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Rhodesian Crisis Report (1965)

by Moyo Roy
28 Aug 2015 at 21:53hrs | Views
Bulawayo, Rhodesia. Documentation on file.
GV. Main Street in Bulawayo. MS. Rhodes Statue in main street. GV. Of Main Street. CU. Street sign. 'Main Street and 8th Ave'. VS. Exteriors of some of the houses in Bulawayo MS. Pan of line of parked cars in the town. VS. Exterior of 'Rhodesia Front' building. VS. In street a memorial to men killed in Matabele Rebellion in 1896. MS. Street scenes. VS. Of the modern buildings and the various countries name plates of the Central African Trade Fair. GV. Travelling shot along Main Street. MS. Cars parked at meters in Main Street. VS. Scenes in the streets, general material. VS. Of Africans township outside Bulawayo. Shows prefabricated and brick built accommodation. Africans cycling back and forth to their work. Township is called Mpopoma. VS. Africans being checked onto bus at bus stop and the windscreen of the bus has wire across it for this is the place where a bus was stoned recently. MCU. Sign 'Bulawayo' on road leading to the town. GV. Pan (2 shots) of typical African bush village with huts, this is about 200 miles from Salisbury. VS. Governor of Southern Rhodesia Sir Humphrey Gibbs comes out of Government House and meets a battery of pressmen, he sits in a chair and talks for a while before going in again (Magnetic Tape in can 4087 B. of message.) VS. News cameramen. VS. Good of Sir Humphrey Gibbs and Lady Gibbs with their sons on the lawns of Government House having a game of croquet.

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