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'Jabulani Sibanda arrested' - Rumour

Please note that Bulawayo24 does not edit WhatsApp updates. We publish them as sent by our readers and we do not disclose the sender's telephone Number....Read more

'Jabulani Sibanda arrested' - Rumour

28 November 2014 | 2764 Views
Please note that Bulawayo24 does not edit WhatsApp updates. We publish them as sent by our readers and we do not disclose the sender's telephone Number....

by Concerned Citizen

Chinamasa's budget grotesque and incomprehensible to the youth of Zimbabwe

28 November 2014 | 932 Views
You would be forgiven to think you are in Coocooland by reading the budget statement from the Finance Minister. Zimbabwe is experiencing a structural regression, with the acceleration of deindustr...

by Caston Matewu, Secretary General MDC UK & Ireland Provincial Youth Assembly

Mugabe may you please stop harassing innocent MDC-T Cadres

28 November 2014 | 1911 Views
Its very easy to point and blame anyone that he wants to assassinate you but Mr President,ask yourself how innocent Zimbabweans have you assassinated since from 1980?? Why they want to assassinate...

by Prof Richard M Simango

'We don't owe Tsvangirai an apology' - Mbeki

28 November 2014 | 3017 Views
Two weeks ago, the Mail & Guardian published the report by justices Sisi Khampepe and Dikgang Moseneke on Zimbabwe's 2002 presidential elections, obtained after a...

by Thabo Mbeki

'Police BMW cause accident in town' - Photos

28 November 2014 | 7440 Views
6:03am, Nov 28 - ‪+263 7* *** ****‬: BMW police in Bulawayo jus caused an accident trying to arrest a combi driver...

by Concerned Citizen

Open letter to Thabo Mbeki on Zimbabwe

28 November 2014 | 3607 Views
My name is Vincent Musewe, I am an African.At one stage I thoroughly esteemed you as a propitious leader of Africa. Your eloquence and apparent grasp of matters affecting Africa as a whole ma...

by Vincent Musewe

Chinamasa's letter to IMF

28 November 2014 | 2098 Views
November 3, 2014Ms Christine Lagarde,Managing DirectorInternational Monetary FundWashington, DC 20431Dear Ms Lagarde,THE first an...

by Patrick Chinamasa

Zimbabwe undergoing a very worrying and disturbing financial period

28 November 2014 | 1525 Views
Zimbabwe is currently undergoing a very worrying and disturbing financial period and it is only right that many people must feel concerned. That is understandable. However, a sizable number of people ...

by Psychology Maziwisa

Congress must assess the implementation of Zim-Asset

28 November 2014 | 703 Views
Zanu-PF is holding its crucial 6th Congress from the 2nd to the 7th of December 2014. It is the most crucial congress the party has ever held. The Congress is held against the backdrop of critical po...

by John Sigauke

T.B. Joshua Making Headlines in Poland for Prophecy

28 November 2014 | 5580 Views
On Sunday 31st August, 2014, Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua made several bold prophetic proclamations concerning upcoming international events.One of his prophetic messages concerned an immi...

by Patrick Kabwela

Charamba cum Manheru dismiss Mujuru purge as political when he is next - will NOT be missed!

27 November 2014 | 4597 Views
Secretary for Information and President Robert Mugabe's spokesman George Charamba yesterday dismissed an assortment of allegations levelled against Vice-President Joice Mujuru and other ministers, de...

by Wilbert Mukori

It's not over till Mujuru sings

27 November 2014 | 6782 Views
You can't expect the latest reports or rumours of the mudwrestling in a weekly paper. For example, the editor wants this column three days before publication date, and that is normal for a weekly pape...

by Magari Mandebvu

Speech by MDC President Welshman Ncube at Signing of Reunification Agreement

27 November 2014 | 2226 Views
Mama Sekai Holland, President of MDC RENEWAL. Pamusoroi Edwin Mushoriwa Vice President MDC. Pamusoroi Baba Chimbaira, C...

by Prof Welshman Ncube

'No individual is bigger than Zanu-PF'

27 November 2014 | 3374 Views
The Zanu-PF Central Committee elections which started recently have seen some big wigs falling by the wayside with new members coming aboard through winning of some elections. Some of the big wigs fa...

by Mukachana Hanyani

'Free Wiwa Now!'

