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Mother inspect married son's organ

THE Matero Local court has heard how a Lusaka mother would inspect her married son's private parts when he suffered a stroke to make sure he was not being intimate with his wife.Olipa Sakala s...Read more

Mother inspect married son's organ

08 February 2016 | 3721 Views
THE Matero Local court has heard how a Lusaka mother would inspect her married son's private parts when he suffered a stroke to make sure he was not being intimate with his wife.Olipa Sakala s...

by Staff Reporter

Sex starved woman opt for a divorce

08 February 2016 | 3285 Views
UNABLE to put up with her husband"s ‘abnormal" sexual appetite, a newly-wed of Chipata district has opted for divorce.The emotionally charged Salifa Miti (21) of Chikoka village said she is ...

by Stephen Jakes

Abused broke hubby hangs self

08 February 2016 | 2330 Views
 Broke and ‘abused’ husband has reportedly committed suicide and left a note to his wife  asking to be buried as a pauper.The Voice reported that broke and allegedly a victim of ...

by Stephen Jakes

Man in trouble for killing rowdy Zimbabwean

08 February 2016 | 2311 Views
A man who tried to knock some sense into a bully’s head with an axe handle landed on the wrong side of the law after he, together with his five friends were charged for the murder of the rowdy Zimba...

by Staff Reporter

Granny seriously attacked by angry bees

08 February 2016 | 1392 Views
A GROUP of naughty kids thought they had found the perfect target to throw stones at. But little did they know that they were messing around with a swarm of angry bees!Daily Sun reported t...

by Staff Reporter

Man claim his buttocks scare away crocodiles

07 February 2016 | 2922 Views
EVERY day Million Gume risks his life by swimming in a river full of crocodiles . . . but he is not scared as he claimed he always flash his bum at the crocodiles and they go away.Million call...

by Staff Reporter

Huge win for Limpopo, Mpumalanga and North West prisoner in athletics

07 February 2016 | 928 Views
HUNDREDS of prisoners went on the run this week, and all the warders did was stand around and watch."It was hard but, I made it. It is an achievement for me," Gloria Moagi, 25, from Polokwane,...

by Staff Reporter

Sangoma dupes another of $250 000

07 February 2016 | 1789 Views
A SANGOMA Caroline Mathe (39) from Tshwane in South Africa has said  her ancestors are angry with her because  she was tricked into giving R250 000 and money she made from selling her car to...

by Staff Reporter

Evil Muthi scares teachers and pupils away from school

07 February 2016 | 1000 Views
ON Thursday and Friday last week the evil muthi did its job, scaring pupils and teachers away at a school near Brits in South Africa.Daily Sun reported that But now they and the parents of Bap...

by Staff Reporter

Pastor fined $9 000 for beating girlfriend for grabbing his genitals

07 February 2016 | 1543 Views
A POPULAR bus preacher in Limpopo who beat up his girlfriend to force her to let go of his genitals has been fined R9 000 for assault."Yes I beat her up because she was holding me by my genita...

by Staff Reporter

SA man sees mbanje dealing as something legal

05 February 2016 | 1337 Views
Loyiso Maqela* doesn’t see himself as a drug dealer or a criminal.The 31-year-old dagga grower from a village near Mpande, south of Port St Johns on the Wild Coast, sees himself as more of a...

by Staff Reporter

Toddler dies in toilet pit

05 February 2016 | 1236 Views
A NEWBORN baby has died after being stuck in a pit toilet for three hours.The incident happened on Tuesday after a woman who was nine months pregnant went to the toilet to relieve herself and ...

by Staff Reporter

MTN denies owing money for outstanding royalties

05 February 2016 | 781 Views
MTN has denied it owes money for outstanding royalties.In a statement released yesterday the company has disputed a claim by the Composers, Authors and Publishers Association that the giant ce...

by Staff Reporter

Student gang-raped walking from bars

05 February 2016 | 2417 Views
Mahalapye police are investigating a case in which a 17-year-old student was gang-raped while walking home from the bars on Saturday night.Mahalapye police station commander, Superintendent Isaac ...

by Staff Reporter

Car-sex couple nabbed

05 February 2016 | 5437 Views
Police in Katlehong, Ekurhuleni have reportedly arrested a couple they found indulging in sex in a car. Daily Sun reported that this is according to the police in Katlehong, Ekurhuleni ...

by Staff Reporter

Reverend's photo kissing another church pastor's wife goes viral

05 February 2016 | 3615 Views

by Staff Reporter

SA political parties reject Zuma's offer to payback Nkandla money

04 February 2016 | 1945 Views
Cape Town - President Jacob Zuma needs to have his day in court and his offer to repay some of the money spent on his Nkandla home should be rejected, the IFP and UDM said yesterday."The IFP s...

