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Medical Marijuana: Taking The Market By Storm

by Staff Writer
08 Oct 2019 at 06:23hrs | Views
Pot, Weed, Blunt, Joint, MJ, Ganja, Hemp, or only Marijuana. A plant that was proven to inhibit medicinal properties that can cure different illnesses and improve a healthier lifestyle. From Type 1 Diabetes to the uncontrolled episodes of epilepsy, Marijuana, or Medical Marijuana provides relief for patients to overcome seizures and ailments. However, knowing the adverse effect of this miracle drug still puts Medical Marijuana on a higher pedestal. The abusing it gets when taken recreationally give off a wrong impression on the drug. So, how does it par when it comes to becoming a sustainable form of medication? What properties does Medical Marijuana have, which makes it usable for treating patients? Moreover, why are Marijuana-based medicinal products all the talk in the market today?

What is Medical Marijuana?

Medical Marijuana comes from two different cannabis strains - Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa. This species of Cannabis differentiate in the ways it is used. The Indica strain is used prominently in recreational activities, which involves heightening the brain function, which, in turn, makes the body full of energy. However, the Indica strain also inhibits the psychogenic properties of THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. This compound is mainly found on the Cannabis Indica strain but may also be found on Sativa strains but low concentrations.

The other species of Cannabis is the Sativa. Sativa strains are what make Marijuana take on the medical field. Although both Cannabis strains have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects on the body, Sativa strains are mainly used as medicinal components on drugs. Rich in Cannabidiol, a compound that reconstitutes in treating anxiety, pain, depression, epilepsy for children, and even anorexia. CBD or Cannabidiol also provides rejuvenating applications on the skin.

How does it par as Medication and Treatment?

Besides the treatment mentioned above for certain types of Diabetes and other illnesses like anxiety and depression, Medical Marijuana also brandishes its capability in treating multiple sclerosis and joint pains. Several athletes turn to the use of Medical Marijuana before and after workouts. The anti-inflammatory property of Medical Marijuana helps in the release of pain on muscle tissues and aid in muscle recovery. Also, you may find other athletes apply Medicinal Marijuana on their drinks or food. This CBD infused drinks and food helps in post-workout regimes for athletes to regain muscle mass through high-intensity fibrous diets. Plus, in the essence of sports, several professionals use Medicinal Marijuana as a motivational drug that helps them in focusing more and enjoy their routine.

Several studies have taken CBD as a possible treatment for Cancer. Becoming a part of therapy in cancer-related illnesses, CBD infused products can be of help in cancer treatment. One of which is through the stimulation of appetite. Cancer patients often, if not, experience nausea and a loss of appetite when dealing with chemo, also, due to the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD. Pain due to inflammation and the pressure in between internal organs are kept in check. Plus, Medicinal Marijuana is an organic substance that makes it viable for people having a difficult time with powerful pain medications.

One other medical condition that most people endure is lack of sleep or simply Insomnia. CBD is also known for its relaxing or sedative properties, which helps your body to rest in a homeostatic state. Also, CBD infused products ease other sleeping disorders and relief from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders, Sleep Apnea, Rem Sleep Behavior, and the like. Due to the targeting of the endocannabinoid system of your body, Cannabinidiol based products helps you attain more extended periods of rest and sleep while removing side effects like digestive issues, loss of balance, shaking, and possible addition brought up by traditional sleep medications.

Another point on which Medical Marijuana helps in the medical field is through easing depression. Depression does not only circumvent the feeling of lowness or the incapacity of having a sustainable energy source in the body. Severe cases of depression mostly, if not, end up in dangerous circumstances, like suicide. Plus, depression can lead to several addictions like smoking, drug abuse, and excessive intake of alcohol. However, CBD based products may have been the solution that people experiencing depression might need. Lowering the brain activities in the neuroendocrine system while heightening the serotonergic and noradrenergic flow in the body, CBD becomes an antidepressant the inhibits no side effects most commonly found in traditional medications. Plus, it helps in lessening or even urge people to quit smoking.

Why Is Medical Marijuana Leading the Market?

Due to its legalization, Marijuana has become all the talk in every field today. The industry is climbing at a fast rate that makes Medical Marijuana a necessity rather than a commodity. Plus, the different applications of Medical Marijuana through food like gummies, drinks, shakes, and even edibles. What's more, high-quality CBD products like oils, cream, and balms are now available in the market and are providing relief for patients and people. Moreover, if you are looking for top-quality CBD Infused products, check out the stocks at American Marijuana today. Get hold of different CBD infused products like creams, tinctures, and oils that both have high concentrations of CBD and high boosting properties in health benefits.

Source - Anthony Matutu

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