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Message of condolences to the Passing away of the seven(7) Wits University Students on 01 May 2016

Date :03 May 2016  Life is a cycle which starts with birth and ends with death. On this occasion of death of our friends ,the young graduates and future leaders of our cherished realm, We...Read more

Message of condolences to the Passing away of the seven(7) Wits University Students on 01 May 2016

03 May 2016 | 598 Views
Date :03 May 2016  Life is a cycle which starts with birth and ends with death. On this occasion of death of our friends ,the young graduates and future leaders of our cherished realm, We...

by Madiba Youth Organisation

Any politician who cannot tolerate public criticism and ridicule is not ready for politics

03 May 2016 | 457 Views
A vexing question that has been asked by so many people over the long course of history is, 'what does it take to be a great leader?'I do not believe that there can ever be an easy answer to t...

by Tendai Ruben Mbofana

Zimbabwe relieved by the untimely resignation of leader

03 May 2016 | 1773 Views
In a statement published by Bulawayo24 news on Monday 25 April 2016, Zimbabwe through Tendai Chinembiri, expressed so much rejoice over the untimely resignation of MLF leader General Nandinandi. Chine...

by McKay Tshuma

Fighting Corruption Is Everyone's Responsibility

03 May 2016 | 338 Views
President Robert Gabriel Mugabe is famously known for declaring zero tolerance on corruption. He vows zero tolerance on corruption in the public sector and all relevant arms of Government. He warned t...

by Sparkleford Masiyambiri

Dokora must resign, he declared war in schools and churches

03 May 2016 | 2067 Views
What's we see now happening in Zimbabwe schools and churches shows that the regime is failing and Zimbabwe will be worse than Sodom and Gomora. How can people be forced to follow a certain religion? ...

by Sikhumbuzo Moyo

Who is NSSA really benefiting - contributors or the government?

03 May 2016 | 927 Views
As Zimbabwe continues to spiral out of control in an economic vortex - sinking deeper into an abyss - numerous employees are getting laid off from companies without any terminal benefits, becoming mor...

by Tendai Ruben Mbofana

No retrenchments for civil servants - Govt

03 May 2016 | 1044 Views
Civil servants have been assured that they will not be retrenched, Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Prisca Mupfumira has said.This is despite Government move to rationalises ...

by Staff Reporter

President Mbeki 'blocked' the holding of free elections in Zimbabwe in 2002, say senior US Official

03 May 2016 | 1761 Views
A senior US government official, Ambassador Bellamy, admits that Mugabe reign of terror could have been ended as far back as 2002 is SA had not undermined the international community's efforts to do s...

by Wilbert Mukori

'What is wrong with being Black?

02 May 2016 | 1311 Views
Whereas the Bible has been faulted as being complicit in the subjugation of the black people, everywhere they appear in its passages, it is with respect to mission or majesty.A question often ...

by Stanely Mushava

Zimbabwe is not in tatters, broken

02 May 2016 | 1040 Views
Such portrayal of Zimbabwe by a 'Zimbabwean' journalist is just inadequate journalism. What would possess any person who is supposedly 'Zimbabwean' to portray the country with such pessimism, absolute...

by Bernard Bwoni

Tsvangirai has no clue what reforms are required for free elections, never did!

01 May 2016 | 2238 Views
Listening to Tsvangirai is like listening to a five year old telling a joke way out of his depth of comprehension and thus lose track of the punch-line and yet goes on to laugh totally unaware what he...

by Wilbert Mukori

Caps United humble Dembare

01 May 2016 | 2980 Views
Dynamos 0 Caps United 1 Caps United piled pressure on Dynamos by posting a historic victory over city rivals at Rufaro Stadium today.Dominic Chungwa's 71 minute strike condemned De...

by Byo24News

Morgan Tsvangirai bares all

01 May 2016 | 1914 Views
Following the recent MDC-T led mass demonstration, there has been a lot of talk about the relevance of party leader Morgan Tsvangirai, whose political orbituary many had already written.The su...

by Staff reporter

ZANU PF government deliberately destroying economy to emasculate workers?