by Staff reporter

Angry protesting parents dump three coffins at school

03 February 2016 | 3610 Views
PARENTS HAVE set out to show the unions and teachers how serious they are about their kids’ education. When teachers arrived for school they were greeted by gatvol parents and three coffins. ...

by Staff Reporter

African leaders support pullout from ICC

03 February 2016 | 1139 Views
African leaders have endorsed a proposal by Kenya to push for withdrawal from the International Criminal Court (ICC).They believe the court unfairly targets the continent for prosecution w...

by Staff reporter

Chaos as angry squatters burn buses, loot spazas!

02 February 2016 | 2651 Views
COMMUTERS and spaza owners in Soshanguve, Tshwane were caught in the middle of a protest yesterday morning.They were forced to join the residents of New Eersterus Extension squatter camp, who ...

by Staff Reporter

Dead man returns home after two years of his burial

02 February 2016 | 3936 Views
A 60-year-old man from Kanyaa village in Kitui, Kenya, returned home only to find that his family had already "buried" him, reports say.Julius Mbiti Kitheka left his home 30 years ago to look ...

by Staff Reporter

Riot erupts at courts

02 February 2016 | 1869 Views
ROT reportedly erupted on one of the South Africa's courts. Daily Sun reported that there was outrage cry of a group of about 100 protestors gathered outside the court in Rouxville, Free State...

by Staff Reporter

Donkey falls into well contaminates drinking water

02 February 2016 | 1488 Views
A DONKEY fell into the well, contaminating their water.Now no one wants anything to do with the water from the well. Not even outsiders from neighbouring villages who come to attend functions....

by Staff Reporter

Taxi drivers undresses at colleague's funeral

02 February 2016 | 3834 Views
ELDERLY mourners were shocked when taxi drivers stripped naked at a funeral on Saturday morning.Daily Sun reported that the drivers started undressing at the Ga-Rankuwa zone 6 house of the dea...

by Staff Reporter

Zimbabwean gets 14 years for killing a Moroccan diplomat in SA

02 February 2016 | 2165 Views
Pretoria - A young Zimbabwean who killed a Moroccan diplomat after he woke up undressed in the man's Waterkloof flat, was jailed for 14 years by the High Court in Pretoria on Friday.Judge Moha...

by Staff reporter

Bishop in trouble for indecent assaulting three children

01 February 2016 | 2130 Views
HOLY Cross Church bishop and owner of Rekai Tangwena Children’s Home in Nyanga — Livingstone Tonderai Nerwande — is alleged to have indecently assaulted three vulnerable children at his orphanag...

by Staff Reporter

Male nurse suspended for beating up female patient in labour

01 February 2016 | 3093 Views
THE KZN Department of Health has reacted quickly to allegations of a male nurse attacking a woman in labour.The Daily Sun reported that department announced that a nurse implicated in the assa...

by Staff Reporter

Sex pest killed while intimate with grilfriend in a car

01 February 2016 | 4729 Views
A man from Ekurhuleni in South Africa was allegedly killed while having sex with his girlfriend in his car much to the shock of his family when they found him without clothes lying dead in the vehicle...

by Staff Reporter

'African leaders will not heed Mugabe call'

01 February 2016 | 2898 Views
African leaders are unlikely to heed President Robert Mugabe's planned pullout of the United Nations as that would spell doom to their fragile economies, local opposition parties and analysts have...

by Staff reporter

Migrants Union SA assist foreigners get bank accounts

01 February 2016 | 1470 Views
The Migrant Workers Union South Africa is reportedly assisting foreigners in South Africa top acquire bank accounts with minimum easy requirements.In a Facebook statement the union said bankin...

by Stephen Jakes

Watch: AU Chair Robert Mugabe address: 26th AU Summit - Full speech

31 January 2016 | 2100 Views
The 26th AU Summit is called to discuss Human Rights in Africa focusing mainly on the Rights of Women. But Africa's security concerns will dominate the two day meeting. AU Chair President Robert Mugab...

by Staff Reporter

Watch: Mugabe attacks UN Security Council

31 January 2016 | 1738 Views

by Staff Reporter

Lusaka cop threatens to shoot former wife after break up

31 January 2016 | 1471 Views
IN A typical case of love gone sour, a Lusaka policeman has been threatening to shoot his former wife after the two broke up.Idah Phiri 34, of Chazanga narrated in the Matero local court that ...

