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Zanu PF victory came with massive joblessness

13 October 2015 | 1516 Views
MDC led by Welshman Ncube's member Discent Collins Bajila has said the inroads gained by Zanu PF winning most parts of Matabeleland South and now gaining seats in Bulawayo has come with an upsurge in ...
by Stephen Jakes

Zanu-PF chaos disrupts govt

13 October 2015 | 1477 Views
Power struggles between the ruling party and the State have played havoc with government business and need to be addressed, President Robert Mugabe's spokesperson George Charamba admitted at the weeke...
by Staff reporter

'Beyond politics are human beings,' Zanu-PF reminds Tsvangirai's party

13 October 2015 | 1591 Views
Zanu-PF United Kingdom chapter has warned political parties to know that there is humanity that overrides their political affiliations and interests.The chapter said in these days when we are ...
by Stephen Jakes

'Buy Zimbabwe organisations cheating the people'

12 October 2015 | 1907 Views
Harare east Zanu-PF MP Terence Mukupe said he will fight the exploitation of citizens by some organisations which come in the guise of Buy Zimbabwe campaign yet cheating the people."I am all...
by Stephen Jakes

Zanu PF split best thing for Zimbabweans yearning for change

10 October 2015 | 2676 Views
A journalist Elias Mambo has posted on Facebook that Zanu PF split has been the best thing that has ever happened especially for people yearning for change in government."The ZANU PF 2015 spli...
by Stephen Jakes

Zanu-PF attends ANC annual general council meeting

09 October 2015 | 2322 Views
Zanu-PF secretary for Administration Ignatius Chombo and spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo yesterday left for South Africa for the African National Congress' four-day annual general council meeting....
by Staff reporter

Zanu-PF hawks after Chinamasa

09 October 2015 | 4313 Views
Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa is on the firing line over his secretive arrears clearance strategy presented to three multilateral creditors in Lima, Peru.Hardliners in Zanu PF are opposin...
by Staff Reporter

'I am the referee, I will blow the whistle' - Grace Mugabe

09 October 2015 | 3012 Views
FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe has declared herself as in charge of Zanu PF affairs saying she is the party referee who won't hesitate to blow a whistle on corrupt officials.Grace was addressing a ra...
by Staff Reporter

Zanu-PF Manicaland demands devolution of power

08 October 2015 | 3160 Views
The ruling ZANU-PF Manicaland Province has demanded government to enforce the devolution of power concept as demanded by the people of Zimbabwe in the constitution making process.Minister of S...
by Staff Reporter

Explosive Zanu-PF conference looms

08 October 2015 | 2049 Views
The strife-torn Zanu-PF party is headed for a crunch December annual conference at which factional foes are expected to amplify their conflict over the succession of President Robert Mugabe. ...
by Staff reporter

We failed to end vote rigging not because we are 'in shock' - shock lasts days not years!

07 October 2015 | 2549 Views
"My aunt, who is a nurse by profession, once told me that when someone is in shock; they will drown in water a few feet deep because they cannot think straight to stand up! We are drowning, stuck in t...
by Wilbert Mukori

Victoria Falls hotels fully booked ahead of Zanu-PF Conference

06 October 2015 | 2394 Views
Hotels and lodges in Victoria Falls are fully booked for December ahead of the 15th Zanu-PF Annual National People's Conference set for the resort town that month. More than 6,000 delegates are expect...
by Adelaide Moyo

Zanu-PF Manicaland restructures ahead of Grace Mugabe rally

05 October 2015 | 2781 Views
The Zanu-PF restructuring exercise is reported to be progressing smoothly in Manicaland, with the provincial leadership anticipating to complete the process by the end of this month.This w...
by Staff reporter

Zanu-PF vows action over threatening text messages

02 October 2015 | 1718 Views
Zanu-PF has invited its members who are receiving threatening text messages to come forward and report so that investigations are instituted to expose those behind the criminal acts, party spokesp...
by Staff reporter

Gammatox MP deserts his constituency

01 October 2015 | 3094 Views
Zvishavane-Runde Member of Parliament, Freddie Moyo has reportedly abandoned his constituency as Zanu-PF factional fights reaches crescendo level.In a recent visit by the Mirror to areas under...
by Musavengana Hove

Thinking outside the Zanu-PF paradigm

01 October 2015 | 2167 Views
We are caught in a spider's web of lies about our history, our potential and our future as a country."The most successful tyranny is not the one that uses force to assure uniformity but the on...
by Vince Musewe

Zanu-PF MP kicked out of farm

01 October 2015 | 2213 Views
ZANU-PF Matobo North MP Never Khanye has lost a legal battle in the fight for control of Mhlahlandlela farm which encompasses the Big Cave Camp in Matobo district. Khanye had filed another cou...
by Mashudu Netsianda

'Mugabe came from the bush to destroy the enjoyment we had'

01 October 2015 | 2954 Views
A social commentator Obert Mundevere Ncube has posted on Facebook that before President Robert Mugabe took over as the leader of Zimbabwe things were running smooth but 35 years after he took over fro...
by Stephen Jakes