27 November 2014 | 3233 Views
The first person to be arrested in the Gamstox - Zvipfukuto warFREE WIWA NOWIt is disturbing to hear the arrest of Hon Job Wiwa Sikhala at the port of entry. The current terror Zan...

by Prof Richard M Simango

Freedom of Worship is being abused

27 November 2014 | 3093 Views
Zimbabwe is one of the countries that has unparalleled record of protecting religious liberty. As a result, many religious groups have sprouted with the majority having been founded on a purely co...

by John Sigauke

MDC-T South Africa dismisses Ncube - Biti Union

27 November 2014 | 3451 Views
The MDC T South Africa Province  the notes theoretical union of democrats - cum - traitors at the Old Hararians Sports Club as a non - event in the Zimbabwean political space. It is a public ...

by Dr. Wangu Mazodze - MDC T South Africa Spokesperson

EU should engage government for sustainable relationship

27 November 2014 | 1070 Views
The European Union has come in handy to Zimbabwe with a USD$300 000 package starting 2015, a move that serves to confirm mending of relations and lifting of sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the bloc....

by Caitlin Kamba

If I were Morgan .....

27 November 2014 | 4348 Views
If there is anything we should learn from the recent purges within its leadership ranks, it is that most Zanu-PF leaders are actually tired of President Robert Mugabe and, like most of us, would like...

by Vince Musewe

People's wishes to prevail at Congress, Cdes

27 November 2014 | 3264 Views
Dear Cabinet andPolitburo membersCOMRADES, I am glad that our Congress is almost here. With it comes the platform for the owners of the party - the people - to decide whatever they want to...

by CZ

Gumbo mourns 'vultures' who took over Zanu PF when he too was one of them

27 November 2014 | 3054 Views
In an interview with Daily News an angry Rugare Gumbo, former Zanu PF spokesman who has been banished from the party for five years, accuse the Mnangagwa faction of being "mercenaries and loser" who a...

by Wilbert Mukori

Failure to arrest Mujuru proves that Gukurahundi was GENOCIDE

26 November 2014 | 8786 Views
Dr Joshua Nkomo, Dr Dumiso Dabengwa, General Lookout Masuku and others were accused of treason and plotting to assassinate Mugabe back in the 1980s. We all know what happened, they were harangued...

by Ndzimu-unami Emmanuel Moyo

Mugabe dumps liberation values

26 November 2014 | 5196 Views
President Robert Mugabe is constructing a reconfigured personalised rule, or a regime unbounded by rules - one that operates at total variance with the ruling party's 1980 manifesto.The rulin...

by Gift Phiri

Zanu-PF coup plotters: Guilty or Innocent?

26 November 2014 | 2904 Views
Allegations of assassination leveled against Nicholas Goche, Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo should be investigated to put the record straight. The trio is accused of plotting to kill the Presiden...

by Suitable Kajau

Porous borders: a threat to SA security

26 November 2014 | 2933 Views
CAPE TOWN - While the South African government has been commended for its "open door" policy on immigrants, experts have raised concerns about security threats possed by thousands of undocumented ...

by Thabo Kunene

Housemaids: Are they an evil lot?

26 November 2014 | 3381 Views
The video of an 18-month Ugandan toddler who was brutally tortured by her helper which went viral on social media has been received with utter rage, with some still insisting that domestic workers are...

by Makhosi Sibanda

Mthwakazi duo detained

26 November 2014 | 2436 Views
Please note that Bulawayo24 does not edit WhatsApp updates. We publish them as sent by our readers and we do not disclose the sender's telephone Number....

by Concerned Citizen

Zimbabwe under siege on both fronts, religious and political

26 November 2014 | 2844 Views
A lot has been happening  in our small nation, small as it is, it has captured the attention of faraway countries. I am not going to dwell on the current political landscape although...

by Museyamwa T

'Two Zimbabweans feared dead' - WhatsApp update

26 November 2014 | 9394 Views
Border of Zambia and Congo.. 2 Zimbabwean drivers are feared dead at Kasumbalesa border after a fire broke out leading to the explosion of fuel laden tankers. 14 have been confirmed dead...

by Concerned Citizen

Coltart welcomes unification of 'doers' MDC and MDC-R

26 November 2014 | 2017 Views
"I am pleased to be reuniting with "doers", said David Coltart in welcoming the unification of the two breakaway MDC factions, one led by Profession Welshman Ncube of which Mr Coltart is a member and ...

by Wilbert Mukori

Ruwe, turning Zambia into a nation of praying mantis will not guarantee a competent new president!

