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CITY OF BULAWAYO : Domestic and non-domestic meter replacement programme

by BCC
22 Nov 2019 at 16:45hrs | Views


The City of Bulawayo is currently implementing the Bulawayo Water and Sewerage Services Improvement Project (BWSSIP) whose objective is to improve municipal water supply and sanitation services contributing to the improvement of the health and social wellbeing of the population of Bulawayo.

One of the key components of the project is the Water Mains Upgrading, Mains Renewal and Bulk and Domestic Meter replacement project that is being conducted in various parts of the City. The main objective of the water supply component is to ensure improved access to Municipal water supply in the identified project areas by improving the efficiency of raw water pumping, treatment and distribution networks in areas supplied by the Magwegwe and Criterion Reservoirs.

One of the components of the work that falls under the Main Upgrading Project is the installation and replacement of approximately 18,000 water meters in all 27 District Meter Areas (DMAs) in the Magwegwe and Criterion Reservoir zones.

The Works include supply and installation of domestic water meters to replace the existing non-functional meters. The City will be conducting the first phase of the meter replacement exercise from Monday, 25 November 2019 to Friday 13 December in Tshabalala, Gwabalanda, Mpopoma and Pumula South Suburbs as follows:

Date    Duration
(Days)    DMA / Suburb
From     To         
25.11.2019     27.11.2019     3    Tshabalala
28.11.2019     03.12.2019     4    Gwabalanda
04.12.2019     11.12.2019     6    Mpopoma
12. 12.2019     13.12.2019     2    Pumula South

 The meters will be replaced in accordance to the following priority order;

1.    Non meter (inclusive of Good or bad water service connection)
2.    Industrial or commercial stands with no meter and non-functional meters
3.    Non-functional meters with bad service connection
4.    Non-functional meters with good service connections
5.    Functional meters with bad service connection
6.    Meters currently measuring in Gallons

The meter replacement programme is being done in properties identified during the Customer Information Update Survey which was conducted earlier this year in the project wards. It is anticipated that most areas will not be affected by a disruption of water supplies of not more than (two) 2 hours with the teams striving to minimise disruption time as much as possible.

The main aim of meters and house connection replacement is the reduction of the overall Non-Revenue Water in the targeted District Metering Areas (DMAs) and consequently city wide.  The high NRW in these DMAs is mainly caused by the physical leaks in the house connections due to age of infrastructure and apparent loss due to meter inaccuracy and unavailability of meters in some cases. The meters replacement is beneficial for both the residents and the Bulawayo City Council.

i.    It is aimed at ensuring a reduction of the bill amount paid by the Customers. Many customers with either non-functional meters or no-meters are billed either under the fixed charge or their meter's reading are being estimated. In both cases, the customer maybe paying more or less than their actual consumption. After installing the meter, the customer will be charged according to his/her actual consumption.
ii.    Replacement of the leaking house connection will relatively improve the water supply as the lost water due to leaks will be utilized by customers. Moreover, leaks in the system cause pressure losses. Replacement of these leaking connections will therefore enhance pressure within the system.

iii.    Some newly installed water meters will be moved to the front of the house as part of the Mains upgrading and renewal programme in suburbs such as Njube, Pumula East, Pumula Old and Luveve. This will noticeably reduce the customers inconvenience, privacy and security, as Council Meter Readers will no longer need to enter the houses for reading the meter or when conducting maintenance works. Meter Readers will have easy access to the meter.  

iv.    One of major reasons for the households that do not have meters (No-Meter Stands) is vandalism. Newly installed water meters will first of all be secured firmly in a lockable box, which will keep them safe and reduce vandalism. Moreover, the new meters are polymer meters with almost Zero scrap value. In addition, all meters will be painted red and registered in the BCC system, which are additional security features for easy tracking in case of vandalism.
v.    The new meters are volumetric type with high accuracy. This accuracy will improve billing, allowing BCC to bill the smallest amount of consumption, which will have a noticeable effect on the overall billing system and revenues of the City Council. These revenues should be then used to enhance the delivery of service to customers.


Source - BCC