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Econet targets Beitbridge for 4G LTE

17 April 2014 | 1726 Views
Telecommunications giant Econet Wireless Zimbabwe says its next stop for fourth generation 4GE Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network will be Beatrice.Group chief executive officer Douglas Mboweni ...
by Staff reporter

Econet won't come back into Zim football

11 April 2014 | 3048 Views
Zimbabwe's largest mobile telecommunication company, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Limited (Econet), has maintained it will not return to sponsor football in the near future due to "other pressing national...
by Staff reporter

Telecel network coverage increase to 85%

10 April 2014 | 2085 Views
TELECEL Zimbabwe network coverage has increased by 35 percentage points to 85 percent since Zimbabwe's economy was dollarised in 2009. According to Telecel, which has invested over $50 million...
by Paul Nyakazeya

Zimbabwe allocates LTE spectrum for operators

10 April 2014 | 2060 Views
Spectrum has been allocated to Zimbabwean telecom companies that want to run LTE enabled broadband networks, the local regulator has confirmed.This move by the Posts and Telecommunications Reg...
by Staff reporter

Econet contributes $900m to economy since 2009

10 April 2014 | 1590 Views
Econet Wireless has contributed a cumulative $900 million to the local economy, an official has said.Speaking during the tour of Econet's premises in Graniteside and Willowvale by Parliamentar...
by Staff reporter

Econet Wireless not selling MBC

09 April 2014 | 2403 Views
Econet Wireless has reaffirmed its commitment to its investment in Mutare Bottling Company, seeing through the installation of a $17 million new line and factory, which will boost the firm's abili...
by Business reporter

Zim considers BBM licensing

08 April 2014 | 2628 Views
Zimbabwe is considering licensing BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service, which at the moment is barred by State regulation, an Information ministry official said.Cosmas Chigwamba, acting permane...
by Staff reporter

Econet Wireless under probe

04 April 2014 | 3706 Views
ECONET Wireless Zimbabwe has again attracted the ire of banks after it emerged this week that the mobile telephone company could be engaged in potentially unfair business practices that have attracted...
by Business reporter

Econet starts loan roll out

03 April 2014 | 4408 Views
Econet Wireless prepaid service subscribers are now able to access a maximum of $500 worth of loans using cell phones under Econet's mobile phone savings account. The mobile phone-based lo...
by Staff reporter

Econet, association head for clash

02 April 2014 | 2600 Views
The Mobile Money Transfer Agents Association of Zimbabwe and Econet are heading for a possible clash over the latter's recent directive that each of its agent should register at least 5 new customers...
by Staff reporter

How Zvobgo tipped Strive Masiyiwa in the Econet licence battle

30 March 2014 | 4935 Views
It was 30th December 1997, I had travelled with Pastor Tom Deuschle, and leaders of our church to Boston, in the United States, to try and raise money for a hospital. Nearly 3 months had gone by...
by Strive Masiyiwa

Strive Masiyiwa named among world's 50 greatest leaders

27 March 2014 | 3052 Views
Econet Wireless founder and chairman Strive Masiyiwa has been ranked among the top 50 greatest world leaders by CNN's Fortune magazine.In a list released last week, Masiyiwa is on number 35 o...
by CNN

Econet should improve its customer service - WhatsApp update

24 March 2014 | 1499 Views
Please note that Bulawayo24 does not edit WhatsApp updates. We publish them as sent by our rea...
by Concerned Citizen

Zimbabwe mobile penetration at 104.4%

18 March 2014 | 5107 Views
Zimbabwe's improved tele-density has opened up opportunities for mobile money services.This should provide impetus for growth in the country's usage of electronic payment systems. Last week In...
by Tawanda Musarurwa

Econet forcing suppliers to open bank accounts with Steward Bank

14 March 2014 | 2993 Views
SUPPLIERS of telecommunications concern Econet Wireless are up in arms over a recent directive compelling them to open accounts with the mobile phone operator's bank, Steward Bank, businessdigest repo...
by Staff reporter

Strive Masiyiwa's amazing story

07 March 2014 | 3951 Views
BY his 40th birthday, he'd outwitted strongman Robert Mugabe. By 50, he was a multimillionaire mogul. Now, Strive Masiyiwa - telecom entrepreneur, philanthropist and proud Pentecostal - is among a cad...

