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'Let's unite behind Mugabe,' says Chinamasa

24 April 2016 | 2087 Views
Zanu-PF Politburo member, Patrick Chinamasa has called for unity of purpose in Manicaland province and for party members to focus on 2018 elections under the leadership of President Robert Mugabe....
by Staff reporter

Chinamasa urges Zimbabweans to save money in banks

23 April 2016 | 2997 Views
Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa says Zimbabweans should develop a culture of saving money in the formal banking channels to improve the circulation of cash.Chinamasa said while the governme...
by Staff Reporter

Zimbabwe govt secures multi-billion dollar investment from China

19 April 2016 | 3190 Views
THE government has secured a multi-billion dollar investment from China for the construction of more than 32,000 housing units countrywide in line with the economic blueprint Zim-Asset.The inv...
by Lovemore Chikova and Zvamaida Murwira

Chinamasa upstages Mugabe nephew

17 April 2016 | 5099 Views
Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa is gaining the upper hand in a power struggle in the ruling party over his efforts to revive an ailing economy and tap financing from the International Monetary Fund...
by Staff reporter

Plot to expel Supa Mandiwanzira & Chinamasa from Zanu-PF fails

15 April 2016 | 12159 Views
A PLOT to pass a vote-of-no confidence on minister of Information, Communication and Technology Supa Mandiwanzira and Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa during the Manicaland inter-youth district conf...
by Staff reporter

Why Zimbabwe remains poor

14 April 2016 | 5264 Views
Previously I wrote on why Zimbabwe is poor. In that article, I postulated that we are poor but rich because most of us have abdicated our responsibility of creating a new Zimbabwe to a political liber...
by Vince Musewe

Josiah Chinamano's son falls into a trench, dies

11 April 2016 | 12300 Views
ZANU-PF has expressed grief over the loss of two party cadres, Vivian Mwashita and Chinhamo Chinamano, saying their untimely deaths were a great loss to the nation. Party spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo...
by Staff reporter

Chinamasa continues to fuel the looting machine

08 April 2016 | 3422 Views
As the People's Democratic Party (PDP), we are rather surprised that Parliament has once more approved a further $98, 6 million loan from the Export Import Bank of China to fund TelOne's backbone netw...
by Vince Musewe - Secretary for Finance and Economic Affairs

Mugabe's nephew issues press statement responding to Chinamasa

02 April 2016 | 6108 Views
Press Statement by the President Mugabe's nephew, Minister of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment, Patrick Zhuwao. It is with a heavy h...
by Staff Reporter

Chinamasa shifts pay dates

01 April 2016 | 3632 Views
THE government has shifted the 2015 bonus payments for members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police to today and that of health workers and the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services to next week Thurs...
by Staff reporter

Bonus update: Health workers to be paid next week says Chinamasa

01 April 2016 | 2555 Views
Government, which failed to pay health workers 2015 bonuses yesterday has since pledged to pay on April 7.Finance minister, Patrick Chinamasa issued a statement apologising for non-payment and...
by Thobekile Zhou

Chinalisation of Mthwakazi an implementation of 1979 grand plan.

29 March 2016 | 2415 Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party has accused President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF for putting policies which destroyed the country's economy since independence in 1980.Party's secretary general Hlo...
by Stephen Jakes

Nyoni has solution for Chinamasa

24 March 2016 | 2177 Views
The long decade of economic decline (1998 - 2008) and the new era which saw the introduction of multiple currencies resulted in the emergency of the informal sector. Both periods, that is, the 1998 - ...
by Dr Gift Mugano

China builds state-of-the-art school in Lupane

20 March 2016 | 1823 Views
"THE Chinese and Zimbabweans are excellent friends, not just today, friends that have established their friendship and our future will always be on the path of that. We are all-weather friends."...
by Dumisani Sibanda

'Zimbabwe constitution will guide land compensation'

13 March 2016 | 485 Views
There has been no policy shift by Government on the matter of compensation relating to land acquired under the Land Reform Programme, contrary to media reports last week, a Cabinet minister has said. ...
by Mabasa Sasa

China Jingniu Glass Factory (Pvt) Limited needs $13M to complete the project

05 March 2016 | 1335 Views
Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce Chiratidzo Mabuwa has said the China Jingniu Glass Factory (Pvt) Limited needs $13 million for its completion.Mabuwa said Kadoma Chinese Glass Company,...
by Stephen Jakes

Chinamasa responsible for cash crunch

03 March 2016 | 3545 Views
The debilitating cash crunch that bank depositors are facing is clear indication of a broader economic crisis which the Mugabe regime is facing and is in large parts responsible for. It further expose...
by Vince Musewe - PDP Secretary Finance and Economic Affairs

West treats Zimbabwe unfairly, says China

03 March 2016 | 1322 Views
The reciprocal State visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping last year was meant to reassure Zimbabwe of the Asian country's readiness to assist it, an official has said. Speaking to African...
by Staff reporter

China warns Zimbabwe over mine grabs?

