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Migrant workers union urge migrants to make effort in acquiring permits

The Migrant Workers Union of South Africa (MIWUSA) has challenged the migrants in South Africa to make more efforts to acquire permits following the extension of the period by the South African govern...Read more

Migrant workers union urge migrants to make effort in acquiring permits

01 August 2015 | 1734 Views
The Migrant Workers Union of South Africa (MIWUSA) has challenged the migrants in South Africa to make more efforts to acquire permits following the extension of the period by the South African govern...

by Stephen Jakes

Pastor gets 10 years for rape

01 August 2015 | 1486 Views
A 61-year-old pastor in Selebi Pikwe was on Tuesday sentenced to 10 years for raping a minor, while duping her into believing he was healing her from sejeso (poisoning).DNA tests also proved t...

by Staff Reporter

Alleged serial robbers deny offence

01 August 2015 | 1293 Views
Three Zimbabwean men who allegedly robbed Precious Filling Station at gunpoint on January 17, 2014 have pleaded not guilty to the offence.The trio of Thabani Mapunganyuka, Sungusani Tafarushe ...

by Staff Reporter

Cameroon deports 2 000 Nigerians

01 August 2015 | 1322 Views
Yaounde - Cameroon has deported more than 2 000 Nigerians who were living in the country illegally as part of new security measures intended to prevent suicide attacks by Boko Haram jihadists, sources...

by Agencies

Government of Botswana Concern over Killing of Lion in Zimbabwe

31 July 2015 | 2781 Views
The Government of Botswana has learnt with deep concern of the killing of a collared and protected lion by an American national, Mr. Walter James Palmer.It is understood that the lion was ...

by Staff Reporter

Man gets life in jail for raping mentally ill woman

31 July 2015 | 1884 Views
A man was sentenced to life imprisonment on Thursday for the rape of a 14-year-old mentally disabled girl, News24 reported.The brutal attack took place...

by Staff reporter

Zimbabweans blamed for crime increase in Hillbrow SA

31 July 2015 | 4800 Views
Zimbabweans living in South Africa have been blamed for the increase in crime at Hillbrow where reports say people are being mugged and robbed by them on daily bases.Ngqabutho Mabhena an o...

by Stephen Jakes

'People can kill each other for animals'

30 July 2015 | 3494 Views
While the Killing of Cecil the lion in Hwange has received more attention and condemnation from across the world, its is not the same when rangers and armed police shot dead some poachers. ...

by Staff Reporter

SA set to review rejected Zimbabwean Permit applications

30 July 2015 | 5939 Views
THE South African Home Affairs department is set to review rejected Zimbabwean Special Dispensation Permit (ZSDP) applications beginning next month.The Zimbabwe Community in South Africa (...

by Staff reporter

Man fights monster cobra snake - pictures

29 July 2015 | 8189 Views
THE big snake was poised to strike with its killer venom.Wisani knew he faced agonising death. BUT HE PROVED THE REPTILE WAS NO MATCH FOR A BRAVE FATHER. "I hit it four times on the head with ...

by Staff reporter

Elephant tusk, Zimbabwean dealer jailed in Botswana

29 July 2015 | 2646 Views
An illegal migrant from Zimbabwe in Botswana who was caught trying to sell a P31, 681.70 elephant tusk was fined and jailed by a Francistown magistrate court last week.Thabani Nkomo, 35, ...

by Staff Reporter

'He pulled my vagina from his pocket' - ritual victim says

29 July 2015 | 5532 Views
A woman who had her private parts mutilated by a man believed to be a ritualist in South Africa said the man pulled her private virgina from his pocket and said now he has the nice thing with him&...

by Staff Reporter

HIV+ teacher gets life imprisonment for raping boy

29 July 2015 | 3000 Views
HIV+ teacher gets life imprisonment for raping boyStaff ReporterMagistrage in Soweto, Audrey Mpofu sentenced a Soweto teacher to life imprisonment on Tuesday for raping a schoolboy....

by Staff Reporter

Desmond Tutu back in hospital

29 July 2015 | 3244 Views
South Africa's Archbishop Desmond Tutu has returned to hospital just a week after being discharged.He has what has only been described as a "persistent infection" which his foundation say...

by BBC

'Obama is a tricky and mischievous politician'

29 July 2015 | 4972 Views
Some African activists have greeted President Barack Obama's remarks that Ethiopia has a democratically elected government with scorn and concern.Obama made the comment on Monday during a new...

by AP

Obama takes a jibe at Africa's 'life presidents'

28 July 2015 | 5884 Views
United States president Barack Obama took a jibe at African leaders who want to be leaders for life saying no one should be president for life.Speaking at the African Union Headquarters in Et...