01 May 2016 | 1809 Views
Leornard Karikoga Zhakata once sang this about workers, "Kuchema kwavo munamato mukuru kumatenga' - meaning that the workers' crying over there mistreatment and oppression is a prayer to God - and ind...

by Tendai Ruben Mbofana

Redcliff water crisis leads to babies' deaths - Kasukuwere needs to urgently intervene

30 April 2016 | 2107 Views
Redcliff town had been for decades the proud backbone of Zimbabwe's economy, as it was the home of steelmaking giant - the Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company (Ziscosteel) - but today it has become a home...

by Tendai Ruben Mbofana

Seeking ethnic solutions in Zimbabwe is going global - Part four

30 April 2016 | 2025 Views
We are in Germany today! Understanding the concept of multi-culturalism in German political landscape  Is she now going crazy to think that African...

by Nomazulu Thata

How does Mugabe's murder of 30 000 'embody African fighting spirit'

29 April 2016 | 4794 Views
There is no one blinder than one who refuses to see!  Apologists, bootlickers and sycophants are an obnoxious group of those who not only refuse to see the truth but, worse still, they "s...

by Wilbert Mukori

The National School Pledge: A National Philosophy

29 April 2016 | 2389 Views
The recent introduction of the National School Pledge by Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Dr Lazarus Dokora, is a prudent idea which all Zimbabweans should cherish for it reflects our nati...

by Sparkleford Masiyambiri

There's a lot to celebrate on Workers' Day

29 April 2016 | 2244 Views
Whenever the country moves towards a commemoration of a national event such as the Independence Day holiday, it has become the norm for some habitual doomsayers to not only write obituaries about the ...

by Gwinyai Mutongi

Road traffic accidents cause neuro surgical backlog

29 April 2016 | 3219 Views
THE increase in the number of road traffic accidents has resulted in a long backlog in patients in need of neuro surgeries, an expert said.Professor Kazadi Kalangu said while the country alrea...

by Mirirai Nsingo

Cash crisis: Schools must bear with parents

29 April 2016 | 2903 Views
The cash shortages currently bedevilling the country has sent us into panic.  For those who were around in 2008-2009 can testify the horrible experience we went through. It is an experien...

by Rufaro Mufundirwa in Harare

Let's instruct our children not to recite the national schools pledge

29 April 2016 | 2638 Views
When we were still in high school, I had a Jehovah's Witness friend and classmate who would never sing the Zimbabwe national anthem - due to his religious convictions - and would just keep quiet when ...

by Tendai Ruben Mbofana

Can Gwekwerere do it again, 10 years on?

29 April 2016 | 2273 Views
ON the 10th anniversary of that mass player exodus from Dynamos, which left the Glamour Boys paralysed and resembling a stricken Titanic about to sink, it is ironic that the footballer - whose pricele...

by Robson Sharuko

American democracy is rigged

29 April 2016 | 2250 Views
In the United States presidential elections, there are two towering political parties – the Democratic and the Republican – that during the course of their "primary" elections get to choose who wi...

by Hamish Dabashi

Mugabe embodies African fighting spirit

29 April 2016 | 2242 Views
For many Africans at home and abroad, when President Mugabe presented not only Zimbabwe, but all of Mother Africa's case before the United Nations last Thursday concerning Sustainable Development Goal...

by Obi Egbuna Jr Simunye

Chamboko, MDC-T mythical 'huge following' is as relevant as granny's lice to cattle count

28 April 2016 | 2341 Views
"True, MDC-T is the biggest opposition movement today, nobody can contest that. It is also true that the MDC has a huge following," you said. I contest that on two grounds: - MDC-...

by Patrick Guramatunhu

Tsvangirai should join coalition at own peril

28 April 2016 | 3529 Views
There was much hullabaloo in the past weeks over the issue of a grand coalition of opposition parties. Political analysts and most opposition politicians were riding behind the idea that MDC-T leader ...

