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UCAD Green Party not backing Tsvangirai

08 Aug 2017 at 15:24hrs | Views
This letter serves to set the record straight, with reference to the matter circulated on social media by Albert Mugove Matapo, and a Video of the Zimeye live uploaded on the facebook on the 31st July 2017 in which Matapo claimed that UCAD Green Party of Zimbabwe has resolved to back Morgan Tsvangirai.

This is a blue lie and total political hallucination by a careless, inconsistent, wayward and confused person. He has taken it upon himself to shoot himself on the foot by making such a political blander
While we may not intend to blame Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai's Bully Big Brother mentality of bowel stretching hand for support from other political parties, we cannot avoid telling him that he must not be fooled by his friend Albert Matapo of any support from UCAD green party of Zimbabwe family.

Matapo did not communicate with any single member of the UCAD Green Party of Zimbabwe in any way or any form to come up with such a resolution. It is on record that UCAD Green Party has its own principles which guides their type of politics guided by certain norms and values in its endeavour to win elections. In this instance, Albert Matapo last participated on the 4th day of August
2014 going into a self-imposed exile in a coward manner. The struggle of advocating for democracy as a leftist party was left in the custody of Canny Kaeto and the RE-STRUCTURED LOCAL EXECUTIVE, as all his allies who had links in the treason case threw the towels informally by developing cold feet since then.

This then implies that Matapo has no say in the local activities of UCAD Green Party of Zimbabwe in any way. Instead of bootlicking Morgan Tsvangirai (off course, after making their arrangements when Tsvangirai went to Sweden), Matapo was supposed to show relevance to UCAD Green Party by announcing the fact that UCAD Green Party of Zimbabwe has been honoured by the Southern African Greens Federation (SAGF), for which Mr. Canny Kaeto is the Vice Secretary, to host a session on the 15th and 16th of August 2017.

It was not in the interest of UCAD Green Party of Zimbabwe's Executive to tell the world that Matapo has lost relevance and was no longer taking charge of UCAD Green Party of Zimbabwe, but wanted to solve it silently through normal procedures, until the day he has issued himself a political red card.

Matapo is a politically sheltered destitute who is seeking a home comeback through Morgan Tsvangirai. If you remember very well that he used to make numerous statements in various newspapers including the Zimbabwean Newspaper attacking Tsvangirai whilst in South Africa enroute to Sweden.

He is now trying to seek audience with Tsvangirai after realising that he has personally failed in his political ambitions, and that the UCAD Green Party of Zimbabwe is growing stronger under Canny Kaeto. May he be informed to come back to ZBC and revive his programme "DZEMAGITARE" kana ashaya zvekuita. What good has he seen today in Tsvangirai on behalf of UCAD Green Party of Zimbabwe?

If he can stand against Zanu pf in support of Tsvangirai, why did he ran to Sweden leaving UCAD Green Party Executives in Zimbabwe, and in the hands of, as he describes it, the monster Robert Mugabe. The Monster Robert Mugabe is here in Zimbabwe protecting its Zanu pf family, Tsvangirai is here in Zimbabwe protecting his MDC-T family and Canny Kaeto is here in Zimbabwe with his UCAD Green Party of Zimbabwe family, protecting the interest of the party while he is peddling falsehoods and creating scenes.

We the UCAD Green Party of Zimbabwe would like to STRONGLY WARN MATAPO not to mistake the silence of a Tiger as a sign of cowardness, but to take it as a fatal calculation of attack. Hatisi makwara saiye anongowawata zvisina hwaro.

We are here and if he is a man he must come back home under the same circumstances kwete kutaura nyemba dzakashisha ku media. He can come and start a pre-school than speaking shallow and baseless politics.

He must be aware of the fact that he can no longer continue to cheat the world as he used to do, creating fake stories for people to get sympathy from the British government over false political torment, whilst harvesting money and properties for his personal gains. UCAD Green Party of Zimbabwe is warning him not to use this name on nonsensical issues. We are not a party of violence or squabbles, but we react if someone puts a finger in our eyes.

We are ready to expose all the deals of fooling the British government and he will see what comes after that. Matapo must enjoy the asylum quietly and leave the political business to us the brave.

We lastly apologize to all the UCAD Green Party of Zimbabwe Members the world over for being dragged into the muck by a careless man. We also apologize to the media for being dragged to the circus by this man.



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Source - UCAD
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