yesterday leapt to axed Zanu-PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa's defence saying he was not involved in the Gukurahundi massacres....

by Staff reporter

Mohadi defrauded of $1,6 million

24 June 2015 | 5216 Views
A Bulawayo liquidator connived with a Beitbridge Town Council employee and falsified legal documents resulting in Home Affairs Minister Kembo Mohadi and his business partner Josias John Moyo losing p...

by Thupeyo Muleya

Zanu PF members to demonstrate in Nkayi

23 June 2015 | 5119 Views
ZANU PF members are planning to demonstrate on Wednesday in Nkayi Business Centre against Chief executive officer Zimbabwe Ndlovu and former councillor Kufakwezwe Ncube.According to Ncube, an ...

by Thobekile Zhou

Villager destroys neighbour's house, loots property

23 June 2015 | 4070 Views
A MAN from Fort Rixon area in Matabeleland South allegedly pounced at his neighbours' home  and destroyed two roomed house worth $550 before looting hardware property worth $170.This ...

by Stevenson Jackson

Zesa announces a 10 hour power supply interruption schedule - list of affected areas

22 June 2015 | 7364 Views
The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company has announced a 10 hour power supply interruption for areas serviced by the Plumtree 33Kv feeder.ZEDTC released an advert a...

by Ndou Paul

Kariyangwe High School turns into a sex haven

22 June 2015 | 9364 Views
Kariyangwe high school in Binga has turned from being an educational institution to become a flourishing sex hub amid revelations that girls at the school have become crazy solicitors for sex from men...

by Stephen Jakes

Duo in trouble for breaking into bottle store and stealing goods worth $94

22 June 2015 | 2594 Views
Two men from Ntabeni Village in Mbembesi are in trouble after they connived to break into  a local bottle store whey they allegedly stole goods worth $94.Godkani Nyawuza (29) and Bhek...

by Stephen Jakes

Donation of a kit to Dendele primary school

22 June 2015 | 3930 Views
There was joy at Dendele pry school between Gwanda and Beitbridge when are group of nine former student donated a soccer kit at School the guys they are based in South Africa. It stated li...

by Staff reporter

Sexual enhancer - Congo Dust take Bulawayo/Harare by storm

21 June 2015 | 7298 Views
Any sexually active person might have by now heard or used drugs like viagra, seregra, camagra, silver bullet, spanish fly, blue diamond, vuka-vuka, chao jimengnan, desire, wild horse and super powerf...

by Staff Reporter

Man rapes mentally unstable woman 'to heal her'

21 June 2015 | 4027 Views
A 25-YEAR-OLD herdman from Bulilima District raped his 37-year-old mentally unstable neighbour in the presence of her three children aged between three and five years and claimed to have committed the...

by Sukulwenkosi Dube

Zanu-PF MPs, businessman fight over mine

21 June 2015 | 4232 Views
TWO Zanu-PF legislators in Matabeleland South are fighting to reverse a ruling barring them from conducting mining operations at Ndabankulu Mine in Kezi after the High Court ordered them to suspend mi...

by Richard Muponde

Joshua Nkomo's rural home to be accorded national monument status?

21 June 2015 | 3935 Views
Matobo South National Assembly representative Saul Ncube (Zanu-PF) has implored Government to accord national monument status to late Vice-President Dr Joshua Nkomo's rural home in Kezi and to help de...

by Staff reporter

Herdman rapes mentally ill neighbour while her kids watch

21 June 2015 | 4029 Views
A 37-year-old mentally unstable Bulilima woman was raped by a 25-year old herdman as her  three children aged between three and five years watched.The headman - Samson Moyo said that was ...

by Staff Reporter

BaKalanga give back to their communities, encouraged to do more

20 June 2015 | 4072 Views
The old saying states that 'charity begins at home'. For sure, Bulilima and Mangwe, key Kalanga Districts in Zimbabwe (in addition to Matobo and Tjolotjo, as well as the North East in Botswana), witne...

by Hhiho LeTjaba-Isolezwe News

Kalanga Cultural group gets new executive

20 June 2015 | 3555 Views
Kalanga Language and Cultural Development Association (KLCDA) has set priorities for the next 12 months meant to promote the existence of the Kalanga language and its rich culture which for years have...

by Stephen Jakes

School heads accused of undermining isiKalanga

20 June 2015 | 3729 Views
SOME headmasters in Matabeleland South have been accused of undermining Kalanga as they're reluctant to have the language taught at their schools. The Kalanga Language and Cultural Development...

by Sukulwenkosi Dube

Man hangs self over missing 'holy water'

20 June 2015 | 4318 Views
A-77-YEAR old man from Lupane committed suicide following a heated argument with his wife over a missing bottle of 'holy water.'Mhlabuli Enoch Ncube of Ndimeni Village was found hanging from a...

by Whinsley Masara

Victoria Falls airport runway near completion

19 June 2015 | 4119 Views
The Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) will be conducting test flights at the beginning of August to ascertain if the new Victoria Fall Airport runway meets international aviation standards....

by Staff reporter

Drama as woman fights council police

19 June 2015 | 6022 Views
Business came to a halt in Gweru on Thursday afternoon when a woman took refuge under her vehicle to deter council officials from towing it away.Watching helplessly as your car is being to...

by Staff reporter

Hwange Colliery hires chairs, tents for $250 000 from Harare

19 June 2015 | 5615 Views
Hwange Colliery Company Limited (HCCL) has been sucked in another financial scandal as it is reportedly to have spent over spent $250 000 to hire chairs and tents from Harare.The coal firm is ...

by Thobekile Zhou

'Corruption killed the country,' says Gwanda residents

19 June 2015 | 4606 Views
Gwanda residents have accused government and parliament for destroying the country through corruption.This was the collective expression of the residents of the mining town at the on going nat...

by Staff Reporter

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Traffic cop knocked down at roadblock

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Council worker attempts suicide at work premises over salary - A Shuru...

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Broke teacher steals sanitary pads

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Govt to train few nurses - THE Government is drastically trimming enr...

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