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Zanu-PF Minister ordered to pay $46 000 debt

03 July 2015 | 1825 Views
The High Court has ordered Manicaland Provincial Minister Mandiitawepi  Chimene to pay $46 000 debt to Windmill Private Limited for fertilizers, seeds and chemicals supplied by the firm in 20...
by Staff reporter

MDC-T and others 'clueless' on unseating Zanu-PF

02 July 2015 | 1550 Views
Zimbabwe's opposition parties seem to be clueless on how to wrestle power from President Robert Mugabe's Zanu-PF party in the 2018 national elections following their lacklustre performance in the June...
by Thomas Chiripasi

Newly elected Zanu-PF MP honoured with PhD

02 July 2015 | 2191 Views
Chivi Rural District Council chairperson Councillor Killer Zivhu was yesterday conferred with an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters by the International Institute of Philanthropy in recognition of ...
by Staff reporter

Zanu-PF political drama climaxes this Saturday

02 July 2015 | 3243 Views
Zanu-PF Mashonaland East province's political drama climaxes this Saturday with six candidates vying for the provincial chairmanship vacated by businessman, Ray Kaukonde, who was expelled from the rul...
by Staff reporter

Zanu-PF plunges into polls

01 July 2015 | 3957 Views
Zanu-PF has started restructuring process of its provincial structures starting with Mashonaland East where five candidates have submitted CVs to contest in provincial elections slated for Saturda...
by Staff reporter

Zanu-PF officials fear losing posts

30 June 2015 | 4522 Views
Seven Zanu-PF provincial youth chairpersons yesterday said they were living in fear of losing their party posts following allegations that they were failing to get along with the party's national ...
by Staff reporter

'Zanu-PF fails to rig economy'

30 June 2015 | 4291 Views
Economists say average incomes in Zimbabwe are now at their lowest level in 60 years, with more than 76 percent of the country's families now surviving on less than $200 a month. The situ...
by Staff reporter

Six Zanu-PF members eye Mash East chair

29 June 2015 | 4108 Views
A TOTAL of  six candidates Zanu-PF are vying for Mashonaland East provincial chair in elections set for this Saturday.The seek to take over fired Marondera Central MP, Ray Kaukonde....
by Thobekile Zhou

Zanu-PF youths clash with female cop

29 June 2015 | 5728 Views
THERE was pandemonium near Gweru Central Police Station yesterday when some Zanu-PF youths from Matabeleland region were involved in a scuffle with a female police officer.They accused her of...
by Staff reporter

Churches, prophets must pay tax - Zanu-PF activist

29 June 2015 | 3738 Views
Zanu PF youth activist Fidelis Fengu has said Churches and prophets must be made to pay tax like what Jesus did when he ordered Simon Peter to catch a fish and open its mouth indicating that the m...
by Stephen Jakes

Political opportunists trying to hijack vendors - Zanu-PF UK

29 June 2015 | 3673 Views
The Zanu PF United Kingdom Chapter has alleged that there are some political opportunists who are taking advantage of the vendors situation to gain mileage where the traders are being evicted from...
by Stephen Jakes

Mujuru, Mutasa: The legend of the Boy Who Cried WOLF!

28 June 2015 | 5518 Views
IT is said that, many a time ago, a reverred village shepherd fell ill, and hence could not render his service, which was so critical as to be sacrosanct in ancient animal rearing society. As ill fate...
by Maynard Manyowa

Zanu-PF spurns Mugabe succession debate

27 June 2015 | 6581 Views
Top members of Zanu-PF have spurned a politburo invitation to discuss the succession issue within the ruling party as they are afraid it could be a way of trapping them.Party sources who spoke...
by Staff reporter

ZANU-PF is the people's choice

27 June 2015 | 4725 Views
The recent claim by a local think tank, Zimbabwe Democracy Institute (ZDI), that Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), together with the state security agents assists the ruling party, ZANU-PF,&nbs...
by Chido Chikuni

Battle lines drawn in Zanu-PF Mash East provincial chair polls

26 June 2015 | 3895 Views
Battle lines have now been drawn between Zanu-PF stalwarts vying to contest the post of Mashonaland East provincial chairperson left vacant by the firing of former Marondera Central MP, Ray Kaukon...
by Staff reporter

The triumphant entry into the cities

25 June 2015 | 4350 Views
The June 10 by-elections have come and gone, leaving different groups of people in different emotional dispositions. Some are pushing the boat out while others are weeping and singing dirges.  ...
by Tafara Shumba

More sparks expected in faction riddled Zanu-PF

25 June 2015 | 4016 Views
Sparks are set to once again in faction riddled Zanu-PF as rival camps strategically position themselves for crucial provincial elections to replace ousted former Vice President Joice Mujuru's all...
by Staff reporter