18 NGOs want 'not a threat to anyone' electoral reforms implemented instead of GPA reforms!

30 September 2015 | 1732 Views
"As a democracy, we need to grow and the electoral reforms that we are proposing are not a threat to anybody," said Tawanda Chimhini."These are recommendations that will open up space for all poli...
by Wilbert Mukori

Regime change inevitable Cde Robert Mugabe

30 September 2015 | 8205 Views
President Mugabe's speech at the recent United Nations may have been the correct paper but it was definitely irrelevant to the plight of suffering Zimbabweans. He basically had three issues; gays, mas...
by Farai Mbira

Cheap attempts to scamper justice: A forgotten case of Retired Army General Solomon Mujuru

30 September 2015 | 4433 Views
MORGAN RICHARD TSVANGIRAI is the sole name that holds the perennial truth about revolutionary process and democratic transformation of Zimbabwe. The MDC-T under...
by Ntate Moruti Tapiwa Diamond Chadya

Rise against misrule, Zimbabweans urged

29 September 2015 | 3555 Views
A social Commentator on Face Book, Farai Kuveya has challenged the Zimbabweans to rise against the misrule which he claim to have drawn the country into economic quagmire.Kuveya said one week ...
by Stephen Jakes

'Zanu-PF will never be dislodged from power by surrogates'

28 September 2015 | 1507 Views
A Zanu-PF Politburo member has dismissed the planned coalition between the various MDC formations and the so-called People First movement, saying the revolutionary party will never be dislodged from p...
by Staff reporter

Zanu-PF members warned against secret meetings

26 September 2015 | 2456 Views
ZANU-PF national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere has warned party members against holding secret meetings saying such meetings were divisive. Addressing party members at Davies Hall, the party's Bulawayo...
by Nqobile Tshili

MDC-T and Zanu-PF MPs in rare agreement

24 September 2015 | 5186 Views
Legislators have concurred that the legislative agenda to speed up the overhaul of investment laws in the country is an urgent need.In a rather unusual contribution, the MDC-T applauded the pr...
by Staff Reporter

Coalition of opposition forces in Zimbabwe: problems and prospects

24 September 2015 | 1930 Views
In the history of both national and international politics, coalitions have been in existence for a very long time. Political coalitions can be traced as far back as the biblical times when the Medes ...
by Obert Chaurura Gutu, MDC - T National Spokesperson

Zanu-PF linked YA FM starts broadcast

24 September 2015 | 3009 Views
YA FM, one of the newly licensed radio stations, will start broadcasting from Zvishavane tomorrow with Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Service...
by Bongani Ndlovu

Rungani nominated Zanu-PF Deputy Chief whip

24 September 2015 | 1206 Views
The Zanu-PF parliamentary caucus met at the party headquarters where Masvingo proportional representation member Anna Rungani, was nominated as the Deputy Chief Whip in parliament, taking over fro...
by Staff reporter

Time for a new political order

24 September 2015 | 1635 Views
Zimbabweans are tired. They are tired of ZANU (PF) and its leadership; they are tired of non-delivery, the arrogance, the economic meltdown and the continuous non-productive political bickering within...
by Vince Musewe

Zanu-PF guns for MDC-T strongholds

24 September 2015 | 1064 Views
Although Zanu-PF made a significant comeback in the July 2013 general elections, capturing some urban constituencies, urban councils have largely remained under the control of the MDC led by Morga...
by Staff reporter

Zanu-PF appoints new Deputy Chief Whip

23 September 2015 | 1891 Views
A Zanu-PF parliamentary caucus has appointed Annah Rungani as the new Deputy Chief Whip in the National Assembly, amid calls by the party's Vice President, Emmerson Mnangagwa for legislators in th...
by Staff reporter

Harare East MP Terence Mukupe constructing home of the abandoned children

22 September 2015 | 2297 Views
Zanu PF Harare East MP Terence Mukupe has expressed deep concerns and sympathy for the children who were abandoned by their parents in his constituency in which one of them is "fighting for her life i...
by Stephen Jakes

ZCTU boss boasts of being arrested 79 times

21 September 2015 | 1652 Views
ZIMBABWE Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) western region chairman Reason Ngwenya has bragged that he  has been arrested 79 times fighting for workers' rights since independence in 1980, saying...
by Staff reporter

Zanu PF supporter accuses media of disrespecting Mugabe

21 September 2015 | 2697 Views
Zanu PF supporter Bhekimpilo Mloyi has accused the local media of disrespecting President Robert Mugabe by publishing negative reports about him almost on daily bases."As a concerned citizen o...
by Stephen Jakes

'Secret talks reports a big fat lie'

21 September 2015 | 2445 Views
REPORTS by the privately-owned media that Zanu-PF and the MDC formations were in secret talks for the creation of another inclusive government have turned out to be a big lie after all the political p...
by Staff reporter

