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Why I am entering active politics in Zimbawe and What I am going to do

by Hannington Mubaiwa
27 Jun 2016 at 21:53hrs | Views
To all Fathers and mothers,Brothers and sisters, and Children:
I am not coming empty handed, full of paralysis of analysis but am ready to appear on the Zimbabwean political stage with actively in hand with: idea and a concept of intent of the way forward
2.A Strategic Humanitarian Intervention Initiative
3.a 30 year masterplan

all with practical solutions,active strategies all with a sense of urgency, Mindsight and Gods guidance as an emergency
" As a leader you must be interested in finding the best, not in having your own way.' Coach John Wooden
"I if the leaders of a culture are themselves devoid of mindsight,then the young,emerging minds of that culture will be leaving in a world in which the blind are leading the blind"
Dr Daniel J. Siegel.