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Econet and Steward Bank: Corporate bullying with a huge stink

15 April 2015 | 2380 Views
I HATE bullies, be they human or corporate. Their intention is to instill the fear of God, mainly to avoid scrutiny. I had this feeling about Econet Wireless and Steward Bank in the past few weeks aft...
by Eliphas Taonezvi

MTN on the verge of expanding into Zimbabwe

13 April 2015 | 4857 Views
THERE are strong indications the MTN Group is on the verge of expanding to Zimbabwe where government has recently cancelled the operating license of the second-biggest mobile network operator....
by Savious Kwinika I CAJ News

Econet resume DStv Zimbabwe EcoCash payment plan

13 April 2015 | 2113 Views
The MulitChoice Zimbabwe popularly known as DStv EcoCash payment plan which was a few weeks ago temporarily discontinued has been resumed.This was revealed by Econet this week through me...
by Stephen Jakes

Econet in internet blackout

13 April 2015 | 2316 Views
ECONET subscribers in some parts of the country yesterday faced challenges communicating on the data network."I'm on Econet and have been trying to communicate on the internet but have bee...
by Staff reporter

Econet pays Nyambirai $40 million for cutting deals

10 April 2015 | 3138 Views
TN Holdings (now Lifestyle Holdings) founder and CEO Tawanda Nyambirai was reportedly paid a staggering $39.9 million by the country's leading telecoms giant Econet Wireless in September last year...
by Staff reporter

Journalists petition Econet over media raid

09 April 2015 | 2921 Views
More than 100 journalists under MISA-Zimbabwe and ZUJ today submitted a petition to Steward Bank and Econet Wireless expressing their disapproval of the two companies' raid on the Source news age...
by Thobekile Zhou

'The Source' hits brick wall in Econet case

08 April 2015 | 2717 Views
A BID by Source-Net (Pvt) Ltd - a Reuters-affiliated business news agency, whose newsroom was raided by Econet recently - to have the matter referred to the Constitutional Court last week hit a brick ...
by Daniel Nemukuyu

No free WhatsApp calls on Econet's social network bundles

01 April 2015 | 5728 Views
Zimbabweans don't have access to WhatsApp's voice calling feature on Econet's social network bundles as the mobile operator says users must pay for this service separately.It offers unlimited ...
by Staff reporter

Newswire raid widely condemned

30 March 2015 | 787 Views
The offices in Harare of Zimbabwean business and financial news agency The Source were raided by police and lawyers from Zimbabwe's largest mobile phone operator on March 26, an act condemned by the T...
by Staff reporter

Govt threatens Econet

30 March 2015 | 5352 Views
Government last night gave Econet Wireless up to Friday to remove its telecommunications equipment that of its sister company Liquid Telecomms from State Infrastructure after the mobile operator r...
by Staff reporter

Zim government, Econet cross swords

29 March 2015 | 2444 Views
GOVERNMENT and Econet Wireless Zimbabwe have crossed swords over the former's stated intention to coax investors in the mobile telecommunications sector to share infrastructure, raising a protracted s...
by Staff reporter

Econet, Steward Bank instil fear of the devil into newsrooms

28 March 2015 | 1706 Views
The Press Release from Steward Bank regarding the Raid on The Source News Agency, dated 27th March 2015 and apparently authored by Mtetwa & Nyambirai Legal Practitioners has been placed in the pub...
by The Source

Reporters humiliate Econet

28 March 2015 | 3948 Views
ANGRY journalists from all the country's national newspapers yesterday humiliated Econet Wireless and walked out of a press conference called by executives of the mobile phone operator's banking unit...
by Felex Share

ZUJ to petition Econet on blatant abuse of journalists

27 March 2015 | 905 Views
Journalists have today disrupted and walked out of a Press Conference organised by Econet Wireless subsidiary Steward Bank, in protest over a raid on a business agency, The Source. Econet raid...
by Thobekile Zhou

Prof Jonathan Moyo outraged as Econet raids news agency

27 March 2015 | 2748 Views
Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo says he is outraged by Econet Wireless's raid on Reuters affiliated news agency, The Source, saying the constitutionality...
by Staff reporter

Econet Wireless clamps down on Zimbabwe media freedom?