Econet denies role in agents conflict

06 March 2014 | 2504 Views
Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has distanced itself from an alleged row involving agents for its mobile money transfer, saying the company never had "exclusive contracts" with any of its dealers. T...
by Paul Nyakazeya

Econet offers free internet for schools and universities

04 March 2014 | 6575 Views
A local mobile company has launched a free internet access programme for schools and universities in a move that has been described as complimenting government's e-learning programme.In a maj...
by Staff Reporter

Econet gives in to banks

04 March 2014 | 5102 Views
ZIMSWITCH has broken the impasse with Econet Wireless Zimbabwe over restricted access to its mobile money transfer system, unstructured supplementary service data, with the latter's banking unit ...
by Staff reporter

Africom offers 100MB data, unlimited calls for $1

26 February 2014 | 5742 Views
Africom, one of Zimbabwe's pioneers in converged communication in Zimbabwe has unleashed an aggressive marketing strategy with so much value for a $1 as they seek relevance in a hotly contested t...
by Tech reporter

Econet launches free browsing on

24 February 2014 | 1580 Views
Yookos, a leading social networking site in partnership with Econet Wireless, has launched an innovative project called "Zero Rating" which allows users to access the social networking platform fo...
by Staff reporter

Econet reignites Telecel hostility

12 February 2014 | 2315 Views
ECONET Wireless has reignited its protracted hostility with fierce rival Telecel Zimbabwe's after barring its agents from doubling up as agents for rival mobile money transfer service, telecash....
by Staff reporter

Zimbabwe mobile money agents form association

11 February 2014 | 4397 Views
Agents handling mobile money transactions for Econet, Telecel Zimbabwe and NetOne in Zimbabwe have formed an association to advance their interests and lobby for inclusion in policy making....
by Staff reporter

Telecel in good working relations with banks

07 February 2014 | 1992 Views
TELECEL Zimbabwe says it has, from the outset, allowed all banks and other licensed operators to offer financial services to clients using its unstructured supplementary service data (USSD) mobile pla...
by Staff reporter

Zimbabwe mobile wars intensify

06 February 2014 | 6515 Views
THE country's second largest mobile phone operator, Telecel Zimbabwe launched its mobile money transfer service Telecash in a move that is set to raise the stakes against the hugely popular Ecocash ru...
by Business reporter

Econet wins Ecolife case again

05 February 2014 | 3963 Views
An international arbitrator has ruled in favour of Econet Wireless in its long running dispute with Trustco Mobile. The arbitrator dismissed a claim by Trustco that...
by Staff reporter

Econet trials educational content and tablet scheme

04 February 2014 | 3569 Views
Zimbabwean operator Econet Wireless has launched a four-month pilot for a scheme called EcoSchool, which aims to provide resources, lecture notes and educational content at discounted prices....
by Staff reporter

EcoCash registers over 3.5 million subscribers

04 February 2014 | 1508 Views
ZIMBABWE'S largest mobile phone operator by subscription Econet Wireless has registered over 3,5 million subscribers on its EcoCash mobile money platform, a company executive has said.He said ...
by Staff reporter

Zim introduces extra telecoms licence fees

29 January 2014 | 2709 Views
The government has introduced a range of additional licensing costs for privately owned telecoms companies in the country after missing its revenue targets for 2013 by 6%, local news agency IT We...
by TeleGeography

Econet transacts $200m monthly through EcoCash

27 January 2014 | 1448 Views
ECONET Wireless Zimbabwe says more than $200 million is being transacted per month through the telecommunication's mobile money transfer platform, EcoCash, resulting in the transformation of the count...
by Chronicle

Econet Wireless under pressure

19 January 2014 | 4439 Views
Econet Wireless Zimbabwe is under pressure to revise its position with regards to the opening up of USSD gateway amid indications banks are planning not to transact with its banking unit Steward B...
by Staff Reporter

Econet acquires Altron's 8.6% in Liquid Telecom

17 January 2014 | 4633 Views
Econet Wireless Global has acquired the 8.6% in its subsidiary Liquid Telecom held by JSE listed technology company Altron. In a statement to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), A...
by Own correspondent

Econet opens up EcoCash to banks

16 January 2014 | 4057 Views
Econet Wireless has opened up full Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) functionality for ZimSwitch mobile money transfer service, TechZim reported.According to TechZim, in the comin...
by Staff reporter

Zimbabwe mobile subscribers hit 14 million

17 January 2014 | 2084 Views
Zimbabwe's mobile penetration rate has reached 103,5% as the number of mobile subscribers grew to 13,5 million by December last year.According to statistics for the third quarter to December ...
by Business Reporter