by Thobekile Zhou

Gaddafi's son Saif sentenced to death

28 July 2015 | 4581 Views
Reports say a court in Libya has sentenced Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's son, Saif al-Islam, and eight others to death over war crimes linked to the 2011 revolution.More than 30 close associates o...

by Staff reporter

Ignore immigration hogwash, SA tells Zimbabweans

28 July 2015 | 8431 Views
SOUTH Africa's affairs minister Malusi Gigaba has said immigrants would not be declared undesired persons simply because officials at ports of entry granted them unreasonable days to be in South Afric...

by Agencies

Two Ethiopians shot dead during robbery in SA

27 July 2015 | 5143 Views
Two Ethiopian men were shot dead and one injured during a robbery at their shop in Thekwane near Rustenburg, North West police have said.Police spokesperson Captain Paul Ramaloko said unk...

by Staff Reporter

Emergency as elephant poached

27 July 2015 | 2914 Views
An Emergency was declared as the first elephant was poached on western border of Kruger National ParkEach day, In Africa, around 100 elephants die at the hands of poachers. Almost all the kil...

by Don Pinnock

I respect Uhuru Kenyatta - Job Sikhala

27 July 2015 | 4238 Views
The MDC-T senior member Job Sikhala has said Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta is one of the African leaders he respect because of his humble stance especial on his remarks concerning homosexual whe...

by Stephen Jakes

Zim owes Zambia $114m

27 July 2015 | 3775 Views
ZIMBABWE is reportedly still owing Zambia US$114 million in interest accrued in connection with the defunct Central Africa Power Cooperation (CAPCO) which was jointly owned.Zimbabwe clear...

by Staff Reporter

Lover kills Sangoma for denying him sex

27 July 2015 | 5356 Views
A 53-year-old woman Sangoma was killed by her younger lover in Kanye, Botswana for denying him sex.According to The Voice, Sangoma Nnesenyana Babui's body was found in bush. The c...

by Staff Reporter

Sipho Makhabane on unity programme

26 July 2015 | 4174 Views
GOSPEL heavyweight Sipho "Big Fish" Makhabane is reportedly going an extra mile to educate the community about unity indicating that drugs have destroyed the young people in the society.Da...

by Staff Reporter

Shows must go on - Soul brothers

26 July 2015 | 4463 Views
The MBAQANGA group Soul Brothers has vowed to continue with holding of shows after losing their lead singer David Masondo.The group held a meeting to discuss its future plans on Thursday l...

by Staff Reporter

SA doccie reveals the shocking truth behind lion breeding

24 July 2015 | 6069 Views
Blood Lions, a new documentary film delivers a damning verdict on the rapidly growing South African industry that breeds, hunts and trades lions in captivity.'Blood Lions', a hard-hitting...

by Andreas Wilson-Späth

Illegal contraband from Zim intercepted in South Africa

24 July 2015 | 4628 Views
A track full of illegal tobacco transported from Zimbabwe was intercepted in South Africa and confiscated on Tuesday.According to Daily Sun, the truck was carrying illegal tobacco from Zim...

by Staff Reporter

Woman gives birth in the bush, throws baby into a toilet

24 July 2015 | 2390 Views
A Bikita woman, Patience Mutumwa (21), allegedly threw her newly-born baby boy into a blair toilet after giving birth in the bush.Police had to dig out the toilet in order to retrieve the bod...

by Staff Reporter

Desmond Tutu back home in his wife's arms

23 July 2015 | 5053 Views
AFTER spending a week in hospital, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu is back home with his loved ones.The 83-year-old was admitted to a Cape Town hospital last Tuesday to treat a persistent in...

by Staff Reporter

Desmond Tutu discharged from hospital

22 July 2015 | 1165 Views
Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu returned home on Tuesday morning after a week in hospital to treat a persistent infection.The Drum reported that according to a statement by the Desmond an...

by Staff Reporter

Prison break at Limpopo prisons

22 July 2015 | 4682 Views
A group of Limpopo awaiting trial prisoners decided to flex their muscles a little more than usual in the exercise yard when they managed to cut through wire mesh and hot-footed it into the night in R...

by Staff Reporter

Bus crew nabbed for R2 million worth of drugs

22 July 2015 | 5403 Views
TWO bus workers are behind bars today after being bust with R2 million in drugs.Daily Sun reported that the two 52-year-old workers from Eldo Coaches in Joburg were denied bail in the Cape Tow...

by Staff Reporter

Tokoloshi gives Gogo sleepless nights

22 July 2015 | 6475 Views
THE troubled gogo can't sleep at night.This is because a short man with a huge 4-5 slips in between her sheets.Daily Sun reported that every night, she has a wrestling match with the t...