26 March 2015 | 5997 Views
ZIMBABWE business news agency, The Source, was raided this afternoon by the Deputy sheriff's department following a High Court order granted to Zimbabwe mobile phone operator Econet Wireless and Stew...
by Staff reporter

Econet loses tariff appeal

25 March 2015 | 1714 Views
Mobile telecommunications giant Econet Wireless was last Friday forced to eat a humble pie when the Supreme Court quizzed how its lawyers filed a hopeless case as an appeal. Econet had so...
by Staff reporter

Econet loses $320 000 airtime

24 March 2015 | 2991 Views
On February 28 this year, Mhembere was entrusted by his employer to sell recharge cards worth $325 512. Mhembere is alleged to have sold the airtime and converted the money to his own use...
by Staff reporter

'Econet, Steward Bank seizure court order violates freedom of expression'

21 March 2015 | 1488 Views
ZIMBABWE business news agency, The Source, yesterday challenged a High Court order granted to Zimbabwe mobile phone operator Econet Wireless and Steward Bank to have the publication withdraw some ...
by Staff reporter

'Telephone health services are illegal, unprofessional and unethical'

16 March 2015 | 1322 Views
ECONET Wireless's Dial-A-Doc is operating illegally as it is not approved by the Medical and Dental Practitioners' Council of Zimbabwe (MDPCZ), an official has said.The MDPCZ and the Healt...
by Staff reporter

Mobile network operators urged to improve security for money transfer agents

13 March 2015 | 970 Views
Mobile Network services that provide money transfer services through their agents have been urged to tighten their security systems so as to reduce the number of defraud cases.Since the introd...
by Mandlenkosi Chinula

Is Econet trying to force us to buy Facebook bundles

09 March 2015 | 2386 Views
4:24pm, Mar 9 - ‪+263 8* *** ****‬: Dear editor, Allow me to express my views on one of the country's leading mobile operator Econet. Econet has data bundle...
by Econet Customer

Econet's Dial-A-Doc operating illegally

08 March 2015 | 1041 Views
ECONET Wireless's Dial-A-Doc is operating illegally as it is not approved by the Medical and Dental Practitioners' Council of Zimbabwe (MDPCZ), an official has said.The MDPCZ and the Health Pr...
by Shamiso Yikoniko

Companies in trouble for snubbed Mugabe bash

06 March 2015 | 4773 Views
Zanu PF Deputy Secretary for Youth Affairs Kudzai Chipanga last week demanded First lady Grace Mugabe should crack the whip on companies that refused to donate to President Robert Mugabe's lavish birt...
by Staff Reporter

Econet is a key player in Zimbabwean politics

05 March 2015 | 5548 Views
Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has over the years come to be a key player in Zimbabwe's national political economy.  Recently, a local weekly The Zimbabwe Independent published a story on its front pag...
by Takura Zhangazha

New rules for money transfer agencies

05 March 2015 | 2804 Views
The RBZ has introduced new regulations for money transfer agencies and bureaux de change, change foreigners barred from having shareholding in the institutions. Morris Mpofu, the central b...
by Staff reporter

Econet accused of airtime cheating

04 March 2015 | 6906 Views
CUSTOMERS have accused Econet Wireless, Zimbabwe's largest mobile network operator, of fleecing them by providing substandard services.Econet Wireless customers have recently taken to social m...
by CAJ News

Zapu threatens Econet with court action

26 February 2015 | 3217 Views
Zapu has threatened telecommunications giant Econet with court action for blocking its Ecocash Biller account.According to documents in possession of this newspaper, the party approached Econe...
by Staff reporter

Govt mulls data tariff reduction

26 February 2015 | 2004 Views
The Government is considering a further reduction in mobile broadband rate to ensure access by all users. In an interview with TechnoMag, Information Communication Technology, Postal and Couri...
by Staff reporter

Zimbabwe's ATMs allow cardless transactions

19 February 2015 | 5287 Views
Zimbabwe's Econet Wireless has switched on airtime purchases and cardless mobile money transactions on automated teller machines (ATMs) owned by Steward Bank, which it controls, ...
by Fin24

Econet launches Dial-a Doctor service

11 February 2015 | 2532 Views
Econet Wireless, through its Eco Health arm, today launched the Dial-a-Doctor service meant to bridge the gap in access to medical services in Zimbabwe.The service enables subscribers to talk...
by Rumbidzayi Zinyuke

EcoCash tariffs slashed

03 February 2015 | 3581 Views
ECONET Wireless has marginally reduced charges for sending money to registered customers via EcoCash, starting this month. However, tariffs for sending money to unregistered customers and cash out se...
by Charity Ruzvidzo

NetOne now Zimbabwe's second largest mobile operator

27 January 2015 | 4945 Views
State-owned NetOne's active subscribers have surpassed Telecel Zimbabwe (Telecel)'s to become the country's second largest mobile network operator, according to latest statistics from the Postal and T...
by Staff reporter