Mujuru poses serious threat to Mugabe's rule- SA Risk assessment organisation

21 September 2015 | 3932 Views
The South African-based risk assessment firm says Mujuru poses a serious threat to President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF party who have been in power since Independence in 1980.Obert Mundeve...
by Stephen Jakes

2008 political violence haunt three Zanu-PF activists

21 September 2015 | 1554 Views
The 2008 political violence has returned to haunt three Zanu-PF activists who have been slapped with a $6 000 compensation order by the High Court. The trio failed to defend a claim filed ...
by Staff reporter

Secret Zanu-PF, MDCs talks meant to topple Mugabe says Jonathan Moyo

20 September 2015 | 4517 Views
HIGHER Education minister, Jonathan Moyo has claimed that the alleged secret talks between his Zanu PF and the opposition MDCT and MDC parties are fronted by people keen on toppling President Robert M...
by Staff Reporter

Politburo begs Mugabe to act

17 September 2015 | 4758 Views
Members of the ruling party's supreme decision making body between congresses, the Politburo last week begged President Robert Mugabe to take decisive action before the infighting in Zanu-PF could...
by Staff reporter

Tallest man charms Zanu-PF officials

15 September 2015 | 3869 Views
ONE of the world's tallest men, Billal Heyder, has been charmed by Zimbabweans' hospitality and the beauty of the country. Heyder yesterday caused a stampede in Bulawayo's Central Business District as...
by Auxilia Katongomara

Resolve succession, economy will tick, Zanu-PF told

14 September 2015 | 1368 Views
Local think tank Zimbabwe Democracy Institute has warned that the current economic crisis will remain unresolved as long as the Zanu-PF regime has not addressed its succession issue. In it...
by Staff reporter

Zanu-PF district chairpersons call for MP's ouster

14 September 2015 | 1319 Views
Chairpersons of the six Zanu-PF districts in Harare North constituency have asked the party to recall their legislator Tongesai Mudambo accusing him of working against the party. The chair...
by Staff reporter

People using Zanu-PF name warned

13 September 2015 | 1581 Views
National Assembly member for Harare East constituency, Terence Mukupe has warned Zimbabweans especially the youths to desist from abusing the name of Zanu-PF fulfillment of personal agendas....
by Staff reporter

Zanu-PF gears for upcoming by-elections

12 September 2015 | 1269 Views
Zanu PF has reached out to the apostolic community in Epworth urging the church to rally behind the revolutionary party as it continues mobilising voters for the September 19 by-election in the co...
by Staff reporter

Chaos in Zanu-PF

12 September 2015 | 3555 Views
Zanu-PF has admitted that it is rocked by disunity, underhand plots and disgruntlement within its ranks.The turbulence was reflected in the numerous state of the party reports given at the 291...
by Staff reporter

Kasukuwere protest march planned for Friday - flier

10 September 2015 | 3198 Views
A SHADOWY Zanu-PF group calling itself the Revolutionary Guards is planning a protest march against the party's commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere.He is accused of "unbridled ambition for high ...
by Staff reporter

'PDP to topple Zanu-PF,' vows Sipepa-Nkomo

10 September 2015 | 2718 Views
The national People's Democratic Party chairman Samuel Sipepa-Nkomo has vowed to dislodge ruling Zanu-PF from power in the next elections.PDP is currently holding its inaugural congress....
by Thobekile Zhou

Zanu-PF dishes out 5 000 stands to supporters

10 September 2015 | 2391 Views
Zanu-PF has doled out 5 000 residential stands to its supporters in Marondera to prop up its Marondera Central parliamentary candidate Lawrence Katsiru's profile ahead of the September 16 by-elect...
by Staff reporter

Zanu-PF officials turn blind eye on worsening economic situation

10 September 2015 | 1607 Views
A recent survey by local pressure group, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC), has indicated that Zanu-PF government officials have turned a blind eye on the worsening economic situation as they co...
by Staff reporter

Zanu-PF dismisses Mujuru manifesto

10 September 2015 | 1549 Views
ZANU-PF has scoffed at the manifesto released by former Vice President Dr Joice Mujuru on Monday, saying the ruling party would not bother itself with her promises as it was preoccupied with efforts t...
by Farirai Machivenyika

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Grace is totally different from the polite late Sally Mugabe

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Mugabe's nephew warns fellow ministers

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Jonathan Moyo castigates Chinamasa ministry

by Staff reporter | 13 October 2015 | 2923 Views

Grace Mugabe pins Mnangagwa

by Staff reporter | 13 October 2015 | 5444 Views

Zanu-PF chaos disrupts govt

by Staff reporter | 13 October 2015 | 1477 Views

'Beyond politics are human beings,' Zanu-PF reminds Tsvangirai's party

by Stephen Jakes | 13 October 2015 | 1591 Views


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Pokello and Hubby 'sneak' into Magistrates Court!

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Zimbabwean artistes nominated for SA awards

by Peter Tanyanyiwa | 02 October 2015 | 3945 Views

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