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‘Man claim mother bewitched him not to cannot marry

15 April 2016 | 2828 Views
INCESSANT assaults, insults and death threats from her violent son left a Zimunya woman with no choice, but to seek a protection order from the courts last week. Manica Post reported that Mell...
by Blessing Rwizi

PICTURE: Confusion as witches falls from the sky

04 April 2016 | 8666 Views
This one-of-a-kind superstitious mishap allegedly happened in Chitungwiza Unit O near Zaoga Church in Harare, Zim Metro reported. Although the incident could not be independently veri...
by Staff reporter

Drama as 1st wife is found with male sexual organ

27 March 2016 | 5453 Views
IN an incident that has left Gokwe villagers' tongues wagging, a 53-year-old woman was found with a male sexual organ which she was using as a charm to centrally lock her polygamous husband from sleep...
by Munyaradzi Musiiwa

Female teacher threatens to stab headmistress over witchcraft claims

18 March 2016 | 1923 Views
A female teacher at  Madlelanyoni Secondary school in Ntabazinduna went berserk after she armed herself with a knife  and attempted to stab  the headmistress over witchcraft allegations...
by Staff Reporter

Man seek protection order against sister-in-law over witchcraft accusations

06 March 2016 | 1078 Views
A man from Marange area has sought court protection against his sister-in law  whom he claimed always accuse him of witch craft.All this came to light after Michael Mudzipurwa dragged his...
by Letwin Mubonesi

Mob burns 7 to death over suspected witchcraft

02 March 2016 | 2487 Views
Blantyre - A mob in Malawi's southern district of Nsanje burned seven people to death for allegedly possessing human bones for use in witchcraft, police said on Wednesday.The seven were "f...
by Agencies

Flying undressed woman steals cops' van

02 March 2016 | 4639 Views
THE undressed woman flying through the air scared not only the residents - but also the cops!Daily Sun reported that residents from L section in KwaMashu, north of Durban said they heard loud ...
by Staff Reporter

Undressed ‘witch’ found wandering

26 February 2016 | 2874 Views
RESIDENTS in the sprawling suburb of Dangamvura were last weekend treated to a macabre real life drama after a woman was found stark naked in the early hours of Saturday in a suspected case of witchcr...
by Liberty Dube

Man killed for alleged witchcraft

24 February 2016 | 1527 Views
THREE people were arrested in Ntcheu District, Malawi, after they allegedly killed their uncle who they accused of using witchcraft to kill their brother.Nyasa Times reports that Esnart (24), ...
by Staff Reporter

Family accused of witchcraft

11 February 2016 | 2668 Views
ANGRY villagers chased away four families this week, threatening them with death after accusing them of witchcraft. They shrugged off a traditional leader’s ruling, attacked cops and burned ...
by Staff Reporter

Man feigns witchcraft after being caught with no clothes on in fellow tenant room

05 February 2016 | 2479 Views
A Makokoba man who  sneaked into a female tenant's blankets while he was undressed attempted to scare off the woman by shouting that he was a 'wizard' when he was caught.The self-confesse...
by Staff Reporter

'Witch doctors' loot homesteads

31 January 2016 | 1656 Views
A FAMILY in Siboza village, more than 100 kilometres outside Gwanda town will rue the day they decided to hire tsikamutandas (witch doctors) to rid evil spirits at their homestead after the self-procl...
by Vusumuzi Dube

Man calls wife 'a witch'

25 January 2016 | 1375 Views
A man gave his wife a thorough hiding for allegedly practising witchcraft and possessing goblins, a Harare Civil Court has heard.Fiona Murisa yesterday told magistrate Mrs Marehwanazvo Gofa th...
by Ivan Zhakata

Drama as female congregant strips in church, demands to exhume human skulls

15 January 2016 | 3704 Views
A self-confessed 'witch' from Old Pumula stripped during a church service before bolting, outpacing everyone.Busi Ntini had attended an Apostolic Church service when she fell into a trance. ...
by Staff Reporter

Man axes 'bewitching' dad to death over goblins

23 December 2015 | 2592 Views
A 50 year old Mt Hampden man - Michael Mapuranga allegedly axed his father to death accusing him of bewitching him and possessing goblins.Mapuranga is said to have disappeared from his homeste...
by Staff Reporter

Family embroiled in witchcraft browl

12 December 2015 | 1766 Views
A TROUBLED Marange man who could not fathom witchcraft allegations laid against him by his cousins, has sought the court’s reprimand against the duo.The court heard that Eliah Chitsiku’s c...
by Staff Reporter

Witchcraft row ends in tragedy

09 December 2015 | 1757 Views
Five Seke brothers allegedly teamed up to murder their uncle by setting him ablaze and attacking him with a knobkerrie, as they accused him of possessing goblins, the court heard.One of the br...
by Lovemore Meya