Female guard raped at Econet booster

17 January 2014 | 4688 Views
Manicaland provincial police spokesperson Inspector Enock Chishiri confirmed that a female security guard who was guarding an Econet network booster was last week raped while on duty by an unknown ra...
by Staff reporter

Zimbabwe mobile penetration now stands at 103.5%

11 January 2014 | 5304 Views
Zimbabwe's national mobile penetration rate for the year ended December 2013 now stands at 103.5%, up from 98% for the same period in 2012, fin24 reported.The Postal and Telecommunications Reg...
by Staff reporter

Steward Bank's ZimSwitch application hits a snag

19 December 2013 | 2767 Views
THE ugly fight between banks and Econet Zimbabwe, the country's largest telecoms company, has sucked in its subsidiary Steward Bank, amid revelations other banks have refused the bank entry onto the p...
by Staff reporter

How to cut your own micro-SIM card

18 December 2013 | 7400 Views
SIM cards were long forgotten until a few years ago when Apple introduced the micro-SIM in its iPhone 4. Hardly measuring the size of a fingernail, the micro-SIM was created to accommodate th...
by Sharon Vaknin

'Steward Bank safe, strong and liquid'

18 December 2013 | 3398 Views
Econet Wireless Chief Executive Officer Douglas Mboweni has declared that Steward Bank is safe, strong and liquid, and will not be affected by the liquidity crisis.Mr Mboweni said since takin...
by Staff reporter

Econet launches premium shop

16 December 2013 | 3022 Views
ECONET Wireless Zimbabwe has launched a $500,000 premium customers' shop in Bulawayo as the firm moves a gear up in ensuring the needs of high value clients are identified and met.The outl...
by Business Reporter

Econet, Zimbabwe banks renew feud

13 December 2013 | 3023 Views
BANKS are once again up in arms with Econet Wireless over the mobile phone operator's refusal to give them access to its network platform to freely roll out their financial products. This come...
by Staff reporter

EcoCash agent robbed of $500

12 December 2013 | 1851 Views
AN armed robber raided an Eco-cash agent shop at Chadcombe Shopping Centre in Harare on Tuesday morning and got away with $500 cash. Harare provincial police spokesperson Inspector Tadius Chib...
by Crime Reporter

Econet unveils EcoCash Payroll

12 December 2013 | 3425 Views
ECONET Wireless continues to sweat its mobile phone network infrastructure to spread tentacles deeper into the provision of banking services by rolling out a number of cellular-based products. ...
by Business Reporter

Econet gets 4 prestigious awards

12 December 2013 | 2016 Views
ECONET Wireless Zimbabwe walked away with four prestigious awards at the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe 2013, Super Brand annual awards plus the prestigious overall business Super- brand 2013 award...
by Business reporter

Zimbabwe to have mobile number portability next year

08 December 2013 | 8632 Views
POTRAZ, Zimbabwe's telecoms regulator has sent notices to the mobile networks warning them that it wants to introduce Mobile Number Portability next year.Mobile number portability (MNP) enabl...
by Staff reporter

Smartphone vendors fight for Zimbabwe market

08 December 2013 | 1848 Views
As the telecommunications market in sub-Saharan Africa continues to grow at a faster rate than any other region in the world, smartphone vendors on the local market, including globally renowned brands...
by Staff reporter

Unregistered SIM card users face arrest

29 November 2013 | 2626 Views
Zimbabweans with sim cards that are not registered face arrest, the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) has said. A 30-day ultimatum gazetted through s...
by Staff reporter

Econet named employer of choice

29 November 2013 | 1950 Views
LEADING telecommunications company Econet has been named employer of choice by university students and graduates, a survey of students has shown. The survey was conducted by Datasol Zimbabwe and CV ...
by Business Reporter

Econet joins pan African wind power initiative

26 November 2013 | 1538 Views
Econet Wireless has joined an initiative led by Danish wind energy group Vestas to build small wind power generators across Africa. The programme, called Wind For Prosperity, aims to provide power to...
by Staff reporter

EcoCash to start lending money

25 November 2013 | 2729 Views
EcoCashSave account holders will soon be able to also borrow money, just like ordinary bank account holders. This is part of what will be called EcoCashCredit that Econet is planning to roll out earl...
by Staff reporter

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