by Paidamoyo Chaitezvi

Sanctions on Zim: US ambassador reading from the hardcover

28 April 2016 | 3133 Views
The United States Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Peter Harry Thomas (Jr)'s recent public denial that the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by his country were not affecting ordinary citizens  but were only ...

by Mukachana Hanyani

MDC-T fuels corruption in local authorities

28 April 2016 | 2477 Views
The move taken by the MDC-T leadership recently to influence the MDC-T-run Harare City Council to block a forensic audit of some Harare City Council-owned companies by the Auditor-General-appointed Pr...

by John Mukumbo

Despite the discord, coalition is Zimbabwe's only hope

28 April 2016 | 2435 Views
"I would rather fight it alone : Tsvangirai" was a notable headline on one of the publications in the last few days. MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, is said to have voiced that his experience of the GN...

by Moses Chamboko

The IMF cannot save Zimbabweans

28 April 2016 | 2683 Views
Without fundamental political and economic reforms and the emergence of an inclusive democracy in Zimbabwe, no lasting economic solution can be found no matter how much money the IMF may throw at the ...

by Vince Musewe

'Rhodies part of Badza, Nhari rebellion'

28 April 2016 | 2251 Views
ON Independence day, the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Constantine Guveya Chiwenga was tough talking, and in his interview with The Herald, he collapsed the country's historical, military ...

by Hildegarde The Arena

Uncle Sam has no right to preach on human rights

28 April 2016 | 1727 Views
It is confounding why the US continues to pose as the faultless global policeman and to author reports such as the one released last week titled, "the US 2015 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices...

by Gwinyai Mutongi

Kasukuwere home burnt down - Photos

27 April 2016 | 11945 Views
23/04/2016, 08:22 - byo24-subscriber_2721: Saviour Kasukuwere's home in Mt Darwin that was burnt down in My Darwin in a suspected arson attack...

by Concerned Citizen

Help me find my father 'Hlongwane'

27 April 2016 | 3945 Views
Dear Bulawayo24 News my name is Mduduzi I'm born in Tsholotsho koMakhazi in Dubani village my mom is Salu Tshuma. In 1972 my mom met with a man by the surname of Hlongwane while she was marrie...

by Mduduzi Hlongwane

Lupane State University lecturers go for two months without pay

27 April 2016 | 2566 Views
Please note that Bulawayo24 does not edit WhatsApp updates. We publish them as sent by our readers and we do not disclose the sender's telephone number....

by LSU Worker

Open Letter: VP Mphoko salvage us from the National Pledge

27 April 2016 | 3357 Views
Baba Mphoko, I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Allow me Honorable Vice President to write to you today first as a son (because you are from my region and in my region anyone...

by Sibangilizwe Madlela

Mnangagwa calls on all to fight corruption - case of new broom sweeping clean or what

27 April 2016 | 2207 Views
New brooms sweep clean! There is no doubt that VP Mnangagwa is trying his best to portray himself as a new broom that sweeps clean – as contrast to President Mugabe's corrupt, incompetent and failed...

by Patrick Guramatunhu

Julius Malema, leave the drama to Morgan Tsvangirai!

27 April 2016 | 4733 Views
The heat is on in South Africa. Things have been moving far too heady in that country, politically and economically. President Jacob Zuma of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) is seen as the m...

by Tichaona Zindoga

Mnangagwa has delivered KO on Mugabe and G40 but only to inherit poisoned chalice

27 April 2016 | 6747 Views
As soon as Grace Mugabe returned from her extended Christmas Holiday in Singapore last year she got her G40 factional team together and she took up her meet the rallies from where she had left off. Th...

by Wilbert Mukori

SA ConCourt ruling on Nkandlagate - Zimbabwe should transform to a fully Constitutional Democracy

