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Chinamasa must be charged with contempt for lying in parliament - Bhebhe

04 July 2015 | 3604 Views
The MDC-T organising secretary Abednico Bhebhe has called for the Finance Minister, Patrick Chinamasa to be charged with contempt of Parliament after he lied to Senators recently blaming the MDC f...
by Stephen Jakes

Chinamasa defends Mugabe trips

25 June 2015 | 4065 Views
Patrick Chinamasa the Finance Minister yesterday defended President Robert Mugabe's frequent trips abroad at a time the economy is imploding saying he was a diligent person discharging his duties ...
by Staff reporter

Zimbabwe moves to scrap travellers' rebates

21 June 2015 | 6073 Views
VICTORIA FALLS - Zimbabwe is considering scrapping travellers' rebates on basic commodities to boost local industry, Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa said on Thursday.Chinamasa told delegate...
by Staff reporter

Africans also investing in China

17 June 2015 | 3950 Views
African countries have poured over $14 billion in investments China, the world's newest economic superpower, surpassed the United States as Africa'...
by Bo Li

Zimbabwe rubbish China military base report

11 June 2015 | 5150 Views
DEFENCE Minister Sydney Sekeramayi has slammed the United States of America for cooking up a story alleging China is building a military base in the country.The issue came up for discussion la...
by Temba Dube

China building military base in Zimbabwe raises alarm in US

10 June 2015 | 10290 Views
A United States panel on Africa has been told of China building a military base in eastern Zimbabwe, raising alarm in Washington which is increasingly worried about Beijing's growing influence in Afri...
by Ntungamili Nkomo

Chinamasa in bid to woo the West

11 May 2015 | 2722 Views
Government has changed its economic revival strategy hitherto focused on the Look East policy and is now looking everywhere around the world, including the country's erstwhile enemies from the Wes...
by Staff reporter

Chinamasa wades into Telecel saga

08 May 2015 | 5018 Views
FINANCE Minister Patrick Chinamasa yesterday said Telecel should not have been allowed to operate in the first place.The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz)...
by Leonard Ncube

Chinamasa gets reality check in the US

08 May 2015 | 4271 Views
Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa recently came back from the International Monetary Fund and World Bank 2015 spring meetings with the sobering realisation that Zimbabwe has a long way to ensure debt...
by Staff reporter

Zimbabwe urged to adopt China infrastructure model

07 May 2015 | 4252 Views
The Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries has called for Zimbabwe to boost its business infrastructure along the Chinese model.The delegation is in the country to ...
by Funny Hudzerema

Chinamasa begs donors

06 May 2015 | 5708 Views
Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa has begged development partners to channel aid through the government  to foster transparency and curb double allocation of funds....
by Thobekile Zhou

Zimbabwe removed from international financial blacklist

06 May 2015 | 4484 Views
Zimbabwe has been removed from the international financial blacklist after the country took steps towards improving its role in the global fight against money laundering and terrorist financing, a...
by Staff reporter

Zim 'suspended' tax on diamond Chinamasa lied to IMF - they posted the lie on the website!

01 May 2015 | 3779 Views
Our Finance Minister, Patrick Kiya-kiya" Chinamasa, is still grappling with how to deny the wholesale looting and plunder going on in Marange.  Every month the Minister has had to struggle to fi...
by Wilbert Mukori

Zim govt suspends diamond tax

01 May 2015 | 2479 Views
The government has temporarily suspended the collection of a 15 percent tax on diamond sales due to a drop in production and low global prices for the gems.A government's letter of intent to t...
by Staff Reporter

Chinese bank withhold funds for Zimbabwe electricity expansion project

29 April 2015 | 3872 Views
The China Export and Import Bank has withheld funds for the Kariba South Hydro Power expansion until the government clears its previous loan obligations.The decision is likely to delay complet...
by Staff reporter

Mugabe urged to fire Chinamasa

28 April 2015 | 5298 Views
The Zimbabwe Federation of Trade Unions (ZFTU), which is widely believed to be aligned to the ruling Zanu-PF party, has described Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa as a pseudo-revolutionary and ...
by Staff reporter

Jonathan Moyo, Chinamasa likely to be re-deployed in cabinet reshuffle

24 April 2015 | 7058 Views
Reportedly unimpressed by the mediocre performance of some of his ministers, President Robert Mugabe is set to soon reshuffle his cabinet, in a move which could see ministers such as Patrick Chinamasa...
by Staff reporter

Chinamasa in a catch 22 situation

23 April 2015 | 4585 Views
PATRICK Chinamasa, the Finance Minister, is in an ultimate catch 22 as he struggles to squeeze money out of nothing with apparently no ample legroom to manoeuvre to deliver for the broke country as th...
by Staff reporter