Witchcraft row, man torches dad's goat pen

04 December 2015 | 1700 Views
A knife-wielding injiva from Binga went berserk and attempted to stab his father whom he accused of bewitching him before torching a goat pen and a bedroom hut, a court heard yesterday.Eight g...
by Leonard Ncube

Witch from 'Britain' left stranded undressed in Bulawayo

31 October 2015 | 4045 Views
A female 'witch' was left stranded in her birthday suit at 3 am by her two imaginary friends at a house in Thorngrove suburb following a misunderstanding in the middle of their mission.Apparen...
by Staff Reporter

11 witches drop undressed collegue from the sky in Harare

30 October 2015 | 4999 Views
An undressed woman suspected to be a witch fell from a winnowing basket in the sky  and landed at Whitecliff Township in Harare in the wee hours of the morning.Eye-witnessed said the 'wit...
by Staff Reporter

Man tries to kill father in witchcraft row

26 October 2015 | 1298 Views
A BULILIMA man has been jailed three years for trying to kill his father after torching a hut in which he was sleeping following accusations of witchcraft.Lameck Muda, 66, begged the court to ...
by Sukulwenkosi Dube

Drama as undressed man flies on a hose-pipe

15 October 2015 | 5458 Views
A  Hope Fountain man was found with no clothes on inside a house in How Mine claiming he was sent to carry out unspecified work.The man only identified as Bongani, said he was sent by one...
by Staff Reporter

Highlanders on witch hunt

05 September 2015 | 3460 Views
HIGHLANDERS have embarked on a witch hunt to flush out individuals the club blames for leaking vital confidential information to the media. Chronicle on Saturday reported that the hunt for...
by Sikhumbuzo Moyo

Witchcraft charm found in court

03 September 2015 | 2646 Views
A 42 year old man stunned the court when he brought out the evidence he gathered to prove that his neighbour is a witch.He produced a bottle containing a brownish concoction and said he found ...
by Stephen Jakes

Bandiza ngesikhova ogogo beNkayi

01 August 2015 | 2836 Views
KULEZALUKAZI zeGuwe eNkayi okucatshangelwa ukuba bezigqokisa isikhova isigqoko somntwana andubana zindize ngaso ebusuku zisiyakhunkula, uMthunywa ukuzwile lokhu.Kuzwakale ukuba isikhova lesi e...
by Ethel Ncube

Thokozani Khupe in witchcraft storm

23 July 2015 | 8343 Views
MDC-T Bulawayo province has been rocked by witchcraft allegations as a faction led by deputy president Thokozani Khupe  is  accused of bewitching Nkulumane legislator Thamsanqa Mahlangu....
by Staff reporter

Granny (100) assaulted over witchcraft

22 July 2015 | 4502 Views
A Harare man stands accused of assaulting his 100-year-old grandmother and his mother claiming they are bewitching him so that he does not get married.In her application filed at the Harare ...
by Prosper Dembedza

Mob beheads woman over 'witchcraft'

21 July 2015 | 5311 Views
New Delhi - An elderly Indian woman was tortured and beheaded by a mob of villagers who accused her of practising witchcraft, police said Tuesday.Poni Orang, 63, was attacked in the north-eas...
by dpa

Brothers stone 'witching' dad to death

14 July 2015 | 3211 Views
TWO brothers from Mwenezi stoned their father to death following a dispute over witchcraft allegations. Muchanyara, 33, and Moses Chikwerengwe, 30, of Manhondo Village in Chief Chitanga ar...
by Staff reporter

'My three daughters are witches,' Father declares

19 June 2015 | 6380 Views
A man is furious with his elder brother's wife whom he is accusing of having recruited his three daughters to become agents of the underworld.Wendy Makunike - the sister-in-law made a prot...
by Staff Reporter

Teenage witch caught

30 May 2015 | 4503 Views
A CREEPY looking suspected teenage witch was on Tuesday morning caught in action in the sprawling high-density suburb of Dangamvura allegedly trying to remove an 18-year-old's uterus in a suspected ca...
by Staff reporter

SA-based man instructs wife to kill 'witch' mother

27 May 2015 | 4654 Views
A MAN from Bulilima district allegedly connived with his wife and their maid to murder his 97-year-old mother after a South African sangoma told him that the old woman was bewitching him.Nicho...
by Sukulwenkosi Dube

Witchcraft scare at High School, 80 pupils sent back home

22 May 2015 | 5608 Views
About 80 pupils at Mbuyazwe High School in Umguza have been sent home after scores of them suffered from hysteria in a suspected witchcraft act.Some pupils claimed to have been attacked by a b...
by Staff Reporter