25 November 2014 | 1384 Views
Field Ruwe has been arguing his fellow country men and women to pray for God's guidance as Zambians go to the poll to elect new president to replace the late President Sata."God works in myst...

by Wilbert Mukori

Political comedy to determine the fate of Zimbabwe

25 November 2014 | 3040 Views
Robert Mugabe is easy to dislike but is such a crook that he is hard to hate.Someone was telling me about Mugabe's wit recently.Apparently, he was being interviewed by some journalist ...

by Mutuma Mathiu

Mugabe's Fattah on Mujuru and others drags the nation to barbarism of demigod Roman Emperors!

25 November 2014 | 3098 Views
"At least 10 Cabinet ministers and more than 100 Zanu-PF legislators face the political wilderness as the mindless bloodletting in the divided party reaches alarming levels ahead of its crucial "elec...

by Wilbert Mukori

'The birds of the air can perch in its shade'

25 November 2014 | 1889 Views
Tomorrow my good friends and colleagues Welshman Ncube, Tendai Biti, Priscilla Misihairabwi Mushonga, Elton Mangoma and others will sign a unity pact bringing our two parties together. Sadly I wil...

by David Coltart

This and that with Mal'phosa -iBosso ayisafani

25 November 2014 | 1775 Views
What would you do if, in your army, you had such names as Nduuna, Chief, Stina, Nsukuzonke, Dididi, Rambo, Rush, Dabuka Express, Ninja, Super, Inkatha, Captain Fantastic, Captain Oxo, Launcher, Makan...

by Clerk Ndlovu

Georgias' appeal to EU court ruling plausible

25 November 2014 | 1042 Views
Trinity Engineering chairman and founder Senator Aguy Georgas' appeal to the European Union court's verdict rejecting his claim for damages from the EU Council arising from sanctions imposed on Zi...

by Stewart Murewa

Dear Highlanders 'Bosso' FC players and management

25 November 2014 | 1402 Views
Dear Highlanders FC players,I am writing with regard to my absolute astonishment and disbelief as to the sheer magnitude of your complete lack of talent and failure to carry out the job for w...

by Very disillusioned Mantengwane

It's time for sanity at ZBC

25 November 2014 | 1478 Views
It's high time that this mind-boggling drama at Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) should end. We are sick and tired of hearing that ZBC hires and fires so and so. So and so is suspended, and so...

by Suitable Kajau

Forward ever with Save In the struggle

25 November 2014 | 1953 Views
The brilliance of the Movement for Democratic Change led by President Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai lies more in the simplicity of its associations than the complexity of riding over all its challe...

by Prof Richard M Simango

'OK workers vow to adopt a go slow during the festive season over bonus'

25 November 2014 | 3447 Views
Please note that Bulawayo24 does not edit WhatsApp updates. We publish them as sent by our readers and we do not disclose the sender's telephone Number....

by Concerned Worker

'Mugabe has developed incompetence into an art'

25 November 2014 | 4246 Views
"It is a sign of a sick economy when the top two companies in it are a mobile operator and a brewery. The fact that Econet Wireless and Delta Beverages are the largest companies in Zimbabwe simply me...

by Ken Yamamoto

Hunt for Successor: God has spoken

25 November 2014 | 5263 Views
"God works in mysterious ways," is a trite so often uttered at the pulpit, and it is the one that precedes my article. I know there are many who will recoil with repulsion at my audacity to evoke God'...

by Field Ruwe

Forewarned is forearmed: Mugabe ruthless crashed Mujuru, cde-in-arms, povo will get the full blast!

25 November 2014 | 6472 Views
Nothing could illustrate more graphically just how hopeless, powerless and helpless the ordinary person is in Mugabe's Zimbabwe than the political machinations that have resulted in the political do...

by Wilbert Mukori

How Mugabe has successfully manipulated Zanu-PF for 34 years

24 November 2014 | 3682 Views
President Robert Mugabe is one-step away from his crowning moment as Zimbabwe's imperial leader after King Lobengula. His ambition to turning Zimbabwe into a kingdom where his word is the law is just ...

by Prince Tongogara

Mugabe is a corrupt and murderous tyrant and only those blinded by hate see him as a hero

24 November 2014 | 3045 Views
"Robert Mugabe represents what can accurately be described as the last outpost and final frontier for genuine African Renaissance. He represents real hope for total economic independence that is mean...

by Wilbert Mukori

Zanu-PF taking advantage of Mugabe's age

24 November 2014 | 3772 Views
As president Robert Mugabe presides over an extraordinary politburo meeting in Harare today, the Zanu-PF strongman and his supporters are confronted by critical questions on who exactly is in charge, ...

by Chris Goko

Zanu-PF is disintegrating

24 November 2014 | 4178 Views
Zimbabwe is again at an "interesting" place. The outcome will determine the immediate events in my country and maybe even in the longer term.The past determines the future and we need to quick...

by Eddie Cross

Why Mugabe should go now!

