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What Are the Best CBD Oil Companies?

by Staff Writer
12 Nov 2019 at 07:28hrs | Views
CBD has become an extremely popular supplement option for many over the last few years. A combination of just how versatile CBD is and the fact that it is an entirely natural supplement has led to many people deciding to add it to their supplement list.   

While there are many different ways to take CBD, top of most people's must-try list is CBD oil. CBD oil provides the most natural experience, allowing you to benefit from all that CBD has to offer.

Let's take a look at exactly what CBD oil is and the best places to buy CBD oil.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is made from the cannabinoid CBD and usually a neutral oil that acts as a base. CBD is just one of the many cannabinoids that naturally occurs within cannabis plants, and is known for its health benefits.

CBD oils fall into two main categories: Full-spectrum oil and CBD isolate oils. Both oils are made from CBD extract. However, isolate oils undergo more extensive filtering processes that remove all of the other cannabinoids that can be found within cannabis plants.

Full-spectrum CBD oil is not subjected to such thorough filtration methods meaning that most of the natural cannabinoids from within the plant remain in the oil. Full-spectrum CBD oil results in the entourage effect, meaning that all of the different cannabinoids are able to work to their full potential when together.

Let's take a look at where you can find CBD oil for sale.

The Top 5 CBD Oil Companies

1. Provacan

Provacan CBD oils have been designed to bring you a high-quality CBD experience with oils that you can rely on to provide the results that you need. There are four different strength oils to choose from so that you have complete control over the amount of CBD that you put into your body.
Provacan CBD oils aim to make taking CBD oil an easy and stress-free experience, ideal for those who are new to CBD. Each bottle of CBD oil comes with clear directions and guidance helping you to make the most of your order.

All of Provacan's oils are made using full-spectrum CBD; this means that you are able to benefit from the entourage effect for maximum health benefits.

2. Green Roads

Green Roads are a CBD brand that offers its customers a wide range of different oils. Green Roads should be a top choice for anyone who likes to have a wide range of options and wants to try out different oils. They even sell pre-filled CBD oil droppers, perfect for a quick dose of CBD oil, without having to worry about measuring out the correct dosage.

One of the things that makes Green Roads stand out from the crowd is the fact that they use 100% natural ingredients in their oils. This means that you are guaranteed a completely natural experience and never have to worry about the chance of putting harmful chemicals into your body.

3. Premium Jane

Premium Jane does deliver premium products, just as their name suggests. All of Premium Jane's CBD oils are made using full-spectrum CBD, allowing you to experience the benefits of the entire plant rather than just the one cannabinoid.

Premium Jane understands the importance of their customers having control over how they take CBD and therefore offer different strength oils. CBD oils start at 300mg per bottle and go up to 1000mg for those who are looking for a much stronger dose.

4. Pure Kana

Pure Kana CBD oils have become a popular choice among those who are looking for high-quality oils in a range of delicious flavors. Pure Kana aims to make taking CBD a fun experience and something that you actively look forward to. CBD oils are available in all of your favorite flavors, including mint, vanilla, and natural.

Pure Kana push the limits when it comes to how much CBD a single bottle of oil can hold. While they have all of the standard dosage options that you would expect, they also have two extra strength oils, a 2500mg option, and a 5000mg bottle for those who need a much stronger dose.

Each bottle of oil is made using 100% organically grown CBD, which has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it is free from harmful pesticides and toxins. These high-quality ingredients ensure that you receive the very best CBD oil for effects that you can trust.

5. Smart CBD

Smart CBD is a brand dedicated to keeping your CBD oil experience as natural as possible. Smart CBD's oils contain just two ingredients 100% organic hemp seed oil and hemp components. The shortlist of ingredients found in each bottle of oil results in a natural feel-good experience that is hard to find anywhere else.

Even the packaging that Smart CBD uses is focused on nature and sustainability. Smart CBD has created its very own Smart boxes designed to keep the packaging to a minimum and ensure that every element can be recycled.

At Smart CBD, they hope to increase awareness of CBD oil and all of its benefits with products that are easy and effective to use. Smart CBD oils come in a number of different strengths and natural flavors, allowing you to choose the perfect CBD oil to suit your taste and needs.

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