Old lady caught with no clothes on in public

15 May 2015 | 4909 Views
THERE was drama in Gweru on Wednesday when a suspected 70-year-old female 'witch' was caught with no clothes on near Gafa Stadium in Mtapa.The granny was whisked to Mtapa police station....
by Staff Reporter

Witchcraft storm rocks clan

09 May 2015 | 4345 Views
A MARANGE headman is in the eye of a witchcraft storm after nine members of the extended family fingered him as the one behind mysterious happenings and deaths in their family.Lazarus Macheke ...
by Tendai Gukutikwa

Man's privates disappear after wedding, claims ex-lover bewitched him

09 May 2015 | 6386 Views
A Hwange couple is in a nightmare as the man of the house - Oswell Gangata's private parts apparently mysterious vanish every time they plan to be intimate.The pair claims the key parts vanish...
by Staff Reporter

Evil creature pokes mum and daughter

05 May 2015 | 5903 Views
IN THE beginning the creature only attacked the younger woman.But the randy creature wasn't satisfied with just one victim.Now both women are terrified of going to their own beds at ni...
by Daily Sun

Teenager beats up dad, accuses him of witchcraft

03 May 2015 | 3315 Views
A TEENAGER from Greenhill in Bulawayo was arrested after he assaulted his father, accusing him of being a wizard.Tanaka Hindoga Ndlovu (19), a student at the Institute of People Management of ...
by Mncedisi Buhali

Witchcraft allegations over stolen panties

27 April 2015 | 3339 Views
A BULAWAYO woman's hand allegedly swelled up after her husband's lover who is a vendor  "bewitched" her for stealing her panties, a court heard last week.Nyengeterai Mashungu a money chan...
by Staff Reporter

Family in witchcraft storm

18 April 2015 | 4340 Views
BEING fingered by his 11 sons as the culprit behind all misfortunes befalling the family left a Mutare man with no option but to approach the courts for protection.All this came to light after...
by Tendai Gukutikwa

Zimbabwe's witchcraft capital

12 April 2015 | 5865 Views
Gokwe, the cotton-producing district in Midlands province, has become synonymous with witchcraft and the occult. Basing on the number of reported cases, Gokwe could easily compete with the lightning-m...
by Tendai Chara

Witchcraft scare, 'manager changes to hyena'

03 April 2015 | 5009 Views
Please note that Bulawayo24 does not edit WhatsApp updates. We publish them as sent by our readers and we do not disclose the sende...
by Concerned Citizen

'Sex workers' beat up, evict 'witch' granny

29 March 2015 | 2715 Views
TWO suspected sex workers recently labelled their grandmother a witch, beat her up and later evicted her from her own house in Mpopoma, forcing the octogenarian to seek refuge from neighbours. ...
by Dumani Moyo

Black bird flies away with toddler

29 March 2015 | 3005 Views
THE family of a baby who was picked by a relatively small bird which flew away with him for about 400 metres has hired a witch-hunter (tsikamutanda) to perform a cleansing ceremony at the homestead an...
by Staff reporter

Siblings in witchcraft storm

07 March 2015 | 421 Views
HAVING endured incessant assaults, insults and witchcraft allegations from his extended family forced a Mutare senior citizen to approach the court praying for protection.Patson Tawana Chakwan...
by Tendai Gukutikwa

Prophet left needle in 'witch's' spinal cord

04 March 2015 | 2709 Views
The story of Jabulani Nyoni (20), a tsikamutanda-cum-self-proclaimed prophet took a new twist with reports that it was likely to suck in six village heads from Matesti and Lubangwe who allegedly took ...
by Fairness Moyana

'Mugabe contravened the Witchcraft Suppression Act'

04 March 2015 | 2124 Views
LEGAL experts say the believe that President Robert Mugabe should be punished for contraventions of law because citizens were all equal before the law at least on paper, the president included....
by Staff reporter

Mayhem as witchcraft bird flies off with baby

03 March 2015 | 8089 Views
IN a bizarre incident a strange black bird reportedly snatched a one and half year old boy from his parents' bedroom in Gokwe and flew away with him.The bird only dropped the child after flyin...
by Staff reporter

Man dies after fight with 'invisible baboon'

28 February 2015 | 4991 Views
A BULILIMA man died mysteriously after he was attacked by a baboon which only he could see.Langanani Tshuma, 20, of Masendu area died on Wednesday evening while his family watched helplessly a...
by Sukulwenkosi Dube

I believe in witchcraft

23 February 2015 | 4867 Views
"SIR," I shouted at the sports master, "you obviously don't know me well I may be only 10 but in everything I do, I am as good as Samson of True Africa magazine. I am as brave as a lion, strong as an ...
by Mzana Mthimkhulu

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