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TB Joshua's prophecy on the impending demise of an African leader misrepresented

by Watching TB Joshua
15 February 2012 | 2 Views

We hereby, starting today, issue a seven day ultimatum to the various news outlets and sites that misrepresented TB Joshua's prophecy on the impending demise of an African leader to apologise for their misrepresentations else we would have no choice but to tag them as confusionists, capitalising on TB Joshua's prophecy to orchestrate chaos and pandemonium amongst people.

TB Joshua did predict the demise of an African leader who has been battling with an ailment for long, but that was just about all he said on the issue, his words never contained the specifics we later saw in
the reports of several news outlets and blogs on the internet much to our amazement.

Here are the exact words spoken by the prophet himself; you can confirm this by also READING WHAT TB JOSHUA SAID below;

THIS is what Prophet TB Joshua prophesied regarding an African head of state: "We should pray for one African head of state, president, against sickness that will likely take life. It is a sickness for a long time â€" being kept in the body for a long time. God showed me the country and the place but I'm not here to say anything like that. I am still praying to God to deliver the president concerned."

If you're reading this, then kindly judge for yourself how a prophecy of this nature transmitted to one with a name and the number of days he the African leader has left â€" a totally exasperating form of

Upon doing such a wonderful  job of adding to the prophets words whilst going ahead to  publish their overblown version of TB Joshua's prophecy in the prophets name, many are presently left in confusion and panic believing their reports to be such as was spoken by TB Joshua himself.

If the owners, authors and journalists on these sites do not render a formal apology to TB Joshua's ministry within this stipulated time, We would be left with no other option but to conclude that these websites and online media outlets are part of a "secret plan" to tarnish the image of TB Joshua's prophetic ministry by ensuring that his words do not come to pass, by adding to it in the hearing of the public.

To better understand why we would go this far as to issue an ultimatum for them to apologise, it would interest you to know that even as we speak, more news outlets and blogs are picking up on their overblown version of the prophecy by the minute, and what would likely result from this apart from the present confusion and chaos it has already caused, is another supposed " failed prophecy of TB Joshua" in the making â€" like we said in a previous post that this is how these so called "failed prophecies" of TB Joshua started off in the first place, either the words were never spoken by him in the first place and yet was ascribed to him or his words were preposterously added to till it became overbearing.

Let the reader understand that the purpose of the prophetic ministry has never been to cause tension and pressure and will never be, but there are those who seek to cause such tension and pressure and the lot of them capitalise on the prophecy of such an amiable prophet to ensure that chaos looms knowing the high regard with which his words are held.

*Having studied TB Joshua's prophetic messages over the years, the common thread that runs through them all which anyone can clearly notice that they are delivered in such a careful manner so as not to spark off unwarranted reactions but are just as specific enough to get the attention of the personalities or nations concerned. This has practically become a signature genre in all his prophecies â€" making him even up till now have no case to answer despite the innumerable disasters which came to pass after he predicted them.

Prophecy TJ Joshua

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