by Staff Reporter

Christ carrying undressed women, Rapper under fire

22 July 2015 | 8013 Views
Rapper Reason has come under fire for his latest freestyle, entitled 'Reazus Christ is Cummin'. The cover (above) shows Jesus Christ wearing shades, carrying two undressed women over his shoulders. ...

by Staff Reporter

Vapostori arrested in Namibia

22 July 2015 | 5804 Views
A joint operation between the Namibian police and immigration officials that targeted foreign-owned churches in Windhoek led to the arrest of 42 foreigners on Sunday – after they were found to be i...

by Stephen Jakes

Unsavoury practices in canned hunting industry prompt government concern

21 July 2015 | 3320 Views
Minister Edna Molewa has just met with stakeholders "to address widespread and mounting public concern" about the controversial practice of canned lion hunting. The meeting comes at a time whe...

by Andreas Wilson-Späth

'Aborted babies won't enter heaven'

21 July 2015 | 3700 Views
ALPHEUS Tshwane wants to share the vision he says was given to him by the Holy Spirit.The 50-year-old man from Nellmapius, east of Tshwane, says he's a Rastafarian prophet and God has told h...

by Staff Reporter

'Zuma swims in millions'

21 July 2015 | 7023 Views
The ANC built a swimming pool for President Jacob Zuma at Nkandla while many of the country's citizens swam in poverty, Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema said on Monday.According...

by Staff reporter

Hands off snakes, SPCA tells pastor

20 July 2015 | 4045 Views
The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) officials pounced at the prophet's residents and reportedly told him hands off snakes after he reportedly ordered the congregants to eat sna...

by Staff Reporter

'Zuma will resign soon'

20 July 2015 | 8428 Views
SOUTH AFRICA PRESIDENT - Jacob Zuma - has been discharged from hospital after the removal of gallstones on Saturday night amid revelations a nyanga has predicted he will resign soon.Gallstone...

by Staff Reporter

Snake prophet behind bars

20 July 2015 | 6878 Views
THE prophet who ordered his followers to eat snakes and hair braids has been arrested and is now reportedly behind bars.This is after a Facebook storm over the prophet feeding hair braids ...

by Staff Reporter

Tokoloshies raped our children - parents

20 July 2015 | 5685 Views
Parents of two Makobo toddlers who are said to have been sexually abused have blamed the children's ordeal on what they believe to be the works of evil forces.The toddlers aged 3 years and...

by Staff Reporter

MIWUSA to targets foreigners in Limpopo

20 July 2015 | 4809 Views
The Migrant International Workers Union in South Africa (MIWUSA) will as from July 24 to 30 target foreigners living in the Limpopo area to recruit them, to join the union so as to easily get assi...

by Stephen Jakes

Police confirm King Lion bus accident

20 July 2015 | 8889 Views
Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga has confirmed the King Lion bus accident which occurred on Sunday morning along Chirundu Road.Katanga told The Herald: "I can conf...

by Staff Reporter

WATCH: Surfer attacked by a shark live on TV

19 July 2015 | 5316 Views
A professional surfer has been attacked by a shark, live on television, during a competition.Australian Mick Fanning was taking part in the World Surf League event in Jeffreys Bay, South Afric...

by Staff reporter

Elite police aide cigarette smuggling

19 July 2015 | 5618 Views
An elite police unit has been escorting vans belonging to multinational cigarette company British American Tobacco at taxpayers’ expense.A City Press special investigation reveals that the p...

by Staff Reporter

Zimbo with fake Botswana ID dragged to court

19 July 2015 | 5650 Views
A Zimbabwean man who has been masquerading as a Motswana for the past eight years was this week brought to court to answer for a charge of obtaining by false pretense.Simbarashe Mafumo, co...

by Stephen Jakes

Jacob Zuma discharged from hospital

19 July 2015 | 6110 Views
Johannesburg - South Africa President Jacob Zuma was discharged from hospital on Sunday following a procedure to remove gallstones, the presidency said."Doctors are pleased with the outco...

by Staff reporter

Siblings held up in Botswana for allegedly killing Zimbabwean man

19 July 2015 | 4438 Views
Molepolole Police are holding in their custody, two men and their sister who are alleged to have killed a Zimbabwean man for raping the woman.The Voice newspaper reported that the deceased...

by Staff Reporter

MIWUSA irked by Zimbabwe Special Permits delays

19 July 2015 | 4256 Views
The Migrant Workers Union of South Africa (MIWUSA) has expressed concerns over the delay in the processing of the Zimbabwe Special Permits (ZSP) in South African and indicated that it is doing all...

by Stephen Jakes

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