01 March 2016 | 2509 Views
China yesterday warned Zimbabwe to beware after President Robert Mugabe's government ill-advisedly moved to seize all diamond mining claims in Chiadzwa last week, including those in which Chinese ...
by Staff reporter

Chinese mega deals in doubt

25 February 2016 | 1847 Views
Zimbabwe's vaulted multi-million dollar energy and infrastructure deals with China are "in jeopardy" following Harare's ill-advised seizure of all diamond mining claims in Chiadzwa, including thos...
by Staff reporter

Chinamasa hails introduction of tax management system

11 February 2016 | 1710 Views
The Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Minister Patrick Chinamasa has hailed the introduction of tax management system by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority and said that he would like to see a...
by Stephen Jakes

Chinamasa sues Farmers for over $1.2 million

10 February 2016 | 1170 Views
Patrick Chinamasa Finance and Economic Development minister has approached the High Court seeking to compel Farmers World Holdings to repay the over $1,2 million loan advanced to the agro-equipmen...
by Staff reporter

Zimbabwe: China's newest eco-political harbor dispossessing western influence in Africa

04 February 2016 | 1703 Views
To China, Zimbabwe is China's newest colonial harbor while to the United States, Zimbabwe is the United States' newest threat to its US-Africa imperialistic agenda. Cecil John Rhodes succeeded in bloc...
by Maxwell Teedzai - Political Analyst

'Civil servants bonus payments to run until May,' says Chinamasa

04 February 2016 | 2542 Views
Civil servants will start receiving their 2015 bonuses this month, with members of the defence forces being the first, while the rest of Government workers will get their 13th cheques between February...
by Felex Share

'Corker out of sync with reality'

04 February 2016 | 566 Views
United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations chairman, Mr Bob Corker, who is pushing for the blockage of any new lending to Zimbabwe by multilateral financial institutions is out of sync with t...
by Felex Share

'World Bank officials are smoking something,' says Chinamasa

03 February 2016 | 3799 Views
The World Bank says Zimbabwe's economy will not slip into recession but will maintain an economic growth rate of 1.5% in 2016 anchored largely by growth of the services sector, a projection howeve...
by Staff reporter

Zimbabwe's finance chief plans visit to Paris to woo investors

29 January 2016 | 1381 Views
Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa is planning to visit France with a view to woo French investment into the economy. Zimbabwe's treasury is facing fiscal pressure due to the declining rev...
by Staff reporter

Harare Residents Trust questions govt over China-Zim deals

24 January 2016 | 677 Views
Harare Residents Trust has questioned the authenticity of the Zimbabwe China deals which were signed in 2010 in which the money involved was expected to assist the government in its developmental proj...
by Stephen Jakes

Zimbabwe Defence ministry, Chinese at loggerheads

08 January 2016 | 3883 Views
A rift has developed between the Ministry of Defence ministry and a Chinese investor over a multi-million dollar shopping mall after the army unilaterally used the property as collateral to secure a U...
by Staff reporter

Chinamasa's $100 spot fines illegal

07 January 2016 | 2276 Views
Police have no right to fine motorists the proposed $100 spot fine for a handful of offences because the increase in the fines has yet to be gazetted, legal experts have said. The experts said motoris...
by Samantha Chigogo

Zimbabwe, China city sign investment deal

07 January 2016 | 1120 Views
ZIMBABWE has signed a major trade pact with the World Bank-rated Golden City for Investment Environment in China which seeks to promote investment inflows, trade exchanges and develop economic co-oper...
by Conrad Mwanawashe

Local players vital to growth, says Chinamasa

06 January 2016 | 2716 Views
THE government is working on a raft of measures to address challenges that have been hindering increased participation of indigenous Zimbabweans in the local economy, Finance and Economic Development ...
by Staff reporter

12 member Chinese delegation expected today

05 January 2016 | 770 Views
A 12-member business delegation from the Qingdao province of China is expected in Zimbabwe today for a four-day visit which will include signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on investment colla...
by Business Reporter

Zimbabwe won't apologise for exporting animals to China

04 January 2016 | 1770 Views
Zimbabwe's government has reportedly said it would be exporting more of its wildlife to China in order to raise necessary funds to look after its animals, a report said on Monday.According to ...
by Staff reporter