Mugabe, Chinamasa bonus statements brew storm, calls for Chinamasa to be ejected

21 April 2015 | 4019 Views
THE contradictory statements about civil servants bonuses issued by both Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa who said this year and next year the government workers will not get their bonuses and that ...
by Stephen Jakes

'Intelligent' Chinamasa wont be fired over bonus says Coltart

20 April 2015 | 5488 Views
FINANCE Minister Patrick Chinamasa's chances of being fired for his civil servants bonus 'boob' are slim as it is highly likely that it was a well planned government move timed to coincide with his Wa...
by Thobekile Zhou

Civil servants attack Chinamasa

20 April 2015 | 2893 Views
CIVIL servants unions yesterday said they welcomed President Robert Mugabe's announcement that civil servants' would get annual bonuses and criticised Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa for "unilatera...
by Oliver Kazunga

Chinamasa speaks out on Mugabe's bonuses directive

20 April 2015 | 5214 Views
FINANCE and Economic Development minister Patrick Chinamasa yesterday said President Mugabe's directive to reinstate civil servants bonuses will be implemented as directed saying the announcement of ...
by Tendai Mugabe

Mugabe Attack on Chinamasa sign of serious policy discord

19 April 2015 | 6924 Views
On Monday, April 13,2015 Patrick Chinamasa, the Minister of Finance & Economic Development in the beleaguered and faction - ridden ZanuPF regime, addressed a press conference at Munhumutapa Bu...
by Obert Chaurura Gutu, Mdc National Spokesperson

Chinamasa engages IMF at US meeting

17 April 2015 | 3027 Views
Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa is in Washington DC to attend the IMF's 2015 spring meeting which begins today and ends on Sunday hoping to use the forum to engage multilateral lending institut...
by Staff reporter

Chinamasa urged to reduce wage bill than scrapping bonuses

16 April 2015 | 3301 Views
Zanu PF youth member and empowerment activist Fidelis Fengu has challenged finance minister and party's secretary for legal affairs Patrick Chinamasa to reverse the scrapping of bonuses but opt fo...
by Stephen Jakes

China's Defence Minister arrives in Zimbabwe

26 March 2015 | 1625 Views
China's State Councillor and Defence Minister General Chang Wanquan arrived in Harare yesterday to operationalise the implementation of mega deals signed during President Mugabe's 13th State visit to ...
by Staff reporter

Civil service job cuts

25 March 2015 | 4289 Views
THE government has tasked the Ministry of Finance to coordinate efforts to reduce its huge wage bill currently gobbling up more than 80 percent of the National Budget and a head count of personnel and...
by Lovemore Mataire

Germany invites Zimbabwe delegation to Berlin for debt talks

24 March 2015 | 2176 Views
The Government will send a technical team to Germany in the near future to discuss the country's debt to the European country and ways on resolving it.The country owes international financial ...
by Rumbidzai Zinyuke

Chinamasa tell IMF govt will compensate white farmers - Zanu PF thugs benefited, so they should pay!

18 March 2015 | 5306 Views
Finance Minister, Patrick Chinamasa, told the IMF that Zimbabwe will compensate the white farmers who lost their farms in the chaotic, violent and totally disastrous farm seizures of the last 15 yea...
by Wilbert Mukori

Chinese leader Xi Jinping coming to Zimbabwe

13 March 2015 | 2619 Views
Chinese President Xi Jinping could visit Zimbabwe before year end as the two countries continue high-level engagements which the southern African country hopes will lead to the signing and implem...
by Staff reporter

Bloated payroll a result of GNU, says Chinamasa

13 March 2015 | 1774 Views
The Constitutional amendments proposal to trim a bloated public payroll through streamlining certain Government departments was meant to provoke national debate, Finance and Economic Development Minis...
by Zvamaida Murwira

The bloated legislature is not sustainable in the country

12 March 2015 | 1303 Views
The proposal by the Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Cde Patrick Chinamasa, that the number of parliamentarians in the country should be reduced, as a way of reducing financial pressu...
by John Mukumbo

Biti won't back Chinamasa's plan to reduce public sector wage bill

11 March 2015 | 2749 Views
THE MDC Renewal party says it will not support planned constitutional changes aimed at reducing the public sector wage bill, insisting that the government is concentrating on dealing with symptoms not...
by Pamela Shumba

Zimbabwe to compensate white commercial farmers

10 March 2015 | 4275 Views
White commercial farmers who lost land during a program of violent seizures that began in 2000 will compensated for improvements to the properties when the country has funds available, Finance Minist...
by Staff reporter

Chinamasa should spare us his kindergarten economics

09 March 2015 | 2428 Views
When MDC President  Morgan Tsvangirai told his supporters in Highfield on Saturday that Zanu (PF) no longer has capacity to resolve the current crisis in Zimbabwe he had not read Patrick Chi...
by MDC-T-UK and Ireland - Makusha Mugabe, Spokesman

