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Property Renovations to Increase Property Value for 2020

by Staff writer
11 Feb 2020 at 11:38hrs | Views
You've bought a home and you can proudly call yourself a homeowner. What's next? Well, for some, it's to live peacefully with their family or to start one. For others, it is to increase the property's value so that they can sell it for more money and buy another property instead. If you are the latter, there are many property renovations for you to do in 2020.

Invest in energy-efficient technology
The future is green, with more people wanting to decrease their carbon footprint and live greener lifestyles. Luckily, being green isn't too much effort. You can add solar panels to your house's roof, add LED lighting, and have a compost bin in the garden.

Install a smart meter so that you can program when the heating comes on, meaning you can save energy but also money. Decreasing your energy bills is a great perk of being green.

Add a pool
Pools are a great investment, and installing an inground swimming pool does increase a property's value. This is a large project to undergo, and one that needs to be done properly. You will want to hire professionals to complete the renovation, contact Hire Rite Temporary Fence for safety reasons, and wait for the pool to be completed.

Add a bathroom
The bathroom is easily neglected when people think about property renovations, but adding an additional bathroom can add value to your home. Why? Because no one wants to be fighting for a turn in the bathroom, and many new builds have two bathrooms and a separate downstairs restroom. You need to compete with these houses if you want to make yours more appealing.

En-suite bathrooms are in-demand and no longer considered a luxury but a necessity. Adding one to the master bedroom can be a profitable investment. If you don't have the room, then you can settle for a shower room, rather than a family bathroom.

Convert the attic
For many, the attic is a space to store junk you no longer want or need, but for some odd reason, cannot part with. Rather than let discarded items pile up, clear up the clutter and convert the attic into a room that's useable.

The attic can be transformed into a bedroom, an office, or a spare room. It could also be a games room if that's what you desire. Be sure to check whether you have the planning permission to convert your attic beforehand.

Rework the kitchen
The kitchen is known for being the heart of every home, which is why you should invest in expanding, modernizing, and redecorating the area. What do people want out of a kitchen in 2020, then?

While you will want to keep the kitchen natural so that it is appealing to more people, that doesn't mean you can't add extra flare. You can have unexpected color pops for some added charm, add an island (or two!) and plenty of storage/open shelving.

You can be as quirky as you wish with your kitchen, but make sure it is consistent with the rest of your home's d├ęcor. Your house should be consistent.

Knockdown walls for open plan living
It's all about open plan living, so look for walls that are redundant and would be best being knocked down. Having an open planned kitchen and dining area is incredibly desirable, as many homeowners love the added sociability. This is also ideal for couples or single occupants who love to host dinner parties.

You can go one step further and have your kitchen, dining area and living area all open plan. Not only does this make your home extra open, bright and airy, but its modern vibe is highly sought after and on many people's wish lists.

Create an outdoor area
When summer roles around, being able to sit outside and relax or entertain guests is high on people's lists. We want to enjoy the good weather, which is why having an outdoor area that is comfortable and optimized for entertaining is a great investment.

It can be as minimal as having a grass area, decking, a fire pit, and some comfortable outdoor furniture. You do not have to add fountains or ponds if you do not want to; all you have to do is ensure that it is well-kept and clean.

Of course, you can go one step further and build an outdoor cooking area so that BBQs can be enjoyed. Or if BBQs aren't your thing, installing a pizza oven could hit the mark and add originality to your property.

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