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Sleep Tips: Solve your sleep problems with technology

by Staff Reporter
23 Sep 2019 at 13:15hrs | Views
In this digital time, we see technology everywhere. From the time we wake up until we turn off lights, we likely depend on many parts of technology. Technology has become an essential component of our daily life, from resident home goods to vehicles to metal bed frames to smartphones. Not only it makes our lives more comfortable, but it also makes our sleeping experience more comfortable and prevents us from getting shoulder pain from sleeping.

Our 24-hour culture and addiction to screens can be difficult for you to get a good night's sleep. Sometimes it might feel like that, but you can use it to help you. Instead, sleep technology innovations can save your snoozing and health.

Natural Sleep: Can It Be Enhanced?
Sleep is a biological process that all human beings, as well as animals on Earth, need. However, human beings appear the only ones interested in trying to improve sleep through technology. Just like how bedroom rugs can make for a very cozy room, different sleep technologies can make for a peaceful night.

It isn't a bad thing. For centuries, we are using our scientific knowledge to achieve things that seemed confusing. From flying through the air to traveling in long distances, we could never go with incredible velocity and convenience without the help of technology. Technology has its place, and sleep may even play a part.

Why do we need to sleep technology?
Sure, we already know the famous line we need to sleep a night for eight hours. How much absence of sleep can impact our lives in the coming years? According to NHS Choices, insomnia affects one in three, and night owls have a higher death rate for those who sleep less than six hours a night. Our reliance on and addiction to technology is one of the most significant reasons for this.
In our life, there's an immense quantity of electronics that makes switching off at bedtime difficult, whether it's shutting off the TV or pricing ourselves away from the internet. When it comes to sleep, we shouldn't view technology in a negative light. The solution to your sleep problems might lie in technological sleep aids.
The upsurge of sleeping gadgets can help us get the sleep that we directly need. It can affect our physical and mental health. Sleep technology gadgets are explicitly intended to alleviate our senses and promote things that can make us sleepy. Depending on what you need, different technologies have different impacts. Here are some of the technology that can help you solve your sleep problems:

Sleep tracker
Sleep continues to be a bit of a mystery, despite it being something we all do every day. However, there's science beyond sleeping which makes sense on our night-time behavior. Aside from nutritional and workout effects on our sleep, knowing the time when to go to bed and getting out can affect your sleep in a soft latex mattress.  

Through monitoring, you can now find out the responses to this along with the quality of sleep we get, no matter the sleeping positions. Whether you're a peaceful sleeper, a toss-and-turner, or a light sleeper, tracking your sleeping patterns can educate you on how to improve your sleep. You can put this under your pillow or mattress in which can monitor your sleep without being invasive.

New sleep technology trackers consist of a tiny circular tracker. It fits your pillow to evaluate your sleeping practices between going to bed and getting out of bed. Also, it works with an app that allows you to monitor and check your sleep quality regularly. Moreover, it can help you get some tips_ on how to enhance your sleep.

Smart Light
Blue light, an artificial light emitted from electronic devices, is the main reason behind the impact of technology on our absence of sleep. More than any other color of light, its short wavelength, and high energy adversely affect the production of melatonin, a sleep-regulating hormone. It makes our brains think it is morning and can have a catastrophic impact on sleep and overall health.

To fight this, use a red spectrum light as it has a longer wavelength and far less damaging to us and our sleep. Exposure to a red light is more helpful and can benefit our rest as it won't harm the production of melatonin in our body.

With this, a light can be used to ease us into sleep and assist us in waking up in a non-invasive way. A smart sleep light can wake you up naturally to jumpstart your day. As you're preparing for bed, you can control this brilliant light from an app to help you fall asleep faster on your luxury mattress.

The device will then operate with your body to assist you to sleep comfortably and wake up peacefully. You can also use Bluetooth to link and play your music to help you wake up. Using something our bodies are generally hardwired to react to, it will feel like a more natural manner to wake up. You may prefer waking up to the morning sun and relaxing sounds rather than a screaming alarm.

Sleep scents
The scent is strong; it can provoke memory, place, individual or emotion, or impacting sleep through our nervous system. Essential oils, or aromatherapy, have been placed on the market and have shown to help sleep by assisting you to fall into bed and make it more relaxing.

For decades, these essential oils have been around. However, there is now a mixture of aromatherapy oils and technology to suit our more connected and contemporary society. They combine to produce a sleep-inducing atmosphere and to be as physically and mentally healthy as possible.

There's a new piece of sleep tech focusing on aromatherapy. It also delivers sound, light, and aroma to help you fall asleep and wake up quickly. You can use essential oils such as orange blossom, jasmine, or lavender, that are proven to promote sleep. The sound and light will help you to wake up in peace, which will surely be a welcome start to your day.

Sleep tech solutions

It's never been more critical to have the amount of rest you have to make sure you're physically and mentally prepared in a quick-paced world and society that lives 24 hours a day. You might discover the ideal solution with it through the use of sleep aid technology.

A quick internet search will show various kinds of sleep aid technology. So, no matter what type of issue you might have with sleep, you're bound to discover something for you. Perhaps your partner snores at night, or you will wake up always because you feel sweaty. Maybe you hate the rough wake-up call you've got in the morning right now.

Whichever you choose, make sure you've got the blue light screens out of your bedroom. Sleep technology may be allowed, but the room should be a no-fly zone for overall technology.

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