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They say Mthwakazi is Here

13 Jul 2017 at 19:24hrs | Views
Reports reaching far and wide, nobody knows the accuracy, they say that Mthwakazi is here. People have worked here, others more than others, but even those who whispered the word Mthwakazi worked, man where once even afraid to mention the word Mthwakazi but we saw Paul Siwela on Mugabe's television talk of Mthwakazi with his ZAPU 2000 back in 2000or was it 2001 when Chiyangwa and Mawere where still friends and decided to go on a tour of country with ZTV and find out how the people feel. Mthandazo Ndema Ngwenya had just had just been murdered by ZANU, everybody was afraid to talk about Matabeleand, that day Paul Siwela mentioned Matabeleland on ZTV, an honorable man, to say such words when a great man like Dema Ngwenya had just been assassinated, even though Siwela's supporters showed a lack of discipline it was a good show. ZTV will always be willing to share with you the videos, man speaking whilst we slept, men who woke us up. Now they say Mthwakazi is here in the grapevine.

The reality of the time when Siwela spoke up back then in 2000 was that the people doubted themselves, what is this talk of Matabeleland, what is this talk of Mthwakazi, understanding that people did not want to see dead bodies everywhere, cattle dying, buildings falling over, a push to secure the bodies of this Mthwakazi that most where mocking, in this day and age, where are the arms coming from, how ill they get here, the shear logistics of being surrounded by hostile factors against the idea of Mthwakazi. It was seemingly decided that one day the people will be ready, given the reality of this world, when they are ready emotionally, they must at the very least understand what they are getting into. They are getting into strive, a struggle they could never have imagined, and the struggle at its most heated can only be after independence, when survival is in their hands. What are the people going to do with a free Mthwakazi that is here, the grapevine says it is here?

The minute Mthwakazi is free it must realize the realities of this world; indeed the reality of this world is expressed by the reality of the existence of Mthwakazi. Firstly Mthwakazi is a black nation stuck right down in the North South of Africa, unique in that it's gene pool transverses the norm because of the circumstances of its creation, and that experiment must remain unique. The image of Mthwakazi in this immediate history is the image of ZAPU that was led by Joshua Nkomo, he would bring down their planes, they must understand a black civilian is worth something, we brought down their planes long before it was fashionable but the right thing to do, if my life is worth nothing, your life is worth nothing, and those whites hated us, gave it to Mugabe, well Mugabe has acted as expected for an ex agent of London or Paris, turned reactionary, he has destroyed Zimbabwe, who do you think you are to fix Zimbabwe, after ZANU bayivoxile bayi voxa, leave it.

They say Mthwakazi is here. Are the people prepared or are they just excited? Are they prepared for total victory at independence? To prepare people is to allow them to fully comprehend the dangers, when they say we are going alone, sesitshayaphansi, we are done with everybody. What is this world, what is going on, let's be honest, because if we are not honest at this time the independence of Mthwakazi will be a danger to Mthwakazi citizens in the long run. When we here the words Mthwakazi is here, we ponder, do they see the dangers, are they made aware of the dangers by the leaders of those that have brought Mthwakazi.

The reality of this world, Mthwakazi to enjoy the fruits of freedom and to enjoy the fruits of the original blood sacrificed, must accept that Mthwakazi must do things for themselves, izoziyenzela. No matter how one tries hoping it seems a message can never get through, this world is about wars of existence, look at the world around you, people stealing, massive genocides, independence means Mthwakazi must accept the world as it is, nobody is coming to its aide, THE PEOPLE MUST RISE TO THE OCCASION. When we say the people must rise to the occasion, it is to accept the world as it is today, if they fail to rise to the occasion, it is extinction. This is not a joke, look at Africa, The people could not rise to the occasion and accept independence for what it is, you are free, fight for existence, don't beg for existence, claim it, take out everything that denies your existence as a people. We as ZAPU rejected these theories of extermination for survival, we believed humanity could exist together, obviously the world has rejected that idea, now we have Mthwakazi, it is a brutal world, whilst we looked for brotherhood, they desired extermination ideology, an ideology that can build nothing but that is the reality of this world.

A free Mthwakazi, nobody is coming to its aide, there is nobody under this sun who supports a free Mthwakazi besides Mthwakazi. The likes of Steve Biko tried to warn Africa they are own their own, they did not listen. Mthwakazi must understand this, freedom means it is alone, but it is easy for Mthwakazi to understand this, its very creation was against the odds, lets be honest, Mzilikazi fought Shaka's Mbele Mbele, endless worry, Mbelebele was the main regiment of Shaka, a machine, they routed Zwide, this of course was after Mzilikazi beat Shaka's iziMpohlo regiment It is time to listen to this idea one more time, this is not a game, a free Mthwakazi must be able to feed itself, sure we are not meeting Mbelebele, but the struggle is no less the same, extinction, if we cannot feed ourselves we will be extinct or become the toys of those who hate us.