24 November 2014 | 3984 Views
When someone is sick the doctor looks for signs and symptoms to identify the disease the patient is suffering from.These may be ailments like a rash, coughing, bleeding, vomiting, an abnormal ...

by Pius Wakatama

Mugabe to keep 'his Zimbabwe' into the grave

24 November 2014 | 3605 Views
The recent events in Zanu PF have exposed a President who has lost control of both government and the ruling party. This is in addition to his wild social and economic policies that have collapse...

by Farai Mbira - ZUNDE

MDC-T are using Khampepe report as scapegoat just as Zanu PF used sanction

24 November 2014 | 1367 Views
The trouble with people with little or nothing to offer is that they easily get carried away; MDC – T is getting carried away with the Khampepe report just as Zanu PF got carried away with the sanc...

by Wilbert Mukori

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'Jabulani Sibanda arrested' - Rumour

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Chinamasa's budget grotesque and incomprehensible to the youth of Zimb...

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Mthwakazi activists case referred to ConCourt

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Olivia Muchena, 4 others ousted - The Zanu-PF National Women's League ...

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Zimbabwe goes down four nil

by Prosper Tsvanhu | 28 November 2014 | 1346 Views

Mugabe may you please stop harassing innocent MDC-T Cadres - Its very ...

by Prof Richard M Simango | 28 November 2014 | 1911 Views

Stray monkey gets into a house, sleeps in a family bed - BULAWAYO - T...

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Another Mujuru daughter in truck scandal - A Harare woman claims she h...

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Shock as 'ill' man digs own grave - IN a bizarre incident which has le...

by Staff Reporter | 28 November 2014 | 3881 Views

'We don't owe Tsvangirai an apology' - Mbeki - Two weeks ago, the Mail...

by Thabo Mbeki | 28 November 2014 | 3017 Views

Bid to stop Zanu-PF congress - Some war veterans and youths sympatheti...

by Staff reporter | 28 November 2014 | 7284 Views

'Police BMW cause accident in town' - Photos

by Concerned Citizen | 28 November 2014 | 7440 Views

'Tsvangirai is better than ousted Zanu PF leaders' - HARARE - Zanu PF ...

by Staff Reporter | 28 November 2014 | 3595 Views

MDC-T official dies in bus accident - Shushine Siyamandanda dies ...

by Staff Reporter | 28 November 2014 | 5824 Views

Open letter to Thabo Mbeki on Zimbabwe

by Vincent Musewe | 28 November 2014 | 3607 Views

Purged Zanu-PF leaders can bounce back, analysts - THE ongoing purge o...

by Sports Reporter I Agencies | 28 November 2014 | 4601 Views

Unpaid, hungry man hits boss with a brick

by Staff reporter | 28 November 2014 | 3616 Views

Mugabe 'mutilates' Zanu-PF constitution

by Staff reporter | 28 November 2014 | 2742 Views

Gumbo savages Mugabe

by Staff reporter | 28 November 2014 | 7219 Views

'Chombo rigged central committee nominations' - Mashonaland West Zanu...

by Staff reporter | 28 November 2014 | 2749 Views

Chinamasa chides civil servants

by Staff reporter | 28 November 2014 | 3500 Views

Chinotimba bounces back

by Staff reporter | 28 November 2014 | 5218 Views

Man in court for 'killing' attacker

by Court Reporter | 28 November 2014 | 2577 Views

'Mujuru to be barred from Zanu-PF congress'

by Staff reporter | 28 November 2014 | 5209 Views


Zimbabwe has a good chance at winning BBA Hotshots - As the Big Brothe...

by | 27 November 2014 | 1882 Views

Ivy Kombo-Kasi graduates with a Masters degree in International Commercial Law

by Jonathan Mbiriyamveka | 26 November 2014 | 4810 Views

Zimbabwean gospel musician goes live in South Africa on Saturday 29 No...

by Staff reporter | 26 November 2014 | 2006 Views

Re-brand ZBC

by Staff reporter | 25 November 2014 | 2513 Views

Express Links Money Transfer and Kenya Airways to Sponsor ZIMAA UK 201...

by Masimba Makasi | 25 November 2014 | 2083 Views

Namibian woman dances to Shona song - Video - ...

by Staff Reporter | 25 November 2014 | 4728 Views

Generations returns

by Staff reporter | 25 November 2014 | 4548 Views

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