Zanu-PF pleaded for mercy in 2008, says Tsvangirai

23 June 2015 | 6374 Views
Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday revealed how a desperate Zanu-PF had dispatched its leading lights to him, allegedly including former State Security minister Nicholas Goche, to try and ...
by Staff reporter

Zanu-PF's election victory punches hole into MDC-T's wallet

22 June 2015 | 4809 Views
ZANU-PF'S recent election victory in the June 10 by-elections has punched a large hole on opposition parties' cash allocation under the Political Parties Finance Act as the ruling party is now guarant...
by Staff reporter

Zanu-PF cheated in 2008, says Mutasa

22 June 2015 | 7173 Views
Didymus Mutasa said he and others in Zanu-PF were shocked when the parliamentary election results in 2008. He said after the results were out he drove to State House to protect the preside...
by Staff reporter

Zanu-PF by-election scandal deepens

21 June 2015 | 6249 Views
The damaging claims that Zanu-PF winning candidate for Hurungwe West Keith Guzah may not have been registered to vote in the constituency in last week's by-elections - which could see him losing his p...
by Staff reporter

Losing candidate tears into Zanu-PF, chides Tsvangirai

21 June 2015 | 5497 Views
Dangamvura-Chikanga constituency by-election losing independent candidate Kuziwa Maundike has mocked the warring faction riddled Zanu-PF as "finished" following its exhibition of fear even of "individ...
by Staff reporter

Zanu-PF MPs, businessman fight over mine

21 June 2015 | 4201 Views
TWO Zanu-PF legislators in Matabeleland South are fighting to reverse a ruling barring them from conducting mining operations at Ndabankulu Mine in Kezi after the High Court ordered them to suspend mi...
by Richard Muponde

Opposition President call for equal access to power

20 June 2015 | 3882 Views
Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe-PDZ President Barbara Nyarie Nyagomo who is based in the United Kingdom and his party participated in the just ended June 10 by elections has called for equal access ...
by Stephen Jakes

MDCs were foolish not to implement reforms

19 June 2015 | 4456 Views
now they are compounding the folly by blaming Zanu-PFObert Gutu tells VOA Zimbabwe is at a political stand still whilst MDC pressures Zanu-PF to im...
by Wilbert Mukori

Zanu-PF disowns Queen of Grace

19 June 2015 | 5954 Views
Zanu-PF distanced itself from a vendors' representative group that goes by the bizarre name of Queen of Grace ZimAsset Trust (QGZT) which is allegedly coercing street traders to buy $5 membership ...
by Staff reporter

Obert Gutu must be daydreaming

18 June 2015 | 5225 Views
The recent nonsensical and false utterances by MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu, that there is infighting in the ruling party, ZANU-PF, must not be tolerated at all, but must be considered as a joke...
by Chido Chikuni

Senior Zanu-PF official acquitted

18 June 2015 | 3997 Views
Zanu-PF Central Committee member Justin Zvandasara, who was jailed two years over $4,5 million fraud, was yesterday found not guilty and acquitted by the High Court.  Zvandasara was l...
by Staff reporter

Zanu-PF unleashes reign of terror

18 June 2015 | 4502 Views
Zanu PF supports are allegedly chasing away political opponents from open spaces, car parks and home industries in Harare, saying they now control the capital after the party won five parliamentar...
by Staff reporter

Moyo says Zanu-PF failing to use majority?

16 June 2015 | 4830 Views
Gorden Moyo, an MDC member, seems to be a mental patient that suffers from acute amnesia as he appears to be a black-out on the unprecedented effects of western imposed illegal sanctions on the well-b...
by Suitable Kajau

Sikhala lashes back at Zanu-PF activist over Dzamara remarks

16 June 2015 | 4570 Views
MDC-T senior member Job Sikhala has lashed out at his critique who attacked him over being in the for front of organising and advertising the journalist and democracy activist Itai Dzamara who was ab...
by Stephen Jakes

Election participation without reforms fastest route to a Zanu-PF one party state

15 June 2015 | 3980 Views
MDC Director of Elections Ellen Shiriyedenga has claimed that participation in polls without implementation of reforms is the fastest route to a Zanu-PF one party state.She said the outcome o...
by Thobekile Zhou

Zanu-PF to grab Bhasikiti's farm

15 June 2015 | 6192 Views
Zanu PF provincial committee in Masvingo has announced that it is taking back a citrus farm given to former Minister of State for Masvingo, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti because he has been expelled from the p...
by Staff Reporter

Government rapped over refusal to issue community radios with licences

15 June 2015 | 3487 Views
The Amnesty International through its report circulated by the Zimbabwe Europe Network a civic organisation comprising organisations from Zimbabwe and Europe has accused Zimbabwean government for rene...
by Stephen Jakes