Zimbabwe crafts debt repayment plan

09 March 2015 | 2603 Views
Zimbabwe urgently needs to come up with a solid debt repayment strategy to settle ballooning debts to international creditors.Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa  is quoited by Daily News ...
by Thobekile Zhou

Mujuru allies purge condemned

09 March 2015 | 2262 Views
ZANU-PF secretary for legal affairs Patrick Chinamasa has urged the Bulawayo province to unite and shun factionalism as the party embarks on its countrywide restructuring programme in preparation for ...
by Pamela Shumba

No more cash from Chiadzwa, says Chinamasa

06 March 2015 | 4593 Views
Government is no longer getting anything from Chiadzwa as the field has run out of alluvial diamonds, Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa has said. Responding to a question from James Marid...
by Staff reporter

Marange 'diamonds are finished' lied Chinamasa dismissively reminiscent of Animal Farm

06 March 2015 | 2237 Views
Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa lied to parliament about there being no more diamonds in Marange."Alluvial diamonds are finished and most of the companies we gave the right to mine there h...
by Wilbert Mukori

Kiya kiya Chinamasa to reschedule government debt repayments but for how much longer!

27 February 2015 | 4243 Views
The hard-up Zimbabwe government, "which has resorted to domestic borrowings to support its budget, is struggling to repay and is scrambling to reschedule some of the debt as it fal...
by Wilbert Mukori

Chinese deals a double-edged sword

20 February 2015 | 1659 Views
Recent revelations that Chinese companies are fleecing Zimbabwean parastatals by among other malpractices, charging exorbitant fees in the implementation of agreed projects only serves to highlight th...
by Staff reporter

Striking University Lecturers met Chinamasa, did they demand an end to corruption

18 February 2015 | 3918 Views
In the mid-1990s  I had the opportunity to meet the leading Trade Union leader (it will be not be necessary to name him). Gone were the ease years of the 1980s when on the then Prime Minister Ro...
by Wilbert Mukori

Chinamasa tears into EU

17 February 2015 | 2347 Views
Finance minister, Patrick Chinamasa, yesterday criticised the European Union (EU) for the travel ban on President Robert Mugabe and wife, Grace, as the trading bloc signed off a $270 million aid deal...
by Staff reporter

'Mnangagwa and Chinamasa misleading Mugabe'

14 February 2015 | 6163 Views
Former Zanu-PF spokesman Rugare Gumbo, who was expelled from the ruling party last year, has charged that Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa, both lawyers, are mi...
by Blessing Zulu

Chinamasa to meet striking lecturers

12 February 2015 | 3315 Views
The Government has bowed to pressure from student unions and set Monday as the date to meet striking State Universities' lecturers in a bid to convince them to return to work. A high powered d...
by Mafu Suthabile

Human-like piglet born with penis on its forehead

10 February 2015 | 8783 Views
A deformed piglet with a human-like face and a penis on its forehead has been born in China, a farmer has claimed.Tao Lu, from southern China, said the strange piglet even survived his birth, ...
by Staff Reporter

High powered Chinese delegation arrives

09 February 2015 | 1658 Views
A Chinese Government delegation led by the country's State Councillor Yang Jiechi, arrived in Harare last night to discuss the implementation of the mega deals signed by President Mugabe and his coun...
by Daniel Nemukuyu

Court cannot save Mutasa

08 February 2015 | 3386 Views
Zanu-PF members facing disciplinary action are wasting their time by seeking court and external adjudication as the revolutionary party has clearly laid-down channels to deal with its internal issue...
by Staff reporter

President Xi Jinping's deputy expected in Zimbabwe

08 February 2015 | 1331 Views
A high-powered Chinese government delegation led by Deputy Premier Yang Jiechi arrives in Zimbabwe today to discuss implementation of deals signed by President Mugabe and his counterpart, President Xi...
by Staff reporter

Mujuru, allies wasting time on reinstatement says Chinamasa

08 February 2015 | 2445 Views
Zanu-PF members facing disciplinary action are wasting their time by seeking court and external adjudication as the revolutionary party has clearly laid down channels to deal with its internal issues,...
by Brian Chitemba

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Two people feared dead in elevator accident in Bulawayo - Two people ...

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MDC T Official blast Zanu-PF over vendors fiasco - THE MDC-T Bulawayo ...

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Zimbabweans fail to answer a simple question like who is your former p...

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Zim Achievers to host first ever winners and nominees reception - Win...

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by Staff Reporter | 30 June 2015 | 9071 Views

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by Staff reporter | 30 June 2015 | 6420 Views

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