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What is a rollaway bed?

by Staff Writer
27 Dec 2019 at 08:38hrs | Views
Generally, rollaway beds are formed from a sturdy frame with a foam mattress on top. If you have ever looked at the rollaway bed options on the market, you will see a huge number of choices. It's important to properly select the best rollaway bed based on what you actually need. This article explores the factors to consider before choosing your rollaway bed.

Types of rollaway beds

Standard: Formed by a metal frame with either bars lying horizontally across to give you better stability or more common a chain-linked mesh to provide support. They are generally topped off with a memory foam mattress and at the bottom are caster wheels to facilitate storing the product.

Cabinet: This style of rollaway bed hides the mattress when being folded up. This is commonly used as a more attractive option and as it uses less metal than a standard version. When folded up, they would usually look like a form of cabinetry, hence the name cabinet.

Caster wheels are found to be mounted at the base, making this easy to store. Some versions may even include footboards and headboards to add an appealing aesthetic.

Ottoman: Most people would think it is a standard rollaway bed. The difference between the two is these fold into thirds, allowing them to fold down into an ottoman. Another common difference is this type will not have wheels.

This option is nice because it doubles up not only as a guest bed but can be used on a daily basis in a living or sitting room as a nice place to rest your feet after a long day.


Most rollaway beds are twin sized. If you are looking for a full-sized rollaway bed, it isn't impossible to find, but they are not common.

Queen and King sizes are not really available in the market. If you want to accommodate more people, you can place 2 twin sized rollaway beds next to each other to form a makeshift king bed. However, this isn't recommended as the centre of the setup is likely to be unstable and you won't enjoy sleeping on it.

Rollaway bed frames are generally made of metal and are designed to fold in half so they can be stored easily. There are a variety of designs for these frames, some using metal bars while others are manufactured with a mesh netting to support you.


When looking for a rollaway bed, don't expect to be as sturdy as the frame you use every night on your normal mattress. These rollaway beds are usually built from cheaper materials that contain a less sturdy structure.

You should also be careful when sleeping on a new rollaway bed. You should make sure that the bed is stable before laying fully on it to sleep. On products that use spring hooks and mesh support, you should make sure that all the springs are fully attached to the frame.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity varies between different models and manufacturers. The general rule is that they won't support more than 200-300 lbs. Some brands are rated for more while most of it will not be able to withstand any more than that.

You should always check with the manufacturer about its weight capacity before purchasing it. You don't want to end up with a rollaway bed that is too weak to withstand your body weight.

Adult vs Kid Use

Generally, children should sleep well on a rollaway bed. Average sized adults should be fine too. However, if you are heavier, you might want to check with the rollaway bed's weight capacity as they might not be able to withstand your body weight.

Mattress Types

There are many types of mattresses that are available these days, ranging from memory foam, latex, polyfoam, springs to hybrids.

Rollaway beds are usually made from memory foam or polyfoam. There are also some latex mattresses out there but they are pretty hard to find.

These mattresses will usually have 1 or 2 layers to give you some form of pressure relief. Usually, it will be a memory foam topped over a firmer polyfoam. While some mattresses may have a thin base, most of the support will be provided from the frame.

You should not confuse the mechanism of a rollaway bed and a conventional bed. In rollaway beds, most of the support will stem from the frame, whereas on a normal bed, most of the support will be from the mattress.

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