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Hwange to produce coking coal

by Ashley Kondo
21 Dec 2019 at 19:02hrs | Views
Zimbabwe's coal mining sector is set to experience a major boost following the setting up of a US$60 million coking coal plant in Lukhosi, Hwange by a Chinese firm, Dinson Colliery.

Over the years, the country's most significant use of coal has been limited to electricity generation through the Hwange Thermal Power Station.

The latest development of setting up a coking coal plant will enable the country to realize maximum benefits from the vast coal deposits in Hwange as coking coal may be used for a number of things, including steel production.

Dinson Colliery Manager, Mr. Steve Xing said the plant would be set up in two phases with an investment injection of US$30 million at each phase.

"We have two phases. We are injecting US$30 million at each phase.

"At the first the first phase, we are coming up with the battery oven which will produce 200 000 tonnes of coking coal per year", he said.

The US$ 60 million project, currently employs 100 locals and is expected to employ an additional 500 workers upon completion.

The community is also set to benefit amid plans to build a school in the area and to sink boreholes.

"Currently we are concluding building our offices. After that, we will build one school for the community and drill more boreholes around the area as part of our efforts to bring development to the community", added Mr. Xing.

Source - Ashley Kondo