Zanu-PF UK ecstasy about by elections victory

15 June 2015 | 3491 Views
Zanu-PF United Kingdom chapters has expressed its ecstasy over the party's victory in the 16 seats  by elections which the party candidates won against small political parties and independent can...
by Stephen Jakes

Zanu-PF MPs abuse clean shaven MDC MP

15 June 2015 | 5212 Views
Justice Mayor Wadyajena Zanu-PF Gokwe Nembudziya MP abused the clean shaven Ronia Bunjira, the MDC proportional representation MP, over her hairstyle imploring her to wear a wig, She was spotting ...
by Staff reporter

Zanu-PF still celebrating Bulawayo by-election victory

14 June 2015 | 4365 Views
Zanu-PF candidates who won in Zimbabwe's 16 constituencies contested in the just-ended parliamentary by-elections say they are still celebrating their victory and are ready to deliver what they promis...
by Sithandekile Mhlanga

'Zanu-PF caused Midzi's death'

14 June 2015 | 4647 Views
FORMER Cabinet minister Amos Midzi was so devastated by his suspension from Zanu-PF that he committed suicide, his colleague said yesterday.Munyaradzi Banda, a former Zanu-PF Central Committee...
by Staff reporter

'Life outside Zanu-PF cold'

14 June 2015 | 4313 Views
On his return from political wilderness just before the 2008 harmonised elections, Information minister Jonathan Moyo summed up how difficult life was outside Zanu-PF: "It's cold out there".Mo...
by Staff reporter

This is the end of Zanu-PF's Chipangano

14 June 2015 | 5097 Views
While in African custom it is taboo to speak ill of the departed, Harare's poor neighbourhood of Mbare in the past few weeks heaved a sigh of relief after the ruling Zanu-PF's brutal purges claimed th...
by Richard Chidza

Zanu-PF victory in by-elections good for democracy

13 June 2015 | 4824 Views
Bulawayo-Despite being in the game for more than 15 years,opposition MDC leaders and other pretenders don't seem to have learnt any lesson about politics.For them to boycott the by-elections compl...
by Thabo Kunene

Zanu-PF rally caught on camera

12 June 2015 | 4666 Views
Zanu-PF rally caught on camera. ...
by Youtube

Zanu-PF for eternity as opposition political parties crumple

12 June 2015 | 4224 Views
It all started with the MDC split of 2005 when top officials of the then powerful labour backed opposition political party was in disagreement over the participation in the senatorial elections. Membe...
by Mukachana Hanyani

Why do Zimbabwe's opposition parties split so much? - Part 2

12 June 2015 | 4684 Views
In the last article, we discussed the first set of factors in an effort to explain the frequency of splits and breakaways in the opposition parties. The MDC family, as I will call it, is the primary p...
by Alex Magaisa

Zanu-PF's gifted victory spells tough times ahead for MDC-T

12 June 2015 | 4359 Views
President Robert Mugabe's Zanu-PF has shrugged off lame challenges from a fractured opposition to claim all the 16 contested parliamentary seats in Wednesday's by-elections, in what analysts say now p...
by Sij Ncube

Zimbabwe declared a 'Zanu-PF territory'

12 June 2015 | 3892 Views
ZANU-PF has declared Zimbabwe "a Zanu-PF territory", insisting that come 2018, the party would reclaim all the seats from the opposition MDC-T.This followed the Wednesday by-election victo...
by Staff reporter

Fear grips Zanu-PF as purges escalate

12 June 2015 | 4941 Views
More heads are set to roll in President Robert Mugabe's Zanu-PF as its ambitious Young Turks who are known as the Generation 40 (G40) group - of which the party's national political commissar Saviour...
by Staff reporter

Zanu-PF wins by-elections delivered by Tsvangirai's MDC-T

11 June 2015 | 7187 Views
President Robert Mugabe's party has won all 16 parliamentary by-elections held this week, state radio reported on Thursday."The ruling Zanu-PF romped to victory after sweeping all the 16 ...
by Staff reporter

'Zanu-PF must reform or perish'

11 June 2015 | 4343 Views
ZIMBABWE'S political terrain has undergone significant transformation, but the more things change, the more they remain the same. The Financial Gazette's Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Dumisani Ndlela (DN), ...
by Staff reporter

Bhasikiti sues Mudenda, Zanu-PF

11 June 2015 | 3732 Views
Mwenezi East MP Kudakwashe Bhasikiti Chuma (Zanu-PF), who on Tuesday took President Robert Mugabe and the ruling party to court challenging his expulsion, has filed a separate chamber application seek...
by Staff reporter

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