Econet CEO scoops business leadership awards

20 January 2015 | 5397 Views
Zimbabwe continues to receive global recognition for its entrepreneurship, with Econet Wireless Zimbabwe CEO Douglas Mboweni recently receiving a top international award for business leadership....
by Staff reporter

SIM card registration under probe

18 January 2015 | 2551 Views
SOME mobile phone users in the country may find themselves answering to crimes they would not have committed because of cellphone SIM cards that could have been registered in their names without the...
by Tinomuda Chakanyuka

Ex-Econet boss jailed

10 January 2015 | 3566 Views
EX-ECONET Bulawayo accounts manager was yesterday slapped with a five year jail term after he was convicted of defrauding the company of airtime worth more than $90,000 in 2012.Morgan Jange, 3...
by Thandeka Moyo

Delta, Econet among top 30 listed companies in Africa

09 January 2015 | 3558 Views
Delta Corporation is among the top 30 listed companies in Africa by share price performance and earnings for 2014, according to Hartland-Peel Africa Equity Research. According to the Hartl...
by Staff reporter

Zimbabwe welcomes fourth mobile telecom operator

07 January 2015 | 12496 Views
Powertel, a subsidiary of state owned power company, Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) Holdings, has been unveiled as the southern African country's fourth mobile network service.Cu...
by Staff reporter

Econet finally slashes tariffs

04 January 2015 | 3453 Views
The country's largest telecommunications company, Econet Wireless has slashed tariffs by more than 30 percent in line with a Government directive which came into effect on January 1, 2015 in spite o...
by Staff Reporter

Econet to drag Potraz to court over 15c voice tariffs

02 January 2015 | 7902 Views
A POTRACTED legal battle is brewing between Econet Wireless Zimbabwe and the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) over its directive to slash voice tariffs from 23 c...
by Staff Reporter

Econet refuses to slash voice tariffs

30 December 2014 | 9250 Views
Mobile operators, NetOne and Telecel have moved in to comply with the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ)'s directive to slash voice tariffs from 23 cents to 15 cen...
by Staff Reporter

'Econet opera bundles, fraud at its highest'

21 December 2014 | 4339 Views
Please note that Bulawayo24 does not edit WhatsApp updates. We publish them as sent by our readers and we do not disclose the sender's telephone Number....
by Concerned Citizen

'Econet's internet services bad'

20 December 2014 | 5767 Views
Please note that Bulawayo24 does not edit WhatsApp updates. We publish them as sent by our readers and we do not disclose the sender's telephone Number.06:17, ...
by Concerned Citizen

iWayAfrica offers global bandwidth to customers in Zimbabwe

08 December 2014 | 3405 Views
iWayAfrica, a leading ISP in Zimbabwe, and part of the Gondwana Group of ISPs, is first to offer managed, global bandwidth as a service to corporate customers. The cloud-based service is enabled by Di...
by Staff reporter

Econet named Super Brand

08 December 2014 | 2358 Views
Zimbabwe's biggest mobile operator, Econet Wireless, was the toast of this year's Superbrand Awards after it was crowned the overall Superbrand of the Year on Friday. The Superbrand Awards...
by Staff reporter

'Econet Wireless is continuously failing us, its users'

06 December 2014 | 5626 Views
Please note that Bulawayo24 does not edit WhatsApp updates. We publish them as sent by our readers and we do not disclose the sender's telephone Number....
by Concerned Citizen

Telecel Zimbabwe up for sale

03 December 2014 | 2759 Views
VimpelCom intends to sell its shareholding in Telecel Zimbabwe and has invited bids from interested investors, the Herald reported. VimpelCom owns 60 percent of Telecel Zimbabwe, and the r...
by Staff reporter

Econet, NetOne and Telecel ripping off subscribers

30 November 2014 | 6234 Views
The government says mobile telecommunications companies are ripping off subscribers through high charges for mobile money transfer services.This was revealed at the annual ICTs Achievers Award...
by Staff reporter

Ericsson, Econet sign five-year deal

24 November 2014 | 2541 Views
Ericsson today announced that it has been selected as the sole supplier by Zimbabwe's largest provider of telecommunications services, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, for the company's Core network upgrade ...
by Staff writer

Econet ventures into gas

12 November 2014 | 5623 Views
Econet Wireless plans to venture into the gas business  in December according to sources. The paper provides a quote from communications manager Ranga Mberi who does not confirm or deny t...
by Staff reporter

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