by Staff Reporter

Global Child Abuse Alert: Footage shows woman assaulting innocent toddler

31 January 2016 | 1914 Views
A video footage of a woman assaulting an innocent toddler has gone viral online with people calling for her arrest. The footage was posted on Facebook by a Ghanaian journalist Joseph Ampadu wi...

by Moyo Roy

Mugabe pledges to pull Africa out of UN

31 January 2016 | 1946 Views
President Mugabe has threatened to drag the entire Africa continent out of the   United Nations if Westerners continue to block efforts to reform. Mugabe gave the warning in the...

by Staff Reporter

Three journalists face military trial in Cameroon

31 January 2016 | 933 Views
The Committee to Protect Journalists calls on Cameroonian authorities to drop all charges against three journalists for failing to disclose information to the state. The three are scheduled to stand t...

by Stephen Jakes

Japanese envoy deliver special message to Mugabe

29 January 2016 | 2257 Views
A special envoy from the Japanese Prime Minister, Mr Katsuyuki Kawai delivered a special message to the African Union chairman President Robert Mugabe on Friday afternoon.Mr Kawai, who was acc...

by Staff Reporter

Mom burns son's hands, mouth over missing piece of chicken

28 January 2016 | 3148 Views
Lilongwe - A Malawian mother has been arrested for allegedly burning her son's hands and forcing burning coal into his mouth because of a stolen piece of chicken.Nyasa Times reported that ...

by Staff reporter

Cop killed at funeral

28 January 2016 | 4030 Views
Mourners at a funeral in South Africa had to kill a police officer suspecting him of being the man who was on the police wanted list.Daily Sun reported that all the officer wanted to do was pr...

by Staff Reporter

Hoax story of Eritrean government forcing men to marry at least 2 wives goes viral

27 January 2016 | 2660 Views
A hoax story originally posted by a Somali website reported that unnamed "activists" posted a memo on a social media site allegedly from the Eritrean government asking men to marry at least two wives ...

by Staff reporter

100 Days to go before Africa's Top Travel Show

27 January 2016 | 526 Views
In exactly one hundred days' time, South Africa and the coastal city of Durban will play host to Africa's biggest gathering of tourism exhibitors, buyers and industry stakeholders, for the annual INDA...

by South African Tourism

Man and his friends rape teen daughter

27 January 2016 | 3815 Views
A MAN out on bail for allegedly raping his daughters was bust again.  Daily Sun reported that on Friday the 52-year-old father and his two friends aged 44 and 20 appeared in the Maluti Ma...

by Staff Reporter

AU want Mugabe to have second term as chairman

27 January 2016 | 5280 Views
African ambassadors and African Union (AU) commissioners based  in Ethiopia are reportedly pushing for 91 year old President Robert Mugabe to have a second term as the  African body leader....

by Staff Reporter

Zim Embassy in Tanzania looking for relatives of Frederick Cain Nyathi

26 January 2016 | 2340 Views
Hi, please could you post this. Many thanks  The Zim Embassy in Tanzania is looking for anyone who might know relatives of Frederick Cain Nyathi, a Zimbabwean who died on the spot in a ca...

by Concerned Citizen

Two Zimbabweans in typhoid scare in SA

26 January 2016 | 2521 Views
TWO Zimbabwean women aged 38 and 27  have been diagnosed with typhoid in Johannesburg bringing to seven confirmed cases.The health department said the new cases - a 38-year-old and a 27-y...

by Staff Reporter

Man rapes 7 of daughter's friends

26 January 2016 | 3478 Views
Cape Town - A George man who initially faced more than 3 000 charges of rape and child pornography has pleaded guilty to 67 of them as part of a plea agreement.Eyewitness News reported that th...

by Staff reporter

Boy rapes dog to death

26 January 2016 | 4898 Views
A boy in South Africa reportedly raped a dog using five condoms until it died.This was revealed by Jappie Mahlangu (52) when he said he did not believe what he saw when he went into the bedroo...

by Staff Reporter

Mugabe's AU reign ends

25 January 2016 | 2468 Views
After jetting into Harare on Friday evening to meet with Equatorial Guinea President Todoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, President Robert Mugabe is expected to fly to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to hand over...

by Staff reporter

Botswana authorities struggles to establish true identity of Ex Zim soldier

25 January 2016 | 1703 Views
Botswana court authorities are struggling to establish;ish the true identity of a Zimbabwean man who was arrested for illegal possession of fire arm.Mmegi reported that the man in court for il...

by Stephen Jakes

Zimbabwean traditional healers face ban in South Africa

25 January 2016 | 1744 Views
South African traditional healers play a significant role for people that follow African cultural beliefs.There are more than 200 000 traditional healers across the country.Until recen...

by Renee Street and Christa Rautenbach

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