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Does mindfulness training really work for preparing students to be in the moment?

by Staff Reporter
20 Sep 2019 at 08:37hrs | Views
Numerous thoughts take place within your mind at the same time. More so, when you are students. It is sometimes challenging to concentrate on the present moment and focus on the things that will benefit your learning. In such moments, practicing of mindfulness is essential. It helps you to concentrate on the things that are happening around you. Mindfulness gives you the chance to pay more attention to the present moment without feeling confused or getting sidetracked. This practice eliminates the feeling of judgment hence making you open to the activities that are surrounding you. It has proven to yield results for both adults and students in various capacities. If you are yet to incorporate mindfulness in your learning, here are a few benefits of using the practice.

1. Improves both Mental and Physical Health
Mindfulness has proved to help people in various ways. It works to ensure that the general well-being of a person is observed in multiple ways. By practicing this form of meditation, it gives you the ability to relieve stress, reduce chronic pain, treat heart disease, improve sleep, lower blood pressure, and several other things. All these conditions, if you are not able to deal with the daily stress, will have an impact on general learning and academic performance. When you notice that from the Cortisol Home Test Kit that your stress levels are high, it is time to stop, take a step back and rest.

Mindfulness can help you deal with things such as anxiety disorder depression, high blood pressure, and other stress-related conditions. Instead of giving an opening where you will start to practice tolerance to the situation, mindfulness offers you an opportunity to understand the experiences and accept the way they are with their emotions and pains. This helps you to deal with the present moment without avoiding responsibilities.

2. Improve Academic Success

For students, the present moment is their studies. Therefore, if mindfulness allows you to concentrate on the present moment and have the ability to handle the situation as it is, then, it enhances the ability for students to concentrate and focus on their academics. Every student has the desire of excelling in their academics. However, some things will always pull them down and prevent them from achieving their goals. Mindfulness will help to eliminate all external stress to ensure you have an open opportunity to make an academic success.

Lastly, the practice of mindfulness is also useful for people in a working environment. There are often when the office chances schedules and working hours. This method is likely to affect your other place hence result in loss of concentration or emotional destruction. This, in return, will affect your performance and consistency. However, the practice of mindfulness ensures that your resilience is activated. Additionally, it will reduce fatigue, stress, and psychological distress. If there are employees with poor mental health issues, integrating the practice of mindfulness and other cognitive therapy will ensure they improve and become better employees within a short period.

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