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Bosso violence being can't just erupt without cause

16 May 2017 at 07:05hrs | Views
Tuku sang wongorora chaita musoro uteme, ugotsvagisisa chaita musana ubande...(treat what caused the headache not just the headache).

Ladies and gentlemen, let's get sober from emotional intoxication. Maybe in our analysis you want us to start by condemning the violence, the Highlanders players remonstration etc, totally that was uncalled for.

But violence being can't just erupt without cause, we have lived with this violence for years. We have fined record fines, we have asked Highlanders to play home away from home.

We have asked Highlanders to play at 11pm on the assumption that people will still be sober. We have beefed up security, innovatively Highlanders has come up with the marshals system.

But has this stopped the football violence? A big NO. Both you and I know, be it Highlanders, Dynamos, Caps etal know we have not done enough to deal with the cause.

Yes with credit for all the efforts that have been done before but persistent football violence is all but a confirmation that the real cause has not been dealt with.

The Highlanders chairmanship has changed hands, the PSL presidency has changed hands so has the Zifa presidency but still, violence remains.

It's time a commission of inquiry is put in place, some scholarly researchers like Dr Lyton Ncube's works be considered, who knows perhaps we might find a cause and come up with an everlasting solution.

We will obviously fine Highlanders heavily, we may order Highlanders to play in an empty stadium but remember home games maybe played but filled with anger the fans will attend away matches and perpetrate even grave violence.

We can ban Highlanders but again that will not stop the fans from attending Chicken Inn v Dynamos matches and cause chaos will it?

We can dock points will it end the violence? A big NO. You and me have shared the NO TO VIOLENCE posters like I did a few days ago but did that help a big NO.

The biggest problem with Zimbabwe football is we leave certain things opened for too long letting them die a natural death eg the Centralgate 2009 to 2012.

Had we dealt with that decisively three of the four would not have been given charge of Zimbabwe's match NEVER.

For those in the Midlands know how Phillimon Mubata Big Value Masters were forced down, remember the BVM v Chrome Stars saga which ironically involved one of the four in charge of yesterday's game.

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