27 April 2016 | 2512 Views
The South African Constitutional Court made a land mark ruling on Nkandla case fews weeks ago. By and large this episode donated a golden opportunity for us as Zimbabweans to introspect, ruminate and ...

by Wilton Nyasha Machimbira, Political Scientist

Zanu Mugabe distortions, half-truths and misrepresentations must be stopped

27 April 2016 | 2530 Views
The hope that a sector of the population can rise over and above people voice and representation, irrespective of sacrifices and contributions, runs contrary to values of democratic norms and must be ...

by Andrew M Manyevere

Mthwakazi: Setting the record

27 April 2016 | 2802 Views
On the another note; we the people of Mthwakazi we are hundreds percent at faulty for the predicament we r in.When we revived ZAPU we were hoping that it will solve the plight of the Mthwakazi...

by Khohliso Maqhoba.

Is Ujamaa a replication of Zambian humanism? - Part three

26 April 2016 | 2159 Views
Traits in the philosophy of Ujamaa that could be solutions for Zimbabwe's diverse ethnic and race relations  The philosophy of Ujamaa and the Zambi...

by Nomazulu Thata

A Level: Daily Divinity Questions and Answers with Dingani Witness

26 April 2016 | 2636 Views
QN " More than any figure he ,kept Yahweh worship alive in Israel".In your view is this more true of Samuel or Elijah.To what extent do Zimbabwean prophets keep...

by Dingani Witness

Fossils and oil barons - a tragedy in Africa!

26 April 2016 | 2282 Views
Since the beginning of industrial revolution. Africa has been at the receiving end of the effects of bad energy culture and use. The introduction of automobile industries, production industries and th...

by Mbizo Chirasha

Excellent service delivery key in local municipalities

26 April 2016 | 2315 Views
Service delivery is an essential function in the relation between local municipalities and citizens. Therefore, it is important to realize that citizens are customers who need excellent service delive...

by Peacemaker Zano

Temba Mliswa has no agenda

26 April 2016 | 3447 Views
The former ZANU PF Mashonaland West chairperson Temba Mliswa once expressed admiration and envy for the leadership qualities of President Robert Mugabe. His current attempts at slighting President Mug...

by Stewart Murewa

MDC-T March follow up

26 April 2016 | 4781 Views
After the hullabaloo that accompanied the successful protest march by the MDC-T, what's next? That is a question that I have been asking myself two weeks after Harare's CBD was painted red. Some say i...

by David Hwangwa

Dr Enrico Sibanda dares to be different

26 April 2016 | 2331 Views
When Dr Enrico Sibanda was convicted of a crime as a juvenile while still in high school and was sent to Hwawha Juvenile Prison, his hopes and aspirations of caring for his ageing grandmother were sha...


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Zimra garnishes Zanu-PF activist Lumumba bank account - Trouble contin...

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Utilize polluted Khami Dam water - Mphoko

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Cop defrauds state $3,000 - A GWANDA police officer has appeared in co...

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$250 fine for unlicensed negligent driver - A 30-YEAR-OLD unlicensed d...

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13 years for indecent assault over $1 - A 48-YEAR-OLD Inyathi security...

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Lawyer takes cops to court for impounding car over $10 fine - A CITY l...

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Plans underway to harvest Khami Dam water - THE government is explorin...

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Cash crisis erode public confidence in the banking sector - THE crippl...

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'Ekhweni lami' a classic value for money project

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Macheso relishes SA tour - "We have performed in South Africa before, ...

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Maita crowned Miss Africa Zimbabwe - Harare beauty, Maita Kainga was c...

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1ns and 2s with DJ-Sticha - Know your song Mondays

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Interview with musician Lyfe Martinez

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Busi Mhlanga flies Zimbabwe flag high in foreign lands

by Mafu Sithabile | 29 April 2016 | 6452 Views

Bev, Zoey unite - Pole dancers Zoey Noleen Sifelani and Beverly Siband...

by Staff reporter | 28 April 2016 | 2748 Views

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