Chinese delegation expected tomorrow

04 January 2016 | 1012 Views
An investment delegation from Quingdao province, China is expected in the country tomorrow, as more companies from China continue to scout for investment opportunities in Zimbabwe. Information...
by Staff reporter

Why Civil Servants were not paid December salaries and bonuses

02 January 2016 | 5645 Views
Zanu-PF should be condemned in the strongest terms for inflicting unprecedented pain and suffering on civil servants. We never imagined how far Zanu-PF could go with its cruelty. There are many social...
by DR Tapiwa Mashakada, Mp Hatfield

Mugabe's nephew, Chinamasa brawl over indigenisation laws

27 December 2015 | 4430 Views
HARARE - Damaging discord has once again emerged in President Robert Mugabe's Cabinet, with two ministers Patrick Chinamasa and Patrick Zhuwao reading from entirely different scripts on the country's ...
by Staff Reporter

Chinese billionaire expected in Bulawayo

15 December 2015 | 2519 Views
CHINESE billionaire William Ding is expected in Bulawayo today to attend the Local Government Economic Development Forum 2015. William, also called Ding Lei, is the chairperson of NetEase, one of Chin...
by Pamela Shumba

'Of Mega Deals and Mega Poverty'

11 December 2015 | 2318 Views
As leader of a political party which is working tirelessly to win the confidence of the people of Zimbabwe, I have substantive interest in anxieties and expectations emanating from the litany of unful...
by Professor Welshman Ncube

China's $60 Billion pledge to Africa commendable

09 December 2015 | 1114 Views
The recent visit to Africa by Chinese President, Xi Jinping must be commended as it brings positive light to most African countries that had been battling over years, trying to recover their ailing ec...
by Chido Chikuni

Opposition blasts government over Diaspora remittances

08 December 2015 | 1479 Views
Opposition parties yesterday blasted the Zanu-PF government of rushing to tap into remittances by thousands of Zimbabweans in the Diaspora without providing them with a platform to participate in ...
by Staff reporter

Chinese businessman attacks Zim's labour laws, investment policies

07 December 2015 | 2097 Views
A Chinhoyi-based Chinese businessperson has lashed out at Zimbabwe's "restrictive labour laws and prohibitive investment policies," describing them as a major bottleneck to the country's bid to at...
by Staff reporter

Chinamasa's budget shows that Zim is a consumptive nation

07 December 2015 | 1810 Views
Bulawayo based policy analyst Batler Tambo has said the budget for 2016 announced by Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa recently shows that Zimbabwe has a consumptive economy with no possible growth e...
by Stephen Jakes

China City Mall for Bulawayo

06 December 2015 | 2331 Views
BULAWAYO City Council is engaged in marathon discussions with its sister city of Polokwane in South Africa to establish a China City in Bulawayo similar to that which was constructed in the neighbouri...
by Richard Muponde

Tax reprieve for retrenchees

06 December 2015 | 1885 Views
FINANCE and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa gave workers who were retrenched on three months' notice an early Christmas present in his 2016 National Budget Statement when he announced ...
by Lungile Tshuma

'China not out to rob us,' says Mugabe

05 December 2015 | 1033 Views
PRESIDENT Mugabe yesterday blasted as distorted, claims by Africa's detractors that the continent's relations with China were based on the Asian country's appetite for raw minerals.Speaking at...
by Nduduzo Tshuma

China insists in Zimbabwe leadership change

04 December 2015 | 7068 Views
ZIMBABWE and China may have signed a number of infrastructural deals between August last year when President Robert Mugabe visited the Asian country and this week when President Xi Jinping came to Har...
by Staff reporter

China to set up a cigarette plant in Zimbabwe

04 December 2015 | 1209 Views
China is expected to set up a cigarette manufacturing company in Harare following discussions between the government and officials from the Asian giant, it has emerged. Finance and Economi...
by Staff reporter

Chinamasa spot fine illegal

03 December 2015 | 3020 Views
The unilateral increase of spot fines by Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa in his 2016 National Budget presentation last week could be null and void at law, unless the government moves to review the ...
by Staff reporter

Will China save Zimbabwe?

02 December 2015 | 2204 Views
I think that there is this wide misconception in Zimbabwe that since the Chinese President has visited, we will see an economic turnaround spurred by Chinese investment. Nothing can be further from th...
by Vince Musewe

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Popular comedian Madlela releases 'comic' music album

by Divine Dube | 27 April 2016 | 3123 Views

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