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UK-based Nyakudya sings for Zimbabwe

by Peter Dube
12 Dec 2019 at 07:27hrs | Views
Award-winning musician Carol Nyakudya, who grew up in Bulawayo, is rallying the Keep On chant with her new single released recently.

She bounced back onto the music scene after a three-year hiatus with the mellow dance track, produced by Macdonald Chidavaenzi, popularly known as MacDee.

Nyakudya described Keep On as "a song of hope and resilience" during the launch in Birmingham recently.

"I was just going through mixed emotions given everything that is going on back home and I got to a point where I broke down," she said.

"While visiting Zimbabwe a few months ago, I arranged a studio session with MacDee and this EP is the product of that meeting."

The award-winning songstress said Zimbabwe had been lingering in her heart as someone who is concerned about humanitarian issues and the ordinary Zimbabwean.

"We're a great people, a great nation that must have great expectation. This song and my offering of music is one to encourage everyone that despite our challenges, we can and we will emerge victorious," she said.

Her single launch was featured in an exclusive appearance on online TV portal, ZimboLive, last week alongside her new website. The song is available for free download on her website.

Nyakudya recently went through a rebranding process of her image as a musician, businesswoman, media presenter and philanthropist.

She said the rebranding process extends to Lorac Foundation, an institution she set up for the sole purpose of using her influence and resources to facilitate a better life for women and orphans in various ways.

"On the philanthropic front, I'm working on a few projects and the idea is to make life better for the women overburdened by the economy and the girl child moving to her next stage of education. I'm in touch with various partners and we will be announcing our interventions soon," she added.

Nyakudya is also involved in youth mentorship which she does through music and this has seen her involved in various music initiatives including gospel ensemble, ZimPraise.

She burst onto the music scene in 2005 with the album This Is Now, before releasing All For You in 2008 and Dwelling Place in 2015.

Her ingenuity has not gone unnoticed, scooping awards that included Zima Best Female Gospel Artist of the Year in 2015 and several other nominations.

Source - Peter Dube