No, when we talk of Mthwakazi we talk of extinction, Mthwakazi must feed itself, they will not see us crawl for food, food from the same whitemen who put us in this dilemma. Africa is on the dilemma of extinction as you read this, through corruption, Christianity, Islam, it is weak, these people, these so called African leaders steal money like nothing, because they feel no connection to these countries created by the whitemen. Mthwakazi was created by our forefathers, we must understand when we demand it, we are demanding our forefathers, we are alone, are we adult enough to accept that responsibility, that every single soul will fight for the existence of Mthwakazi, we run it like Bulawayo after independence, no stealing, because to steal from the treasury means to steal from a child Mthwakazi. You look at Jacob Zuma and you ask yourself, is this a Zulu, not that it bothers us, but we ask ourselves, knowing the high stakes in this game, why would you behave in such a manner that has no urgency, corruption shows a lack of urgency such behaviour all over Africa has put the entire black race at risk, the continent is so week blacks are being sold as slaves in Libya, the black man has nothing to retaliate with, a few have stole all the wealth? He hates his people so much he robs them.

Mthwakazi today can muster at most 4 000 000, an enormous amount must be asked of these people, the sacrifices they will have to make for the long term survival of Mthwakazi are enormous, the only thing that will keep them going is the brotherhood, the idea of a Mthwakazi bloodline, for Mthwakazi to feed itself, produce goods and services, in 2017 when nobody on this earth wishes it luck, Mthwakazi must feel as one, that is only possible when for example a Khumalo who is professional understands it is impossible for him to be superior to a Khumalo who is a housemaid, these are just circumstances we have met as a people. A Dube who is a billionaire can never be superior to a Dube who looks after somebody's garden, it is genetically impossible that is white men's ideology, and it is wrong, what a stupid Khumalo believes in that, when we understand this, we are ready for this uncertain future that comes with freedom, the stomachs must be full. The people must believe that there is no force out there that exists that will stop them from existing, everybody must have a claim on Mthwakazi.

No force can defeat Mthwakazi, that means that the people, Mthwakazi must understand that there is no mind on this earth that is superior to them, it is all just propaganda. Not a single Mthwakazi doubts that they can contribute to the survival of Mthwakazi in a very brutal world, if Mthwakazi can not feed itself it will be extinct, if Mthwakazi can not defend itself it will be extinct. Mthwakazi must contribute to the material benefit of humanity, this means goods and services being created, are the people aware of this reality, do we accept that this world is brutal, in a brutal world we must not receive aide, eventually we must give the aide, we are Mthwakazi, if ever there was anything created by massive havoc, it is Mthwakazi, we fed ourselves until the white men came.

This world is havoc, the threat of extermination is ever present because people want what others have, we want nothing of others because the people of Mthwakazi know they will survive and thrive with what they have, mostly themselves, their mind, plus the lands we have, for that to occur a people must believe in themselves, and express themselves, a system of 21st century. Given this reality we need every men and women participating in society to produce goods, services, art, any commodity that a mind of Mthwakazi can create must be encouraged by the system.

One can't believe in themselves and the enemy, imagine on a flag of Mthwakazi putting a white face, that mind is a permanent enemy of the future of the people, we need ourselves, we created ourselves, such a dirty mind wants to say a white created us, brining their Jesus on something so sacred as a flag. A mind of a con, using people vulnerabilities for unknown things, instead of telling the people freedom means you can do it, you must do it, or we all perish, a fool comes up with Jesus, an insult to every Mthwakazi, we want our culture back, yet a fool is taking us to whiteman's fairy tales, nobody in the West believes in jesus anymore, but the black fools cling on to something given to them by Victorian age missionaries, absolute enemies of a black, Christianity is your own private affair, it is no better or worse than Islam, Buddhism, Hindu, or whatever, your own private affair, their symbols do not belong with Mthwakazi, somebody crawling to whitemen's symbols for whatever reason will send Mthwakazi straight to great suffering.

The decisions Mthwakazi makes now will affect it for a long time, nobody is coming to the aide of Mthwakazi, is the mind ready for this big job, independence is a massive responsibility, neglected by every African leader after independence, look how the people suffer, Mthwakazi needs to be mature and be a responsible people towards each other and the mind must be free to act because every mind is needed for the struggles of survival ahead, we need liberty far more than we need many other things, law treats no Mthwakazi as better than another Mthwakazi, simple, as you can see the law treats Mugabe better than any other Zimbabwean, we don't want that in constitution of Mthwakazi, the law treats the head of the state as it treats a beggar in the street, then prosperity of society will be assured for generations.

Before you fight liberty, when Independence does come, where will resources come from, capital, nobody is giving you a cent, don't expect it and don't plan for it, the people must create capital, they must be free to do so, no nonsensical slogans, say stuff with meaning.

Such naivety we see, why are the people of Mthwakazi not being prepared for independence if Mthwakazi is here, the fields will not plant themselves because of independence, to be truly independent will take great discipline and humility from everybody, at the end of the day people choose what they want, they voted for Mugabe, all oppsotion parties outside Matabeleland where with ZANU as he shouted phansi ne ZAPU, pansi nedissident, they must fix their own problems. Just as Mthwakazi can choose lunacy or victory, above is victory, but people must choose for themselves, a white Jesus on a flag, of Mthwakazi you either chase such a fool or suffer the consequences, the consequences are unfortunately very high, extinction.

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